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Employee Benefits And Benefits For Employees

- Employee benefits refer to any form of compensation provided by the organization other than wages or salaries that are paid for in whole or in part by the employer. Employee benefit has become a major component of employee compensation that can even determine whether an employee will take a particular job and remain in it or not (Amah, 2006). There has been a reduction in the benefits offered employees in recent times because of the hard economic times. This has not augured well with employees who always want more....   [tags: Employee benefit, Wage, Employment compensation]

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Employee Empowerment: Literature Review

- In the literature there are two main views of empowerment (Lakew, 2011). The first is proposed by Robbins (2005), who defines the concept of empowerment as a ‘participative management, delegation and the granting of power to lower level employees to make and enforce decisions’. This definition is consistent with a structural or relational view. Another definition that considers the relational view of employee empowerment is provided by Brymar (1991) as ‘a process of decentralizing decision-making in an organisation, whereby managers give more discretion and autonomy to the front line employees’....   [tags: Employee Empowerment]

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Benefits Of Compensation For Employee Compensation

- In today’s society, there are a number of ways that compensation can be determine and there are a few salary trends that employers should be aware of in order to accurately pay employees based off his/ her qualifications and performance. Compensation has a very large impact on retaining and attracting employees and it takes a toll on the organizations profits (Mello, 2015). When an organization does not have a consistent pay scale and it not fair about how employee raises are given, it can really affect the attitudes and performance of their employers....   [tags: Employment, Employee benefit, Salary]

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Research on Employee Satisfaction and Production

- ... Inconsistency in the workplace encourages dissatisfaction and the displeasure of other employees as it affects workload. A complacent employee is a problematic employee. They are so comfortable in their role they begin to not tolerate change. To be satisfied you have to appreciate your working conditions. Having become satisfied in these conditions, they react negatively to any imposed changes by either staying to the old routine or by not allowing this new routine to integrate properly. This is damaging to the company; because these implementations would have been introduced to improve the workplace, to accommodate and integrate technological development for example, and by these employ...   [tags: job and employee resources]

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New Employee Orientation and On-Boarding

- Introduction Employee retention and turnover is an issue that most organizations face. A significant amount of money is spent each year in the hiring and orientation of new employees. Programs specific to welcoming and orientating new employees are referred to as New Employee Orientation (NEO) and On-boarding. In most circumstances, the Human Resources department is responsible for development of these programs. Journal articles were reviewed to gain a better understanding of the NEO and On-boarding process....   [tags: employee retention and turnover]

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Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Benefits

- Employee benefits coordinator play a significant role in Human Resource Management. Employee Benefits coordinators are responsible for assisting with employee benefits, maintaining employee data base, managing all insurance billings and maintain employee files, sick pay, vacation and retirement. This study explores the importance of employee benefits to corporations, government agencies and non profit organizations. This paper also researches the effects on the management team and on individual employees’....   [tags: Employee benefit, Employment compensation, Pension]

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Mandatory Employee Wellness Programs

- Laws to consider Triumph Industries Inc. should be aware that according to Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) signed in 2008, generic screening is not allowable. This act protects Americans against discrimination based on their genetic information when it comes to health insurance and employment [5]. The law has two parts: Title I makes it illegal for health insurance providers to use or require genetic information to make decisions about a person's insurance eligibility or coverage....   [tags: laws prohibiting employee discrimination]

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Employee Retention Recommendations for The Hudson Company

- Introduction Problem Statement All companies want to be able to retain their employees because it benefits the company in the long run. Today there are many companies with high employee turnovers. Employee turnover is the number of employees you hire to work for your company. When you have a high employee turnover it means that you cannot keep employees for a long amount of time, therefore you are constantly hiring new people. High employee turnover is a problem for most companys and this is something that needs put to an end before it gets out of control (Goessl)....   [tags: employee turnover, replacement costs]

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The Importance of an Employee Stress Management Program

- What can be done to manage and/or apply preventative measures to prevent stress in the workplace. The potential ramifications for the employer can be costly when employees succumb to internal and external stressors. To effectively combat job stress and develop a comprehensive stress management program, organizations must be cognizant of several areas that may be contributing factors to an employee’s stress level. Internally, organizations should review the employee’s workload and ensure that they have the necessary skills to complete the tasks they are expected to complete (Ornelas & Kleiner, 2003)....   [tags: Employee Stress Management]

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Employee Appraisals

- Employee appraisals are a key component to a company’s long-term success. The appraisals should be objective, rational, and accurate (Sims, 1987). Without effective appraisals, the employee is not aware of how they are performing and a company is not getting the very best out their investment, the employee. In addition to appraisals, the employee should be afforded development feedback and opportunities. The appraisal allows the employee to understand what areas they are excelling in and what areas they need to work on and improve....   [tags: business, employee appraisals]

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Tough economic times: The impact on employee motivation and morale

- Chapter Two Introduction The main purpose of this project is to uncover factors responsible for causing a 36% decrease in employee satisfaction for the department of EHS over a 5-year period (2005-2010) reported in EHS’s 2010 employee satisfaction survey (EHS, 2005; EHS, 2010). With over 64,000 full-time employees making up the State of Colorado’s workforce it is imperative to determine how best to improve employee satisfaction and morale as these directly affect job performance and workplace safety (Barling, Kelloway, & Iverson, 2003; STAR, 2009)....   [tags: Business, Employee Satisfaction]

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Enterprise Risk in Firing an Employee

- Introduction Business is the art of making money. Companies and employers are constantly trying to find new inventive ways to generate revenue and increase gross profit. Many times, the best way to achieve these goals is to downsize or layoff several employees. Employees must be marketable and employable and having one set of skills is usually not sufficient to maintain a career in today’s economy. Education, experience, and previous achievements are taken into consideration, but employers are also faced with the risk of lawsuits and slander due to fear of discrimination....   [tags: Discrimination Lawsuit Employer Employee]

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Employee Monitoring

- Introduction In 1949, George Orwell wrote the book titled ‘Nineteen Eighty- four’, which first put forth the idea of an omniscient government that could see and hear every action and word that its people undertook. Little did Orwell know- or perhaps he did know- that such an idea would, today, be a reality. Satellites can identify and follow any person on the face of this Earth. The content of our very thoughts and intended actions can be made known by what we post on the internet, which is analysed by people working in IT companies like Apple and Google, and even analysts in the defense sectors of governments....   [tags: Employee Privacy Essays]

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Employer-Employee Relations Paper

- Employer-Employee Relations Paper There are many different relationships Charles Schwab keeps with its workforce. Schwab uses every type of employee: temporary, contractor, and permanent (or "regular"). Within these types of employees exists different methods of payment, both exempt and non-exempt. This paper will examine the definition of each type of employee and pay then examine how Schwab handles the relationship with each. Charles Schwab is also an at-will employer and discloses this at the time of employment offer acceptance....   [tags: Work Employee Relationships]

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The Effect of Motivation on an Employee's Work Performance

- The aim of this essay is to give an in depth explanation on the effect that motivation can have on an employees' commitment and performance at work. It will examine several different motivational theories and their criticisms. It will also look at how differing attitudes of an employee affect motivation. Finally it will examine how motivation is linked to commitment and performance at work. What is Motivation. Motivation can be described as a driving force within us. It makes people try and achieve certain targets in order to satisfy a particular need or expectation....   [tags: Employee Motivation]

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Training And Education Program For Employee

- Training and Education Programs for Employees Today, most of organizations attempt to develop the outlook and performance of its employees by using training and educational programs. In comparison to this, several academician's, researches and professionals hold that the personality of employees is generally developed when they learn several dimensions of job while working. Similarly, it is also believed that proper development of the personality of an employee by exercising ‘on the job’ will be more useful when the organization simultaneously gets related mission to enhance emp...   [tags: Employee Training Organization]

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Employee Motivation

- Motivation is one of the best ways to build a good management in an organization. Hobson and Kini (2002) defined motivation as “The set of processes that arouse (-drive behind behavior), direct (-directed behavior), and maintain (-maintaining the behavior in meeting the goal) human behavior toward attaining goal” (Kini and Hobson 2002, p. 607). It simply means that by motivation, people are motivated to do their work at their maximum capability. This may help the organization to achieve their goal and their objectives....   [tags: Employee Behavior]

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Analysis

- Employee Satisfaction Survey Analysis The issue of increasing employee turnover has been the subject of concern for ABC International. The human capital department has reported a sharp increase in employee turnover for the past year and it has been decided that the best approach to resolving this matter would be to first conduct a research. A secondary step would be to take completed Exit Interviews for the past three years. Using these two information, ABC would be able to analyze and get a big picture of how separated and current employees feel about the various aspects of the company such as compensation and benefits package, career advancement, training and education etc....   [tags: Employee Retention Satisfaction]

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Employee Reward And Recognition

- Abstract Companies have to break the bad habits of recognizing employees only by occasionally giving them mugs, t-shirts or pens with the company logo stamped upon it. They must realize that for most employees, most of the time, how they are treated on a daily basis matters more to them and more effectively communicates that they are trusted, respected and important to the company. Potential employees coming to FedEx Home Delivery, whether newly graduated university applicants, transferees from other companies or internal candidates, are looking for different things from their work life than they were just 10 years ago....   [tags: Work Employee Management]

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Employee Benefits and Planning

- Employee Benefits and Planning What is the term PPO stands for. Preferred Provider Organization What is the Characteristics of PPO. Tends to be used in two ways. One way to apply to health care providers that contract with employers, insurance companies, union trust fund, third-party administrators, or others to provide medical care services at a reduced fee. PPO may be organized by the Providers themselves or by other organizations, such as insurance companies the Blues. Like HMO they may take the form of group practices or separate individual practices, they provide a broad array of medical services such as Physician¡¦s services, hospital care, laboratory costs¡K or they may be limited...   [tags: Employee Benefits Insurance]

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How Ethical Leadership is Associated with Employee Output and Organizational Culture

- For an effective and long term success for managers in leadership position, managers have to set an example with high moral standards and conduct that is shown in their daily activities. This kind of leadership qualities must be exerted in their everyday talk, actions, and conduct in the work environment. Today, there’s more demand to be more progressive and efficient in the work place with no room for error (Veiga, Golden, & Dechant, 2004). Also, there has been an increase in consciousness about an individual’s rights, bring in the concern about an employees’ treatment within a jobsite....   [tags: leadership, employee output, managers ethics]

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Employee Satisfaction Variables

- Employee Satisfaction Variables Employee Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction is considered to be a key indicator of productivity and customer satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a key to the success of the organization. The Company's ability to fulfill the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of its employees is employee satisfaction. Satisfaction: Satisfaction is the psychological state that indicates how a person feels about his or her situation, based on an evaluation of the situation....   [tags: Business Employee Satisfaction]

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Employee Benefits

- Employee benefits are a tool used by businesses to attract potential applicants, improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover and maintain competition. Benefits that most employers offer include, but are not limited to, medical and dental coverage, time away from work, retirement, and additional assistance during life changing events. The majority of employers in the United States offer benefits to their employees and include an annual enrollment yearly to select benefits and make any needed changes....   [tags: Work Employee Employer Job Salary]

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Employee Empowerment

- Abstract Empowerment is a simple idea, but often misunderstood or misused by many. "It means granting latitude of action for how the work is done to those who do the work.” (R.E Sibson, Strategic Planning for Human Resources Management). This paper will define, describe and discuss Employee Empowerment used in today’s team based organizations. The paper looks at how this concept affects the company's diverse workforce. I will discuss the potential impact of these practices and the performance....   [tags: Business Employee Management]

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Employee Empowerment

- Employee Empowerment Within the flat organization model, employee empowerment becomes a mainstay. Just because the traditional model is not in place, that doesn't mean that management does not exist. Employee empowerment is a critical tool that can be utilized to create a better environment while amplifying the support of employees. "People are the most important asset. Technologies, products and structures can be copied by competitors. No one, however, can match a company full of highly charged, motivated people who care." (Kotelnikov, 2007)....   [tags: Work Environment Employee Management]

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Employee Rewards System

- The need for a reward system in any type of human service organizations is strong, the human service worker deals with someone else’s problems every day, then goes home to deal with their own. The pay range for this work is low to average, and the stress and disagreement level is high. These employees endure a host of emotions from clients on a daily basis, which is bound to affect the worker at some point. The management in these types of organizations should reward the employee for a job well done, or just a reminder to them that they do make a difference....   [tags: Employee Motivation Business Management HR]

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Employee Motivation

- Introduction There are a number of different views as to what motivates workers. The most commonly held views or theories have been developed over the last 100 years & were subjected to an intensive amount of research and studies. Unfortunately these theories do not all reach the same conclusions!. However, they share a group of characteristics that can be used to give an understanding of what often causes some employees to perform better than others in the workplace. Motivating employees has become a more challenging issue facing today’s managers....   [tags: Business Employee Management ]

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A Review of the Relationship between the Workplace Learning and Development Opportunities with the Employee’s Psychological Well-being.

- Introduction A pre-approved topic on the relationship of workplace learning and development opportunities with job satisfaction and psychological well-being (lesser burnout) among the employees was presented in a graduate class of the MAIS 645, 2014. An overwhelming response elicited the author to further elaborate and corroborate the topic by conducting a review. Thus, this paper hypothesizes that the availability of the workplace learning and development opportunities influences the psychological well-being of a worker with positive outcomes....   [tags: human resource strategies, employee motivation]

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Incentive Pay, Employee Performance and Employee Productivity

- Introduction Today, competition between the businesses is extremely high thus companies need to find ways to be competitive. Organizations prepare the best market strategy to increase the company performance and the ways to keep their employee motivation on the highest level to perform well within the competition. At that time, several incentive pay programs play an important role for every organization to perform well within the competition. Creating and implementing of incentive pay system supports to solve organizational problems to align the preferences of business and employees....   [tags: motivation, employees, sharing, stocking]

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Employee Motivation

- Employee Motivation INTRODUCTION In the quest to obtain the maximum from employees and achieve organizational success, employers recognised the need to acknowledge that people have complex needs. With the growing affluence of our society, Singaporeans of today are no longer solely driven by money but also challenges inherent in their responsibility. This is supported by our Senior Minister Goh who recently commented that Singaporeans prefer the experience of working abroad than locally as the foreign employer advocate the importance of not only work, but also the employee’s needs.(TODAY, 15 March 07)....   [tags: Work Job Employee Motivation Management]

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Employee Motivation

- What is motivation. Motivation is the “total propensity or level of desire of an individual to behave in a certain manner at a certain time.”(P. 71 Dixon, 1997) Also, it can be defined as the “willingness of an individual to respond to the organisation’s requirements in short run.”(P.71 Dixon, 1997) Motivation is important to productivity. Getting good results in motivating staff can also results in high productivity. Why motivating staff is the most difficult task for any kinds of managers. It is because “individual behaviour is a complex phenomenon”(Davidson et al 2005,p.304)Clearly, A manager must “make motivating workers as an integral part of job “(Harvard Business School Press, 2005,...   [tags: Employee Productivity Management Job Satisfaction]

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Employee Ethics And Employee Safety

- Due to the specific regulations that are laid out in an employee handbook and the implications that a violation can have, many times employees are relinquished of their employment status based on a slight violation. Employers should be bound by their employee handbook and the full content of it within, just as the employee is held accountable. Based on the content of the employee handbook so should the company and the employee cohesively resides within the company regarding each other with respect and dignity....   [tags: Employment, Law, At-will employment, Contract]

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Employee Motivation And Employee Engagement

- Employee Motivation also known as employee engagement is one of the fastest growing business topics these days around the globe. There are millions of dollars of revenue and countless man hours lost each year due low or no motivation of the workforce. Motivation is defined within the text as “the forces within a person that affect the direction, intensity, and persistence of voluntary behavior” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2014, p. 124). Employee performance and determination are led by their motivation towards completing the task assigned....   [tags: Management, Employment, Motivation, Company]

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Employee Motivation And Employee Performance

- Work motivation is employees perceived level of positive energy that affect their work related behavior. Work motivation and employee’s engagement have been one of the highly talked about topics in organizations these days. Companies are vigorously trying to find new and different ways of motivating employees to keep them engaged and loyal. Motivated employees are usually more engaged which leads to better performance and lower voluntary terminations. One of the main contributors to work motivation is employee’s locus of control....   [tags: Motivation, Locus of control, Julian Rotter]

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Mcdonald's And Employee Motivation

- Definitions of motivation: There are many ways in which motivation can be defined. Generally speaking, motivation comprises an individual’s effort, persistence and the direction of that effort. In simple terms, it is the will to perform. (Brooks, I, 2006). Eugene Mckenna thinks that with motivation, people respond to conditions operating within and outside themselves, and go the extra mile at their role. To motivate people, elements such as needs, motives, drives and goals or incentives of individuals have to be looked at.(Mckenna, E, 2000)....   [tags: Business Human Resource Employee Training]

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Being A Self Employed Or A Employee

- Being a Self-Employed or a Employee I - Today work relationship is rapidly changing from a more formal employee / employer relationship, as a result a growing number of professional are migrating to a self-employed situation. Employment, employees and jobs opportunities has always been a change environment, such change is usually result of major economic shifts. Not too long ago, the end of slave work force created a new era in the work relationship. Right after that, another important change came with industrial revolution, perhaps the biggest change in the work place....   [tags: Employment, Working time, Self-employment]

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Improving Employee Job Satisfaction

- Today businesses believe that the sustaining of performance and competitive advantage to becoming a great organization. As an organization’s success depends on their employees’ performance, the value of specific individual employee has played an important role within an organization to be competitive. At that time, the value of each and individual employee and their satisfaction with their jobs are one of the key factors for an organization and organizations need to find ways to improve employee job satisfaction to achieve organizational goals....   [tags: performance, business, satisfied employees]

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The Relationship Between The Employer And The Employee

- In Schein’s definition the expectations can be concerned with economic issues, such as pay to be received in return for the work done. However, the main feature of the psychological, as an opposition to the economic, contract is that expectations concern non-tangible, psychological issues. Hence, broken expectations produce feeling of disappointment and anger. The Psychological Contract plays an important role in the relationship between the employer and the employee in every organization. This unwritten set of expectations, additional to the formal written contract, ensures that all of the job requirements are met....   [tags: Employment, Behavior, Breach of contract]

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Management of the Employer-Employee Relationship

- Introduction The relationship between employer and employees plays a pivotal role in the performance of the organization. Employers and employees have certain responsibilities towards each other which facilitate a fair and productive workplace. Positive work relationships create a cooperative climate with effort towards the same goals. Conflict, on the other hand, is likely to divert attention away from organizational performance. Unnecessary conflict may be prevented through employee involvement and treating employees in a fair manner....   [tags: conflict, mediation, arbitration]

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Employee Testing and Selection, Training and Development

- The enterprise should seize the initiative in the current financial crisis from recruitment, management and development under the force of its firm for talents. Enterprises need talents who can suit to the business, and then the first question for the firms is how to attract and recruit talents. As to the recruitment of talented people, it is a process to choose the individual from available applicants who can perform successfully at certain position. To improve workforce diversity, managers need to widen their scope of recruitment....   [tags: Employees, training, business, ]

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Questions On Employee Performance And Employee Orientation

- 1. What sources are utilized to recruit employees to the HCO. Recruitment covering the entire process of sourcing, selecting, and onboarding employees to an organization. MidMichigan “Talent Acquisition Recruiters” use a variety of both internal and external strategies to bring new talent on board, such as employment website, social recruiting such as linkedIn and career fairs. 2. What department(s) are responsible for new employee orientation. The department responsible for new employee orientation is Education and Human Resources 3. How often do employees have their performance appraised....   [tags: Human resource management, Employment, Wage]

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Employee Involvement And Effective Employee Relations

- Efficient employee relations has become an increasingly important issue for employers, the inclusion of a diverse set of employee based functions has become progressively important for managers to consider as part of a wider overall organisational strategy. In recent times there has been a wide increase in aspects of employee involvement and participation throughout organisations. It has become evident that from further offering employees a ‘voice’ throughout a business; it can further lead on to concrete advantages for employers, employees and organisations as a whole....   [tags: Trade union, Employment, Collective bargaining]

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The Employee At Will Doctrine

- As a recently hired chief operating officer and a midsize company preparing for an initial public offering to I discovered there are multiple personnel problems with in the company. Anxious to resolve these issues I first notice there is no whistleblower policy with in the company and I will need to analyze each situation using the employment at will doctrine to determine what action needs to be taken."The employee at will doctrine is a legal ruling that developed in the 19th century, giving employers and unfettered power to "dismiss their employees at will for good cause, no cause, or even for cause morally wrong, with out being there by guilty of a legal wrong." (Textbook) it also states t...   [tags: Employment, Ethics, At-will employment, Morality]

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The Value Of The Employee

- Value of the Employee Most people liked to be valued by people that they care about. The same works with employee/employer relationships. “Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their leaders are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for the company and hold themselves accountable for their part of a project. Most importantly, they will be happier in their roles. If leaders disregard the importance of connecting with employees, they lose the benefit of a dedicated, long-term team.” (forbes) The important thing that needs to be looked at is how the leader can still connect to the employee and while still maintaining a position of authority....   [tags: Management, Want, Employment, Leadership]

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The Importance Of Employee Motivation And Employees

- The essay will set out to answer why it is crucial for an organisation to be able to motivate its employees. This will be done by looking at different methods used by businesses and academics to show the importance of employee motivation to employers. To answer this question regarding employee motivation importance we must be able to try and define what motivation is and how it affects employees resulting in its importance within the workplace and to employers. Also looking at theories made by academic researchers which can be used by employers to motivate employees....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation]

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Employee Satisfaction And Retention Of Employees

- I have been reviewing the recent employee satisfaction questionnaires, and have come to identify a trend that we as leaders should address to focus on employee satisfaction and retention. The general trend of the surveys was negative and will be a focus that all supervisor and above positions will be involved with solving. Our organization has made great strides towards diversity and inclusivity and should not view this feedback as an attack, but as an opportunity to grow as leaders. Problem: Through the bi-annual employee surveys, many shared feedback that they are not comfortable to share in a one-on-one discussion....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Report, Employment]

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Employee Retention Strategies For Employees

- A workplace where employees want to stay, grow and contribute their knowledge, experience and expertise is significant for an organization. An organization spends an amount of money and also time in seeking and appealing to responsible, motivated, and original employees who are willing to work. When an organization acquires such a person, the problem of how to maximize their satisfaction and performance occurs. Reduction of employee turnover is an essential goal for any organization. Employees leave organizations for numerous reasons....   [tags: Employment, Management, Career, Virgil Tibbs]

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Employee Recognition Programs For Employees

- 4. Recognise Performance Managers often receive the worst aspects of employee recognition programs. Top management delegates recognising performance to managers, which expands their duties if they 're doing the work properly. Meanwhile, managers get little credit for success, but they 're blamed when the programs fail to deliver measurable results. Recognising manager performance should be integral when recognizing individual and team achievements. Incentives and rewards that include managers have greater chances of success - it 's just human nature for busy managers to resent the honours that their teams earn if they 're never recognised for their own contributions....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Engagement]

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The Employer/Employee Relationship

- How difficult (or easy) is it for an employer to prevent an employee working for others (or themselves), both during the employment and after it has ended. Refer to relevant cases and legislation. This essay will look at the definition of what an employer and employee are according to legislation. It will then discuss whether or not an employer can prevent an employee from working for others (or themselves), after the employment has ended. Analysis will be done on whether restraint of trade clauses are legal and if so the restrictions they carry for both employer and employee....   [tags: Labor]

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Employee Privacy Expectations and Employer Monitoring

- Employee Privacy Expectations and Employer Monitoring As much as many people are seeking to be self employed, we cannot deny the fact that a large proportion of the working population is employed and has to deal with matters pertaining to employer-employee relationship. One such issue is the extent of monitoring of the employee by the employer and the employee’s expectation of privacy. In fact, most people prefer self employment due to the satisfaction they get by being their own boss and hence having full control of what they do with resources such as time and office equipments....   [tags: Ethics ]

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Motivation: Partnership between Employer and Employee

- ... When management is motivated to engage with the staff, personalities open up and enabling management to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic values of their workforce (Drake, Blake, & Swallow, 2009). Employers have introduced different incentive programs to the workforce to stimulate their motivation. Managers also add to the programs by putting their own spin to help increase production. These programs are implemented under the impression that production will increase. Hear lies the major problem faced by employers these days, each employer's company is only as good as its employees' performance....   [tags: players, team, creative, attitude]

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The Importance Of Employee Employer Relationship With Employees With Workplace

- Employee-Employer Relations is an important work place necessity, it allows for employee and employers to produce a satisfactory and an overall respectful environment. Employers can build a healthy relationship with their employees with workplace activities and events that focus on team building. Employers can also help strengthen relations in the workplace by outside of work activities such as volunteering for a communal cause. Another way for Employers to strengthen relations is through strategies such as encouraging effective workplace communication, allowing for an open board on all workplace topics....   [tags: Employment, Interpersonal relationship]

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Employer Employee Relationship : Little Lamb

- EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP Little Lamb is a company that is on the rise. At this point in time when it is experiencing the paradigm shift, Mary happens to be the Company’s target group. As a skilled programmer with vast skills attained from far and wide, she leases her expertise to Little Lamb on grounds of an independent contractor. By so doing, she was not tied to the usage of the company’s infrastructure but was expected to offer the company her wealth of experience while using her own programming repertoire....   [tags: Contract, Breach of contract]

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New Employee's Orientation: The Blended Learning Approach

- New Employee Orientation Program Determine at least three (3) objectives with measurable criteria for the orientation program. New employee orientations are conducted to assist new hires to quickly adjust and understand their new work environment in order to become productive member of the organization. New employee orientations are designed to train and prepare employees to perform their jobs effectively, learn about the organization, and establish work relations (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2014)....   [tags: employees, work environment, training]

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The Employee 42

- ... He wasn’t that gullible to be tricked, and he took the door on the right. This was not the correct way to the employee lounge, and Bruce knew it perfectly well. Perhaps his mind wanted him to stop by the meeting room to see if anyone was there. When he arrived in the meeting room, he could smell the familiar aroma of coffee, but there was not a single person here either. Feeling a wave of disbelief, Bruce decided to go up to his boss’s office, hoping he might find an answer there. As Bruce walked upstairs to his boss’s office, he heard the same voice....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Finding an Employee

- Employees are a valuable asset to a company. Oftentimes it is an outstanding employee who performs their job over and beyond the call of duty that influences a customer’s continued support. Employees who deal with customers on a daily basis, such as a salesperson who makes it a point to become familiar with his customer’s needs, or a receptionist who shows kindness and a willingness to assist a customer’s request over the phone are often a company’s lifeline. In addition to the products or service a company offers, the employees who sell the products and offer outstanding service is what encourages a customer’s recommendation to others, and word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools...   [tags: job search]

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Employee Motivation is the Key to Success

- Employee Motivation is the Key to Success MEANING OF MOTIVATION Motivation is an aspect of managerial function of directing under execution. It is necessary as a means to induce people to work, as they are able and trained to do, willingly. The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this the manager should be able to motivate employees. But that’s easier said than done. Motivation practice and theory are difficult subject, touching on several disciplines....   [tags: Business Management Employees Workplace]

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Employee Monitoring : Employees Are Staying On Track

- In today’s workforce, many companies are adapting to systems that make sure employees are staying on track. These systems are designed to record and log everything an employee does on their company computer. Common software used for employee monitoring can view emails, websites, and even all the way down to the keystrokes typed. However, employee monitoring is accompanied with rules and regulations to provide employee protection (What is employee, 2014). Sometimes employees feel that employee monitoring is crossing the line....   [tags: Employment, The Work, Company, Form of the Good]

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Perception of the Employed Sexual Minorities on Their Inclusion in Workplace

- As reported in various studies, homosexual orientation is common in almost every culture and every society. In India the number of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) are approximately 42-84 million. An understanding of the issues faced by LGBT to the workplace starts with the recognition that a diverse and inclusive business environment is directly linked to enhanced business performance. Peoples' Union for Civil Liberties, Karnataka (PUCL-K) reports that discrimination against sexuality minorities is embedded at workplaces....   [tags: lgbt, banglore, employee resource, inclusion]

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Employee Satisfaction, Employee Turnover, And Workplace Environment

- Employee satisfaction, employee turnover, and workplace environment are inseparably linked. Workplace environments heavily influence employee satisfaction, which directly affects employee turnover rates. When employees feel they are not being supported within their first months of hire, they will inevitably leave the company. Employees want to have the security that if they need assistance, someone will be there to guide them. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to develop a thorough onboarding program and a long-term retention plan....   [tags: Employment, Human resource management]

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Employee Behavior And Its Effect On Employees

- Employees who are perpetually tardy for work cause problems for the whole organization. Not only does tardiness cause a drop in moral for other employees, it causes a reduction in profit. Tardy employees can cost millions of dollars for an organization. Influencing behaviors of employees can reduce employee’s lateness. Every leader needs to show employees that punctuality is important. First, it is important to have a written policy about tardiness and display it in the employee handbook. When a new person is hired, be sure to go over the policy and emphasize how important punctuality is at the company....   [tags: Motivation, Employment, Want, Prince]

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Benefits of Employee Engagement in Organizations

- Over the last decade, various scholars have defined employee engagement as a two-way relationship between the employer and the employee based on an intellectual commitment of the employee to the organisation (Baumruk et al, 2006; Shaw, 2005). As employees perform their role they expresses themselves physically, cognitive and emotionally (Kahn, 1990), they are psychologically present (Saks, 2005) and have a positive, fulfilling, work-related state of mind that is characterised by vigour (energy and involvement), dedication (enthusiasm, pride to work for the organisation, inspiration, and challenges), and absorption (concentration) (Schaufeli et al, 2002; Baker et al, 2008)....   [tags: loyalty, customers, performance]

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Employee Training And Development Of An Organization

- Employee Training and Development Employees are the strength of an organization. The well trained employees help in the progress and development of the organization. It is important to equip the employees with the latest skills pertaining to their field of expertise. The employee training and development is aimed at the overall development of the employees for them to contribute for the betterment of the organization. Employee training and development The employees are subjected to frequent changes in the nature of the works they carry out and it is necessary for them to update themselves about the latest changes in the technology they work on....   [tags: Management, Goal, Knowledge management]

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Effect of Teamwork on Employee Performance

- SECTION-I INTRODUCTION In this era of increased competition, leaders recognize the importance of teamwork more than ever before. Teams can expand the outputs of individuals through collaboration. Employees who have effective teamwork skills are becoming the standard for the organization (Alie, Beam and Carey, 1998). Teamwork is one mean of improving man-power utilization and potentially raising performance of individual. Teamwork may impact favorably on establishment performance, job satisfaction and increased employee commitment level (Sparrow, 2003)....   [tags: Business Management]

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Employee Engagement And Communication At The Workplace

- Employee engagement and communication in the work place leads to happy customers, more productive employees, a higher retention rate, and an overall increase in work place quality. A work place where employees actually want to work is very productive, and creates an enthusiastic environment which not only appeals to employees but to the customers as well. All of these aspects of business will lead to a successful, profitable business. The greater amount of employee engagement within a business will ultimately lead to happy customer and will positively affect the number of relationships a business successfully has with their customers....   [tags: Customer, Customer service, Employment, Engagement]

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An Employee Based On Mental Health

- 1. AN EMPLOYEE WHO HAS BEEN OFF FOR TWO MONTHS WITH A STRESS-RELATED AILMENT HAS JUST CONTACTED YOU INDICATING THAT SHE WOULD LIKE TO RETURN TO WORK NEXT WEEK BUT WON’T BE ABLE TO WORK FULL TIME FOR ANOTHER MONTH OR SO. HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE THIS. The situation is of delicate nature and it must be handled so, it is against the law to discriminate an employee based on mental health or other disability as stated in the charter of human rights unless there is a bona fide occupation requirement present on the part of the employer or in the case where reasonable accommodation creates an undue hardship on the employer....   [tags: Employment, Human resource management]

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Employee Engagement And The Reality Of It

- In an employment era characterised by people-centric organisations, it is understandable that the concept of employee engagement has gained increased prominence. In theory, employees are motivated when given autonomy, self-confidence through feedback, respect from management, and freedom to take action without reprisal, which increases productivity and service levels (Macy, 2009:12-13). Unfortunately, despite this conceptual ideal, contemporary research and practitioner studies continue to demonstrate that there is a lacuna between the theory of employee engagement and the reality of it in day-to-day businesses....   [tags: Management, Organization, Structure, Employment]

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Difference Between An Agency And Employer Employee Relationship

- We all will need to create and agency at one time or another, whether the need for a person to contract/represent us for a business transaction or to enter a contract with a third party on our behalf; however, it is very important to understand the differences between an agency, an independent contractor and employer-employee relationships. In this country we need to earn income as a business or as an employee, thus the importance of understanding what laws protect the employer and employee are essential to have a successful relationship between both, the master and the servant....   [tags: Employment, Ethics, Agency, Agent]

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Code Of Conduct : Employee Handbook

- Employee Handbook Every business, no matter how small, should have an up-to-date employee handbook. If you don’t put the most current do’s and don’ts in writing, you’re asking for trouble. The employee handbook should be both a general and fluid document that is revised at least every two years to keep the information current. Employees should receive either a revised printed copy or be notified when a new electronic version is available. Employees should also be required to sign an acknowledgment that they have received the handbook and will abide by the policies....   [tags: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]

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Employee Engagement : Improving Performance

- Employee Engagement is an extensively researched, multifaceted topic with multitudes of drivers. Employee engagement is one of the most vital, yet neglected management skills on a global scale, as well as one of the most common issue concerning management 's. Engagement of employees can cause the failure or success of the Organisation. In a workplace, Engaging Employees in the activity of the business and ensuring they are committed to the organisation goals and value can contribute to the success of the organisation, and also enhances employee’s well being....   [tags: Employment, Management]

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A Selection Process For Employee Motivation

- Organization goes through a selection process before they decide to hire the best candidate for the job position. After the employee has been selected, it is also important for the organization to motivate their employees. Employee motivation is essential to the organization because it can help the organization achieve its success. In order for any organization to motivate their employees, the organization develops various motivation strategies. Motivation strategies may include rewards from employee incentives, prices or promotion....   [tags: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs]

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A Change in Business Ethics: The Impact on Employer–Employee Relations

- A Change in Business Ethics: The Impact on Employer–Employee Relations Business ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their one-on-one dealings with a single customer. In the recent decades, business ethics has become the platform on which the whole business rest on. Any disturbance to this base has and will cause a great destruction to the whole business sector in that country....   [tags: Business Ethics]

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Employee Compensation and Islamic Ethics

- From the Islamic perspective, one major drawback in this organization compensation policy is organizational injustice towards employee. According to Abulhassan (2006), Islamic principles are concerned with justice and fairness. Organizational justice is essential as it represent employee’s perception about fair treatment in organization (Murtaza et al, 2011; Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Malik et al, 2011). Greenberg and Baron (2003) found that organizational justice comprised of employee’s perception toward distribution of outcome and perceived fairness....   [tags: Islamic ethics case study]

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Employee Pmi For A Career Path

- employees that left the company for college or for another career path. The individuals that were placed on a no re-hire status will be reviewed for potential employment. The second thing will be to evaluate the training programs that are currently used for new hires and for the continuing education of the existing employees. New technology will be evaluated such as online testing, worldwide seminars, a seminar database that employees can tap into as needed, and skills training to assist the employees in preparing for lateral job transfers within the company....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, Separation]

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Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Benefits

- I’ve chosen the topic of employee benefits and the varying considerations given to benefits around the globe. What are the issues to be considered. What about the MNE employee. The content of this paper is a condensation (compacted by >70%) of current knowledge regarding the administration of employee benefits as published by McGraw-Hill 2011 in “The Handbook of Employee Benefits: Health and Group Benefits, 7th Edition. Jerry S. Rosenbloom, editor”. This is the reference textbook for the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans (IFEBP), and Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), for those looking to certify as “Certified Employee Benefits Specialists” (CEBS)....   [tags: Pension, Employment, Retirement, Tax]

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Application Of Terminating On Employee

- Through this research the process of terminating on employee is examined. From the first documented offense of the employee against the employer, to the termination conversation. This research uses sources such as The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Harvard Business Review and other sources that are reliable in having updated legal information on the termination process. Having all legal information available on how these situations are to be approached by an employer considering termination of an employee....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources]

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Evaluation Of A Employee Performance Appraisal

- Employee Performance Appraisal There are many considerations an organization must take in the design of an employee performance appraisal. In addition to ensuring the appropriate components, organizational leaders should emphasize the standard, fair, and frequent use of the appraisal in order to realize its full potential and reduce legal risk. The attached performance appraisal has been designed to evaluate a relationship manager (RM) at Pacific Pulmonary Services (PPS). The key components include basic employee information, sales performance objectives, competencies based on company values, developmental achievements and future goals related to sales, values, and personal development, sta...   [tags: Management, Human resource management]

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Developing A Job For Employee Performance

- Human resources is a major part of our business society. They handle so many aspects of business and have many responsibilities to the point where the workload is nigh comparable. Among the many tasks that human resources managers deal with are: handling ethical issues, dealing with employee remuneration, managing employee’s performance, developing a job analysis, developing a job design, training employees, planning out the workforce, handling employee benefits and compensation, hiring new employees, as well as terminating employees....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources]

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Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Retention

- variety of motivation mechanism to improve the work-life of employees/workers, such as initiating various reward or compensation systems, in turn boosts the contribution of knowledge in economic growth. However, Zareen, Razzaq and Ramzan (2013) observed that the main way to retain talented employees is to focus and also emphasize on their performance as it brings organisational loyalty, involvement, and contentment. The authors opine that employee retention is the ability of an organisation to retain and keep their competent staff....   [tags: Organization, Organizational studies, Management]

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Employee Policies : Confidentiality And Confidentiality

- Employee Policies Confidentiality Our clients and other parties with whom we do business entrust the company with important information relating to their businesses. It is our policy that all information considered confidential will not be disclosed to external parties or to employees without a “need to know.” If an employee questions whether certain information is considered confidential, he/she should first check with his/her immediate supervisor. This policy is intended to alert employees to the need for discretion at all times and is not intended to inhibit normal business communications....   [tags: Human resource management, Employment]

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