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Defining and reflecting on conflict

- Introduction The words that I used in my conflict word cloud reflect on both my professional and personal experiences as the selected words and terms express my experience as an information technology and information security project manager and that of a community activist. Conflict is almost completely inevitable in any situation where individuals are involved. In fact, conflict in itself takes place even within an individual. People in general have different needs, interests, beliefs, or values and will always want their position to be addressed....   [tags: Types of Conflicts, Communication]

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Defining the Conception on God

- What must be factual for anything to be factual, what must exist for anything to be in existence. For Spinoza, before you can fully comprehend Ethics you have to be familiar with metaphysics. Metaphysic concerns itself with the fundamental principles that characterize all; metaphysic is the ground from which everything comes from. This is the rationale for why he initiates Ethics with God and nature as an entirety before he ever begins to converse on the human mind. Spinoza was anti-religious in his stance; he did not articulate of a God on a theological or religious aspect but as a metaphysic aspect on the nature of reality....   [tags: Baruch Spinoza, philosophical analysis]

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Defining the Intricacies of Professionalism

- The word professionalism is often referred to as person's attitude, behaviour , and capabilities in their job[HEATHER A. SMITH]. Maister explains, being professional does not necessary describe a person with a set of job qualifications, it is rather a status one have to earn in the eyes of others. So what describes true professionalism. There is no generally adopted norm of what constitutes professionalism, what defines professionalism in one company may not apply somewhere else, however, it is recognized that manners and appearance are inseparable part of it....   [tags: communication, ethics, standards]

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Defining the Blues with Symbolism

- ... If the object being described is “blue” in color, “blue” will usually be included in its name. Even though the name will give you an idea of what it may look like, the underlying significance is not as obvious. A “blue” jay often symbolizes intelligence and faithfulness. While a “blue” whale can symbolize well-being and emotional depth. A “blue” sapphire, which is also found in nature, contributes to mental clarity. Even though each of these examples have a blue coloring, each has a different shade and symbolism, giving the word “blue” a different meaning each time it is used....   [tags: meaning, emotion, color]

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Defining Race, Culture, And Language

- FASHIONING RACE IN BRAZIL, JAPAN, AND THE UNITED STATES      Mergim Mehmeti    Anthropology 1001        March, 22,2016 The definition of race is a group of people sharing thing such as history, culture, and language. Although, this doesn’t go for every race, in every country in the world. Around the world race is interpreted in different ways. According to American Anthropological Association(AAA) “From its inception, this modern concept of "race" was modeled after an ancient theorem of the Great Chain of Being, which posited natural categories on a hierarchy established by God or nature....   [tags: Race, Black people, United States]

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Defining Moments in Song of Solomon, Push, and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas

- Defining Moments in Song of Solomon, Push, and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas       For those who bask in the light of privilege in the dominant culture, they take for granted their right to assert themselves and to be acknowledged as "somebody who matters". For those who live in the shadowy margins (such as the American poor and/or minorities), they experience the systematic denial of the basic human rights - to live at one's fullest potential, in other words, an outright denial from living a "dignified life"....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Defining Blackness in How it Feels to Be Colored Me by Zora Neale Hurston

- Defining "Blackness" in Terms of "Whiteness" in How it Feels to Be Colored Me        Wald argues that any social critique must work to divest the rhetoric of the dominant discourse of its co-optive power. American rhetoric readily co-opts stories of Black selves through an incorporating language of difference that obscures the actual nature of that difference. Writers of slave narratives and, later, Black autobiographers, countered charges of racial inferiority with testimonies to their industry, ingenuity, and Christian virtues, adopting precisely those terms of the Protestant work ethic through which the culture justified its domination and thereby mitigated their differences(Andrews, 9...   [tags: How it Feels to Be Colored Me]

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Defining and Preserving the Well-Being of the Cree: waamistikushiiu v. miyupimaatisiiun

- Defining and Preserving the Well-Being of the Cree: waamistikushiiu v. miyupimaatisiiun For the Cree, health is more than individual physiology. Health is definied by miyupimaatisiiun, a complex word that refers to an individual's enriching connection to his community and his natural environment. Miyupimaatisiiun can be interpreted as "being-alive well," a condition that includes the safety and security of family, friends and tribal members, as well as for the resources the Cree depend on to survive....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Destiny, Fate, Free Will and Free Choice in Oedipus the King - Defining Fate

- Fate in Oedipus Rex       During ancient times, the Greeks believed very strongly in a concept called "fate".  What is "fate"?  Fate can be defined as a cause beyond human control that determines events.  It can also be defined as the outcome or end of some sort.  In "Oedipus Rex", King Oedipus is a character that lived by fate and died by fate.  This element of fate truly impacted the storyline and the plot, while allowing for some interesting developments that may have been unforeseen by the viewing audience....   [tags: Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex]

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders: A Controversial History

- Crazy is a word with a thousand and one connotations meaning everything from being wildly enthusiastic, to displaying wild or aggressive behaviour. Psychologists have come to the understanding that the pop culture word crazy is synonymous with abnormal behaviour. Abnormal behaviour is difficult to define as the question it faces is who has the authority to differentiate between what is normal and what is abnormal. There are many questions which aid psychologists to differentiate between normal and abnormal, but the following four are the most commonly agreed upon (Rieger, 2011): 1. Is the behaviour statistically rare....   [tags: psychology, defining normal and abnormal]

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Newborns and Infants in Need of Organ Transplant

- The situation that B’s parents are faced with is not an easy one. Having the courage to, in a way, harm their own daughter in hopes of helping other babies is commendable to many. In today’s society the demand for organs far outweighs the supply, but for newborns and infants who need transplants the shortage is especially dire. B’s parents have the ability to help several of those babies who need healthy organs. Unfortunately, they are unable to wait until B dies naturally to be able to harvest her organs....   [tags: Defining Life, Organs]

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The Botany of Desire, by Michael Pollan

- Beauty can be defined in many ways. Though, regardless of its definition, beauty is confined by four characteristics: symmetry, health, vibrancy and complexity. Michael Pollan, in the book The Botany of Desire, examines our role in nature. Pollan sets out to discovery why the most beautiful flowers have manipulated animals into propagating its genes. Most people believe that humans are the sole domesticators of nature, although, beauty in some sense has domesticated us by making us select what we perceive as beautiful....   [tags: Defining Beauty, Flowers]

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Graduation: A Defining Moment

- Graduation is an exciting time in a person’s life, especially a high school graduation. When I think of family and friends gathering together to celebrate a joyous occasion, I feel I accomplished my strongest goal. It never occurred to me that graduation would be the end of my youth and the start of adulthood. Graduating from high school was an influential event that gave me an altered outlook on my existence. Life before graduation, preparing for graduation day, and commencement day overwhelmed me for reality....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Graduation Day]

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Defining Excellence in "Meno"

- In Plato’s Meno, Socrates purposefully uses ignorance and irony to insufficiently define excellence for Meno. Initially, Meno argues a particular definition, which is a universally inconsistent proof, is sufficient to define excellence. However, Socrates asserts that the definition of excellence must be consistent and applicable to all individuals, by comparing individuals in a society to bees in a colony. Socrates demonstrates the failure of a particular proof to define all constituents of a group....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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The Beats’ Defining Poetry

- The Beat generation of the fifties and sixties were a unique and strictly American group of writers who began a distinct movement in the world of literature. What is so unique about the Beats begins simply with the fact that they defined themselves as the Beat generation, and touted their own literary style every chance they had, promoting each other’s work, shamelessly and pretentiously. This is opposed to the normal sequence of events in literary chronology, as specific literary movements and styles are often recognized and defined retrospectively, often posthumously, rather than recognized by the author (or authors) involved....   [tags: Poetry]

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Defining Leadership and Management

- This essay will focus on the meaning of leadership and management, why the two concepts are often used interchangeably and which one is the most relevant in the Tourism Industry. In order to answer these questions, it is necessary define the two terms providing evidences and arguments from different authors about the characteristics, roles, similarities and difference. In conclusion after look at all the different points of view, this essay will evaluate the importance of each term in the context of Airline and Airport Industry....   [tags: Leadership Management]

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Defining Goffman's Total Institution

- To examine how far Lennox castle hospital was an example of what Goffman called a ‘Total Institution’ I will first need to explore Goffman’s definition of this, along with the four factors that he identified as characteristics of a ‘Total institution’ I will then go on to discuss how these four factors fit with Lennox castle hospital and determine whether or not it fell into Goffman’s model of a ‘Total Institution.’ In order to discuss how Goffman’s four factors fit with Lennox castle hospital I will first examine his definition....   [tags: Social Care]

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Defining Poetry by Example

- Poetry is a form of writing that once followed strict, set rules. Over the centuries poetry has begun to evolve into new forms that stray away from these original rules. Every poet has his or her views on how poems should be written and what rules they should follow. In Ars Poetica the author conveys a set of rules through a series of personification. In the first line the author says that poems should be mute but able to be touched and felt. The poet also uses similes to get the point across to the reader....   [tags: literary analysis, poetica]

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Philosophy: Defining the Self

- As I read through the Thinking Philosophically box in our text, the first question that comes up is, “What is a self?” It is wonderful to start off with an easy question, right. Well, Wikipedia defines the self as the subject of one’s own experience of phenomena: perceptions, emotions, thoughts ("Self," 2014). A standard dictionary definition is a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action; and a person’s particular nature or personality; the qualities that make a person individual or unique ("Oxford dictionary," 2014)....   [tags: Consciousness, Identity, and the Self]

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Defining Biodiversity Among Organisms

- An ecosystem provides a complex framework of biological species which are in phase of degradation in recent times. Since time immemorial, humans relied on plants, animals and microbes for the survival, but now the very pillar of life sustaining systems is at stake. Biodiversity can be defined as the varieties observed among organisms on the face of the Earth. Biodiversity is irreversibly affected by humans. Still creek is one of the longest streams flowing into the Burnaby lake in British Columbia....   [tags: industrial development,ecosystem, species]

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Defining a Rigid Designator

- Let's call something a rigid designator if in every possible world it designates the same object, (Kripke 1980, 48) It is to say that the referent of rigid designator, speaking of a possible world or a counterfactual situation, is as same as its referent in the actual world. For example the term “President of the United States” is not a rigid term designating Omaba, because there is possible world in which the president of the United States is not Obama and hence the term doesn’t designate him (doesn’t refer to Omaba) in that world....   [tags: epistemology, essentialism, Kripke]

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Defining a Movie Genre

- Genres are categories of type of films, categorized in specific styles or subject maters, some genre stay single in a movie and other movies have a mixed range of genres. Uncovering the genre of a movie before viewing would reveal the movies subject matter and suitability. For example a crime/drama movie may start with a drama start but because the movie displays its genre the viewers will know eventually later on the movie will begin to involve crime scenes, what also defines the what genre it is, is the certain stock characters and dramatic situations associated with a specific category, such as a mobster having family issues....   [tags: film categories]

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Defining the Word Poor

- Angela’s Ashes was one of the most depressing books I’ve ever read, yet I managed to laugh and cry as I read about Frank McCourt’s childhood entangled in poverty. Frank McCourt managed to provide a captivating narration from a child’s point of view that is heartbreaking, vulgar at times, and humorous on his life of extreme poverty and dealing with his father’s alcoholic problems. This memoir took place during the Depression and World War II, but mainly in Ireland; a country that is revolved around the Catholic Church, high unemployment rates, extreme poverty, and the curse of the Irish: alcohol....   [tags: poverty, alcohol, suffering]

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Defining the American Dream

- Our entire nation was founded on a dream. Even though the actual idea of the American Dream was not coined until the 1930s, it’s always been there, it means something different to everybody, and it’s been ever-changing throughout the course of this nation’s history. There are three fairly common American ideals that define the American Dream. The first is financial stability, and with that, comes a nice home, family, and a fairly relaxed lifestyle. The next, is the idea that everyone is created equal and will have the freedom to live the life they want how they want to in a country that welcomes them with open arms....   [tags: equality, freedom, wealth]

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Defining Quality of Life

- The concept of quality of life has travelled from being a shorthand term encompassing the political aims of the ‘Great Society’, through a period of intense social scientific formalism at both individual and population levels, back to its original status as an all-pervasive ‘political and media catchword’ (Cummins, 1997b). In the process the concept has developed a double life: the term ‘quality of life’ has come to index, simultaneously, collections of a bewildering array of ‘indicators’ of the quality of living conditions within the nation state, and also the ‘output’ of automatic brain states....   [tags: conditions, psychology, health]

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Exploring and Defining Plagiarism

- Etymology: plagiarism generally originates from Greek word plagion and Latin word plagium, plagiarius. Pagium means kidnapping and plagiarius means kidnapper. This word was pioneered by Roman poet “MARTIAL”, when he complained that another poet had kidnapped his verses. This word was introduced in to English by a dramatist “BEN JONSON” in early 1601 to describe someone is guilty of literary theft. The derived form plagiarism was introduced into English in 1620 Definition: Intentionally or unintentionally presenting someone else’s word language ideas or other original material without clearly referring or acknowledging the source is called plagiarism....   [tags: education, student, assignments]

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Defining Good and Evil

- Good and evil are more connected to each other than what people give them credit for. Good coexists with evil and there can be no good unless there is also an evil. Something that benefits a society would be considered good. On the other hand, if it does not benefit a society, it would be considered evil. The term good and evil can be associated with whatever a person sets their moral to be. When a person finds joy in something, they call it good. On the other hand, if it brings them agony, they call it evil....   [tags: morals, religion, sin]

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Defining a Strong Chest

- Introduction A strong, well-defined chest can be the ultimate sign of masculinity. However, if you store excess fat in your chest, some work is required to see that often desired muscle definition. Solely reducing the fat that's covering your pectorals isn't possible; to lose this fat, you must lose total body fat. This is done through a combination of a healthy diet, cardio and strength training. With determination, you can have a shapely chest in no time. Cut Calories from Your Diet To lose 1 pound of fat a week, you must accumulate a daily deficit of 500 calories....   [tags: muscle, diet, strength]

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Defining Maturity

- Maturity is commonly used word, but when asked what the word means many people simply shrug their shoulders. Maturity isn’t a word that has a clear definition. Being based primarily on one’s connotation, it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Personally I picked this word up through context. However, upon doing a careful study of where this word originates and other’s connotation’s, I feel I’ve achieved a relatively good understanding. Webster claims the word to mean “based on slow careful consideration,” but I feel there is much more to this word than that....   [tags: Etymology]

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Defining Community

- What do you think about your neighbours. How do you feel about your schools. What do you think about your community. Community has always been a big part of our lives and it has been here since the day we were born. We might even live on the same street, but we grow up in different households and this results in many different views on communities. The many definitions of our community may include our home, our heritage, and even our religion. First, community is our “home.” We have been living in a community ever since we were just little babies and it has always influenced us....   [tags: Sociology]

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Defining Assertiveness

- I had never really considered the definition of assertive behavior, nor had I ever contemplated my own assertiveness level. I generally think of assertiveness more as a state of being, not really something that I need to strive for. After reviewing Module One and researching assertiveness and assertion training, I realize that I have not Dbeen realistic about what assertiveness entails. According to Beagrie (2006), “Many people confuse assertiveness with being bossy, overbearing or aggressive....   [tags: psychology]

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Defining Art

- As an artist I constantly find myself bombarded with the question of “What is exactly art?” Normally I’m a person who can answer any question with ease, but this one caught me off guard. So I began thinking to myself what is exactly art. I didn’t really have an answer to that right away. So after more thought I realized that art is anything you want it to be. Art isn’t merely a drawing or a painting. Art is how you express yourself when words aren’t enough. Art can be a memory caught in time. Art can be the sounds or lyrics you hear of everyday music....   [tags: Visual Arts Studies]

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Defining Freedom

- It is thirty years ago that Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election on the principle that the United States is “a shining city on a hill.” The idea that America is a city upon a hill, a place the world looks to for guidance, has been communicated by politicians since John F. Kennedy was president. What makes America so special. And if America is so special, why do the citizens seem to differ so greatly in how the country should be governed. Most people would argue that what makes this country so special is, in fact, our ability to civilly disagree on how this country should be governed....   [tags: American Politics]

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Defining Intelligence

- Intelligence is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as being the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. When knowledge is spoken of, it is generally used in terms of education. The extent of education a person has achieved is then what most often determines how much knowledge one has accumulated. Nevertheless, with this definition of intelligence in mind, one might possibly consider the average person to be intelligent. After all, even a person who has never gone to school a day in their life is capable of acquiring knowledge and applying it to some area of their life....   [tags: Education, definition]

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Defining War

- What is war. Is it as simple as one entity against another, or is it something more. Can it be defined as simply killing, or can warfare exist without bloodshed. Reading stories and journals on previous warfare shows that there’s always more than one side. There are infinitely many viewpoints when it comes to this topic, including its overdrawn controversy among people. There are people that believe war is a necessity for this world to function, you have people that are strictly against war, and some are even indifferent about the subject....   [tags: Military History ]

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Defining Addiction

- This essay will examine how Addiction is defined, and why or if it is recognized as a disease. Reports and critiques of addiction will be examined and from these this essay will endeavour to look at both sides of the findings. The definition from the Oxford dictionary describes addiction as a condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something. Addiction itself can be defined as unmanageable, compulsive and an act that is carried out even when it threatens their health and wellbeing or the potential harmful social consequences it could pose....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Defining Sacrifice

- What does it mean to sacrifice. According to the World English Dictionary, the noun meaning of sacrifice is the surrender of something of value as a means of gaining something more desirable or of preventing some evil. Additionally, the verb meaning of sacrifice according to is to surrender or give up, or permit injury or disadvantage to, for the sake of something else. In my opinion, sacrifice is the act in which something is pushed aside for the sake of something of a greater value or significance....   [tags: Language ]

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Defining Glory

- The theological mysteries of the divine being of God are evident to all who explore His inexplicable qualities. Even Herman Melville, a man starkly opposed to the idea of God, had questions for Him. In Billy Budd, Melville asks one of these curious questions. By sending Billy Budd, an innocent, good-natured sailor, to a ship where he would be condemned to death for an accidental crime, Melville asks why a good God would create man and place him on earth, knowing he would sin and be condemned to death....   [tags: Scripture Analysis ]

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Defining Martyrdom

- In the mid 1700s, Pope Benedict XIV defined martyrdom and outlined the characteristics of martyr. According to the Pope, a martyr is a “believer who dies for the faith and, specifically, who’s killer (the “tyrant”) … must have been motivated by hatred of the faith” (Peterson, 93). Additionally, it is not sufficient for a martyr to simply die for a cause; rather he must have been observed, as someone who refused to recant is belief. In other words, people as someone who chose to uphold his beliefs despite the dire consequences he would face otherwise must have physically observed a martyr....   [tags: Religious History ]

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Defining Poverty

- When it comes to poverty, there is the magnitude of definitions explaining the term. The definition of poverty has important implications from point of view of policy making, politics and academic debates. Each view has its own value judgments and explanations. Over the times, new definitions have surfaced the debates and yet, there is not a single universally acceptable definition of poverty. Definitions usually set the perimeters of the terminology and often subject to limitations and criticism....   [tags: world poverty essay]

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Defining Aspirin

- Topic Definition Aspirin was invented in late 1890s. More than a hundred years later, due to its fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects, it has become one of the world’s most extensively used medicines. Interestingly, this famous medicine, at the beginning, was invented by a German scientist in order to find out an effective remedy to cure his father’s pain. History Innovated by the fact that ancient people use willow bark to ease pain, aspirin was first obtained from willow bark by a German chemist called Felix Hoffmann, in 1897....   [tags: History and Use]

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Defining Tonality

- Tonality Over the years there have been many ideas of tonality and how it shaped Western Music culture. According to an article over tonality by Danlee Mitchell and Jack Logan, tonality is a term used to describe the arrangement of the dominant and subdominant above and below the tonic. Another definition for tonality is that it refers to systematic arrangements of pitch phenomena and relations between them. With all the technical terms and confusions it is no wonder why many students have a hard time understanding the meaning of tonality....   [tags: Western Music Influence]

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Defining Art

- The first time I saw a photo of Michaelangelo Buonarroti’s statue the Pietà I didn’t think of it consciously, but my brain was saying, “Now this is art!” That was over a decade ago, and I still have much the same reaction when I see that Renaissance sculpture. The work depicts the dead body of Christ, languid in the arms of his mother Mary. The subject matter alone is likely to evoke emotion in many, while I find myself astonished at the technical achievement. It is plain to see in the highly detailed marble figures, with their perfect anatomy and expressive character, that Michaelangelo was a true master, an artist beyond question....   [tags: Forms, Masochism, Avant-Garde]

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Defining poverty

- J.K. Rowling states, “Poverty entails fear and stress and sometimes depression. It meets a thousand petty humiliations and hardships. Climbing out of poverty by your own efforts that is something on which to pride yourself but poverty itself is romanticized by fools” (Rowling). Mrs. Rowling conveyed an exceptional point, poverty is commonly used and without consideration of what it truly means; for those that have grown up in poverty, it is not taken so lightly. As easily as the word is thrown around, poverty is multidimensional and involved....   [tags: Definition of Poverty]

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Defining Intelligence

- Intelligence can be defined in several ways. Intelligence is a combination of abilities for example recognizing reality, adjusting to evolving conditions, problem solving, and knowledge. One of the most important aspects of intelligence is an organism being able to familiarize oneself with the environment. The testing of intelligence is to analyze the way an individual thinks and the way he or she reasons, not to understand the how much information he or she as obtained. The problem that arises is the questions do not mean the same thing in every culture, so it becomes difficult to analyze the intelligence of more than one culture with the use of the same test....   [tags: comprehend, analytical, skills]

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Hajj and Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Arabia may be well known for its oil reserves and precarious geographic location, but the Islamic faith defines the country far more than any other quality. While it may appear to be an absolute monarchy, the country runs as near to a theocracy as it can in the modern world. The real Saudi Arabian ruler is Allah. This is evidenced in every aspect of Saudi Arabian life, even down to their tourism industry. While other countries rely on stunning natural views, impressive shopping districts, or relaxing beaches, Saudi Arabia has proven itself the pinnacle of religious tourism....   [tags: theocracies, Islam defining a country]

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The Causes of Stereotypes

- In the modern era, stereotypes seem to be the ways people justify and simplify the society. Actually, “[s]tereotypes are one way in which we ‘define’ the world in order to see it” (Heilbroner 373). People often prejudge people or objects by grouping them into the categories or styles they know, and then treating the types with their experiences or just following what other people usually do, without truly understanding what and why. Thus, all that causes miscommunication, arguments or lost opportunities to broaden one’s life experience....   [tags: defining the world around us]

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Defining "Fair Value"

- IFRS: Companies may use either historical cost or revalued amount. Revalued amount is fair value at date of revaluation less subsequent accumulated depreciation and impairment losses (Touche, 2009). Canadian and U.S. GAAP use historical cost as the basis of measurement for property, plant and equipment (Touche, 2009). Revaluations are prohibited in both Canadian and U.S. GAAP (Touche, 2009). So what does that mean for companies not sure of what to choose or needs guidance. Even when a particular IFRS lacks guidance, the application of the IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors is required to the company or auditors for fair value guidance in other standards (I...   [tags: Accounting]

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Defining Adventure Education

- Growing up, I knew adventure education to be about practical skills and recreation. It was a way of keeping youth active and engaged. More recently, however, I’ve come to learn more about the history and philosophies of adventure education and so my idea of the concept has changed dramatically as I have also lived and learned much since the days of my youth. I define adventure education as one word: integration. Integration encompasses both personal growth and development of morals and an understanding of nature and the environment on a deeper level....   [tags: Adventure Programming]

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Defining Organisational Behaviour

- “The study of the structure, functioning and performance of organisations, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within them” Derek Pugh’s (1971) This influential definition of organisational behaviour was by Derek Pugh in 1971. Human behaviour is the way people act and react to situations and circumstances, each individual is different, therefore it is essential for an organisation to study human behaviour in order to understand the workforce. By observing and understanding each individual the organisation would improve performance; organisational behaviour can be considered as the key area of management....   [tags: Business Management Human Resources]

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Defining Academic Success

- Overcoming learning difficulties, for anyone, is a multifaceted undertaking. There are the overt signs of improvement, of course: higher grades, more praise from teachers, greater ease completing homework. These are essential markers signifying progress. They, though, barely touch the full panoply of elements comprising academic success. Of equal import are more subtle aspects of knowledge acquisition, of alteration. Ultimately, satisfaction must come from within the student him or herself, as both confidence and command over material are realized....   [tags: Gaining Confidence and Proficiency]

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Defining Social Reality

- Journal Entry Two The reading this week regarding social reality and the impact it has on all types of organization was fascinating and eye opening. Social reality, also understood as the ability of a group to come to a consensus about various aspects about an organization is present in our daily life and anywhere human interaction is encountered in an organizational setting. Different organizations, throughout all facets of civil, political, the military and the private sector have different perspective on groups and inclusions into those groups....   [tags: Group Ability, Consensus]

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Defining Sustainable Development

- ... Theories of sustainable development definition Viewing the different theories of sustainable development and ideals all aim with three operational strategies which all ended up wanting development (market expectations) and preserve the environment looking at this journal the theory for sustainable development was,“Ecological sustainable development using conserving and enhancing the community's resources so that ecological processes,on which life depends are maintained and the total quality of life now and in the future can be increased' National Strategy for ecological sustainable development (Australia) Using this theory three operation is the main target area although th...   [tags: organisms and natural environment ]

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Defining Criminal Intent

- When discussing how criminal intent relates to the enforcement of environmental laws first you must know what criminal intent means. USLEGAL.COM defines criminal intent as “the intent to do something wrong or forbidden by law.” (Criminal Intent Law & Legal Definition) To help one understand the meaning of intent, it is when a person make the conscious decision to break the law. (What is CRIMINAL INTENT) With environmental laws and regulations, it states that one must knowingly commit an environmental crime in order to prosecute as a criminal....   [tags: enforcement of environmental laws]

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Defining Global Warming

- Global warming is a very broad subject. The official definition of global warming is an increase in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from greenhouse effect. I translate this into the earth warming up; this might be caused by people. I personally think that global warming is man-made. Some processes that contribute to global warming are factories, cars, and many other objects that produce carbon dioxide. Global warming is affecting every one of us....   [tags: environmental issues]

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Defining 'Hope College'

- Hope College is a Christian college. It’s not a secret. There are a lot of preconceived notions about Christian colleges. People say that because Christian colleges only accept Christians into their school, they don’t tolerate people in different walks of life. People have a conception that students at Christian colleges are pious and only attend their specific school because no other school is Christian enough for them. People think that those students don’t care about academics or take their studies seriously; all they care about is being a devout Christian....   [tags: preconcieved notions about Christian colleges]

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Defining Financial Ethics

- Introduction This report will cover the meaning of Financial Ethics, what kind of accounting practices are considered to be unethical and how a company can overcome problems. In addition this report talks about the use of EBITDA in accounting practices and how EBITDA can be manipulated to show a company’s performance as good when in fact they are suffering. The report will also show how EBITDA and financial ethics can be intertwined with each other. FINANCIAL ETHICS Financial ethics is a form of business ethics but with more emphasis on the financial end of the business....   [tags: accounting, integrity, income]

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Defining Racial Discrimination?

- ... It may be gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation based. Anytime a person or group of people face barriers due to prejudice, a form of discrimination occurred. Institutional Discrimination has also left its mark in U.S history. In the 1800s and early 1900s, companies denied jobs to women based on gender prejudice. In the U.S today, women working the same job as men do not enjoy the same level of pay. For many years, the military discriminated against homosexuals. Enforcing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy forced homosexual military affiliates to hide his/her sexuality in order to prevent discharge....   [tags: prejudice, stereotyping, business]

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Defining Personal Fulfillment

- No matter what the world believes personal fulfillment means, the only thing that matters is what the idea means to you. Achieving this goal is neither, bad, nor good, because this preconceived idea of personal fulfillment is false. I believe personal fulfillment is construed, planned and accomplished by you, the individual. Therefore, you as an individual, along with the influences of society, can come to a safe conclusion on how you will achieve personal fulfillment. A safe conclusion would be one you determine that will only benefit you in the future, not a decision that may steer you away from achieving your goal....   [tags: goals, influence, decisions]

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Defining Racial Profiling

- Racial profiling, by definition, is the practice of a law enforcement officer to consider race and/or ethnicity in deciding how to intervene with a potential perpetrator. To put it simply, racial profiling is when a officer of the law has reason to believe that a pedestrian is potentially engaging in illegal activity purely based on race. It is a common fact that police officers, as do most of us, often profile individuals who we believe are more likely to commit crimes. For example, lets say that a local convenience store has been robbed....   [tags: morality, racial discrimination]

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Australian-Asian History

- Orientalism according to Said (2003, p. 5) refers to an assemblage of untrue assumptions relating to the attitudes of the West towards the East, more so concerning the colonization of the East by the West. This term speaks more about the difference between the East and West and how the West has tried to transform the East, since they viewed themselves as having a superior culture. This superiority led to the colonization era, which was an attempt by the superior western cultures to transform the inferior eastern culture....   [tags: Defining Orientalism]

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Defining The Structural Organization Of Mdgs And Sdgs

- At the dawn of the 21st century, when new independent states with a poor developed economies appeared on the world map in addition to the existed one, the UN decided to develop a strategy for the provision of more intensive aid to developing countries and, thus, to eliminate extreme poverty in these countries. The strategy consisted of 8 development goals which were framed as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and gave an impulse to global action. However, fifteen years later, in 2015, it was decided to expand the MDGs and add some other goals, on which the global development community will work over the next fifteen years....   [tags: Millennium Development Goals, United Nations]

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Defining and Implementing Sustainability and Going Green

- These days, it seems that everyone is talking about “sustainability” or “going green.” However, these terms are somewhat confusing and difficult to classify. Over the past few decades, the concept of sustainable viticulture has emerged and is spreading awareness to grape growers and winemakers across the United States and beyond. The idea of “sustainable agriculture” can be traced back to the organic farming practices of the 1950’s and the earth movement of the 1970’s. In terms of winegrowing and winery practices, the concept of sustainability took shape in the early 1990’s (Mitry 2009)....   [tags: sustainability, definitions, ]

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Defining and Decreasing Poverty Within the U.S.

- How poverty is defined in America is outdated and simply hurts poor families and how the government helps to provide for them. Due to the overall success and the median income of those in America comparatively to the globe, only a very small portion is defined as living in absolute poverty (not meeting very basics). As stated in class “most poor people have cars, homes, & consumer goods.” One chart that shows the ownership of specific goods demonstrates that 73.4% of the poor have an automobile, 91.3% have any type of phone, and even 79.7% have an air conditioner....   [tags: poverty essay]

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Defining Different Types of Comedy and Humor

- Have you ever noticed how some things can seem very simple, but in fact, are quite complex under further analysis. A great example of this is music. What do you think of when you hear the word music. Do you think of that hot new hit by your favorite artists such as Fall Out Boy, Lil Wayne, or Katy Perry. On the other hand, maybe you think of some old geezers playing violins and actual instruments in an orchestra. Maybe music isn’t as simple as you thought. There is rhythm, tempo, meter, sound, dynamics, harmonies, keys, time, and a whole lot more....   [tags: classification, definition]

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The Ethical Dilemma of Defining Moral Absolutes

- When our ancestors began to develop cognitive thought, they began to compare themselves to one another in an attempt to decide what is morally permissible behavior, and what is not. Although, our global community has grown to be very large, and culturally diverse these same moral debates still linger in today’s society. Fundamentalist believe that there are absolute moral codes that apply to all societies. Inherently the fundamentalist view sounds like an ideal view that all cultures should respect....   [tags: moral absolutes, fundamentalist, relativism]

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Defining the Various Roles of Social Policy

- ... The CPF expropriates 20% of wages of both employers and employees in order to finance social entitlements, such as housing, health care and pensions (Holliday, 2000). This is a significant way of distributing incomes equally in lower and middle class of the society rather than leading the society into the dependency on pension funds and charity based activities. Hence, the redistributive social policy has to be fostering the economic growth combined with development policies that can tackle both decreasing poverty and fostering growth....   [tags: redistriibution, economic, protection]

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Defining Womanhood And Femininity As Fixed Identities

- De Beauvoir’s central argument revolved around the concept of womanhood and femininity as fixed identities that are associated with not only with one being a female, but also with women representing the “other” in a society that was first and foremost divided based on the biological differences between the sexes. De Beauvoir argued that while Blacks, Jews, and the proletariat are also classified as the other, as are women, a part of that classification is due to the numbers of these minority groups compared to those in power....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Sexism, Gender role]

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Defining Intimacy: Processes Involved with Intimacy

- The Random House College Dictionary Revised Edition, 1975, defines intimacy as: (1) The state of being intimate. (2) A close familiar, and usually affectionate or loving, personal relationship. (3) A detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc. (4) An act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like. (5) A sexual familiar act; a sexual liberty and (6) Privacy, especially an atmosphere of privacy suitable to the telling of a secret....   [tags: definition]

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Defining Public Relation by Mariana Pires

- The definition of Public Relations practice can be a difficult task for its professionals, in order to outline their functions and what it is as a whole, without having their work commonly confused with Marketing and even with Advertising. Therefore, as an attempt to simplify its parameters and distinct the activities, this piece of work aims to explain the differences and similarities of these professions. Focusing in particular on an overview of the main definitions of Public Relations, such as its origin and practice....   [tags: Public Relations]

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Defining Justice in Plato’s the Republic

- Throughout the work of Plato’s the Republic, the true definition of justice is argued. It becomes evident that Plato himself views justice as good because it is connected to the form of the greatest good. Plato’s the Republic also explains that justice is worthwhile for its own sake, in combination with the pleasure and rewards that are accompanied with it. However, because it is natural for men to always be inclined to seek out their own self-gain and benefit, it is obvious that true justice cannot be achieved due to the multiple forms and obstacles that are presented to man-kind....   [tags: soul, enlightened, ethics]

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Defining 10 Term From The Textbook

- Define 10 term from the textbook. 1. Common Knowledge Beliefs that are tested and believed by the majority of society to be accounted as knowledge. In many cases, this knowledge is referred to as background knowledge. 2. Universalism Concepts, morals or beliefs that is justified to every individual in society no matter their race, gender, etc… 3. Sociology of Knowledge An individual’s status within society that affects their life and what is right and what is wrong is based of societal status....   [tags: Epistemology, Knowledge]

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Defining Financial Planning And Financial Management

- There are six functions that you have to do efficiently. Many things have to be considered when running an organization; you have to take care of your staff, produce a quality product, and have impeccable customer service. Each step is just as important as the other, if you don’t do one function properly you may affect other functions in your company. The first of the six key functions of business is financial records and management. It is first important to first define financial planning and financial management....   [tags: Management, Quality assurance, Marketing]

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Who Wrote Shakespeare: Defining Authorship

- The works of Shakespeare are some of the most respected in English literature. They have set the standard for all the great writers who followed. Although these works have been attributed to William Shakespeare of Stratford, they could have been written by anyone. The definite authorship of a work is always uncertain, but these works are particularly contested. There are those who believe someone besides Shakespeare of Stratford wrote the works, while others believe his identity, as a whole, is a conspiracy....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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Defining Socially Conscious Film Making

- ... Are filmmakers being honest about their own role exploiting workers. Do we keep quite due to the fear of being labeled as rebel rousers. (Those with financial means can be exempted.) Do we choose not to rock the institutional boat for fear of biting the hand that may feed us. Are we exempt from the social responsibilities that our progressive films champion because the ends justify the means. The system is not working. And while it may be seemingly impossible to change, this does not absolve us of our responsibility to critically examine a system that, like many others in our global economy, which can be classist, ageist and exploitative....   [tags: producers, blacklisted, responsibilty]

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Defining Identities Impact Female Sexuality

- Defined identities impact female sexuality Nowadays, more people trend to care about and working on social justice, women’s rights, as one of the topics, draws people’s attention. The society and female-selves have changed their opinion of what do being women means in 21st century. Therefore, nowadays twenty-something girls starts to behave differently from early generation. One of the behaviors become ambiguous, that is female sexuality. In “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom”, Leslie Bell argues that neither contradictory directing nor expectation from others are the main reason that causes female sexuality....   [tags: Female, Woman, Human sexuality, Want]

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Defining A System

- The origin of the word system comes from the Ancient Greek "synistanai" meaning "to bring together or combine." (2002, Washington University Press). There are many similar definitions (Appendix A) but essentially a system is a collection of organised interrelated parts/elements that function as one single entity within a boundary to achieve a specific objective. A group of friends is an example of a system. The objective of a system is the reason it exists for this argument we will assume its objective is "Social interaction for mutual benefit"....   [tags: System Definition]

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My American Dream

- First, let's define "American Dream". "American Dream" is what you would consider a "perfect life." It can be full of happiness, money, love, food, cars, whatever you desire, everyone has a different opinion. One person’s American Dream may be totally different from someone else’s, that is what makes us all individuals. My American Dream would include a good job and lots of money, spare time for my family and I, and most importantly, healthiness. It seems that so often the subject of economic standing and wealth, are said synonymously with the phrase "The American Dream"....   [tags: Defining The American Dream]

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What is Love?

- Love, Love, Love. We all think about it, dream about it, sing about it, and even lose sleep worrying about it, but why. Love is such a small word paired with a vital meaning. It’s universal, easy to spell, difficult to define, but impossible to live without. When we don’t have it, we search for it, when we find it, we don’t know what to do with it, when we have it, we fear losing it. Love is the constant source of happiness and sorrow. I am young and I haven't a clue as to what love is, let alone what falling in love is....   [tags: definition essay, defining love]

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Hamlet’s Defining Romantic Characteristics

- To reach a difficult goal, it is necessary to face many arduous obstacles. An example of one of these obstacles would be to make the right decision. Making that decision, however, becomes much more difficult when one’s characteristics get in the way. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the protagonist’s Romantic characteristics of overthinking without acting, overpowering emotions, and isolation cloud his sense of judgement, bringing about his downfall. To begin, Hamlet’s pensiveness leads him onto the path of his own demise....   [tags: Shakespeare’s Hamlet]

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