Personal Narrative- Defining Self

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Who am I? Such a simple question: such a profoundly difficult one to answer. I could tell you that my name is Rob Jones, but that would only be my name. I could tell you that I would like to become a professional author and that I have strong linguistic skills and an artistic flair. But these are merely reflections of who I am: gifts I possess and talents I have perfected. I suppose I must start by telling you what I am.

I am a human being. As such, I have several distinctive and inseparable parts. There is my physical side: namely my body with all its many tangible parts. This is not really me, though on this side of the great veil I couldn't survive without it. You may as well say that this body is merely a suit that houses the real me. But who is the real me?

I have a second side to my being, a mental side that consists of intangible things such as my thoughts, feelings, emotions, knowledge, and wisdom-in short all the things that I have ever thought, experienced, known, or felt. Yes, this side relies on my physical side, my outer shell, to interface with the outer world. ...
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