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Damages from the Smoking Epidemic

- “Smoking isn’t just suicide. It’s murder.” A worldwide epidemic has threatened to change the course of our lives. A rise in deaths from cancer have shaken the world and something must be done. In April of 2008, this image was used in the Public Health and Safety Campaign called, “Smoking is Murder”. Paulino Caffarena, the illustrator, partnered with a non-profit health organization called the Chilean Corporation Against Cancer, otherwise known as CONAC, to sponsor the campaign. This image was used to raise awareness of the effects of second hand smoking....   [tags: cancer, secondhand, moral]

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Release Me from My Prison

- ... “A situation has arisen in Idaho,” he told me as I sat down. “One of our agents has become…” he paused as he appeared to be choosing his words carefully, “estranged from communication. She was on a vital reconnaissance assignment checking into one of our competitors. What we need from you is an extraction. You’ll be flying immediately out to Boise to meet up with Quinoa to organize the extraction. Be careful, Barley,” he warned me, which is something Soy never does, though there seems to be something he is holding back from me....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Damaging Effects of Smoking

- Most see smoking as an act of glamour, it’s cool, it’s got jazz, it’s svelte, and for some it defined the era of the bad boy straddling the motorcycle with a leather jacket or a tough man. Smoking has a long history, and since the era of television it rose in fame, and it became popular and effects children (future legal adults) into thinking that it is cool, without the after effects. Remember as a child, watching old films on the television as the character delivers a charming or acerbic line and lights up a cigarette or a Cuban cigar and blows smoke rings wearing the most sharp black dress or suit....   [tags: cigarettes, health, wheelchair]

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The Film Industry in Florida

- Florida is known for many things like its fresh oranges, its sunshine and warm climate, its beautiful beaches, its Everglades National Park, cigar factories and many more interesting things. There is also one more thing that adds on to Florida’s popularity and it is its film industry. The film industry in Florida is one of the largest in the United States. In 2006, Florida was ranked third in the U.S. for film production, after California and New York, based on revenue generated. Who knew Florida would also be famous for its film industry....   [tags: kalem studios, winter film capital]

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Asthma: A Major Health Concern

- My major is nursing. I plan to graduate in the coming years with associates; I plan to continue my education for a bachelor’s. I live in Greenpoint (UHF) 201 which is a highly polluted area. Greenpoint is actually considered a Superfund site. A Superfund site is an unstable or abandoned place where hazardous waste is located, which can have a dangerous effect on the local ecosystems or people. Asthma is a major health issue. The population in Brooklyn is 2,504,700 with a median household income of $43,567....   [tags: superfund site, poor countries, pollution]

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Plastic Pollution and its Consequences

- Plastic Pollution and its Consequences. The world population is living, working, and vacationing along the coasts. They are contributing to an unprecedented tide of plastic waste. Pollution is defined as the process that alters a substance or molecule on planet earth, the pollution is caused by the physical contact of an organic decaying particle with a clean particle in the same spot, at the time the two particles join together is when occurs pollution in which the environment is greatly altered....   [tags: environmental pollution, contamination]

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Cultural Geography: The Cuban People

- Cultural Geography – Activity 3 Cuban’s have a very strong culture that helps them stand out from typical American ways. Cuban people speak Spanish and generally practice Roman Catholicism. In Cuba, the typical Spanish food brought to the country by European settlers is influenced by the island’s Caribbean location. Music on the island is strongly influenced by West-African, Caribbean and European or Spanish Culture. For this reason, Cuban’s often listen to a wide variety of music, including; merengue, salsa, calypso and reggae....   [tags: spanish, key west, catholicism]

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Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

- In the American society, we constantly hear people make sure they say that a chief executive officer, a racecar driver, or an astronaut is female when they are so because that is not deemed as stereotypically standard. Sheryl Sandberg is the, dare I say it, female chief operating officer of Facebook while Mark Zuckerberg is the chief executive officer. Notice that the word “female” sounds much more natural in front of an executive position, but you would typically not add male in front of an executive position because it is just implied....   [tags: ambitious, women, leadership]

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Women And Women 's Rights

- Throughout American history, male and females have defined an everlasting double standard that has materialized in regards to jobs, income, and economic stature. If we take a glance at our history, it will show how for centuries a person’s sex has become a strong variation into the structure of American labor markets and that civil and political rights have become diluted but not completely removed. This economic image of women reflects the contradictions of discrimination in America and the harmony of basic discrimination between individual and group progress....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Trade union]

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Should Smoking Cigarettes Be Banned?

- Jude Obiefule PHIL 109 5/1/2015 Should Smoking Cigarettes be Banned. What are in cigarettes in today’s society. According to the American lung association, “There are roughly 600 ingredients in cigarettes today,” and most of them are not listed on each cigarette box. When a person lights up a cigarette, it create about 7,000 different chemicals. Many of these chemicals are poisonous to our health and 70 of those chemicals are cancer causing. Several of these chemicals are found in consumer products that have warning labels on them saying to contact a doctor if ingested....   [tags: Nicotine, Tobacco, Smoking, Tobacco smoking]

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The Decline Of Teenage Smoking

- “Across the United States, 22,537 municipalities, representing 81.8% of the US population, are covered by a 100% smokefree provision in non-hospitality workplaces, and/or restaurants, and/or bars, by either a state, commonwealth, territorial, or local law” (Overview List). With the crackdown cigarette smoking in all of United States and its territories in some form of ban, we can see the decline of teenage smoking. With government imposing regulations and proper education and informing, the overall problem of teenage conventional smoking has been on a decline....   [tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Cigarette, Smoking]

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The Social Psychology And Research

- Even though the social cognitive perspective focuses on the attitude and perspective when it comes to understanding social psychology and research. Evolutionary psychology is an important factor when it comes to the researching the roles of individuals in society due to their biological and genetic makeup. because The phenomenological perspective has a really important role when it comes to research because it speaks on how individuals and groups interpret certain situations., The behavior learning perspective relates to the research of the social psychologist because it teaches you about how certain actions and behaviors are learned through observation of others behaviors, and The gender ro...   [tags: Psychology, Sociology, Gender role, Gene]

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Rebecca Harding Davis 's Life

- Rebecca Harding Davis wrote Life in the Iron Mills in 1861 about the factory world of the nineteenth century. The short story is acknowledged for being the first literary work in America to focus on the relationships amongst industrial work, poverty, and the exploitation of immigrants within a capitalistic economy (Franey). The story takes place in the 1830’s, a time when the Industrial Revolution was well underway. Class distinctions established with the Industrial Revolution visibly exhibited the material wealth of capitalists and industrialists who had the means to build lavish homes with elaborate architecture....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Industrial Revolution]

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It 's Not All Bad

- But, it’s not all bad though. A year or two after I was born, she meets my Step Daddy Cade at a Phish show while I was apparently dancing for a crowd of onlookers, one of which was my Step Daddy Cade, and they’ve been together ever since. Really though, I guess you could say my mama’s story isn’t all that uncommon now that I’ve thought about it. It’s the same one that gets played out over-and-over again, especially here in Saraland. And, as I grew up in Alabama, I saw this same thing happen to some of the girls in-and-around my hometown quite-a-bit....   [tags: Family, Stepfamily, Persian Gulf]

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Cigarettes Are Harmful Or Harmful

- Cigarettes are harmful to more than just the operator, conjured up by man for profit. Cigarettes hold over 7000 chemicals in a single puff and more than 70 chemicals in a single cigarette are carcinogens. If those facts raise eyebrows then the fact that 1 and 5 deaths are directly related to cigarette smoke. One fifth of all deaths in the United States, that is 1,300 people a day and 480,000 a year that pass strictly because of smoking. More than shark attacks, building fires, and car accidents combined....   [tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Cigarette, Tobacco]

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Large Tobacco Companies Into Smoke

- Large Tobacco Corporations-Up In Smoke Some may ask, what is tobacco. Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that is grown in warm climates. Once the tobacco plant is picked, it is laid out to dry, then it will be grind up to be used in various ways. Tobacco can be smoked in a cigarette, cigar or a pipe. Tobacco is an agricultural crop mainly used for the making of cigarettes; a cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking, also know as a “cancer stick”. When one is asked the question, “why do you use tobacco so often?”, the usual response is, “it is addicting”....   [tags: Tobacco, Tobacco smoking, Nicotine, Smoking]

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The Controversies Of The Game

- The Controversies of the Game “Performance-enhancing drugs are an illusion. I wish I had never gotten involved with steroids. It was wrong. It was stupid,” quoted by Mark McGwire, one of the most controversial players in the history of the game. Of course baseball fans and players will remember the 1998 historic season when he hit an unprecedented 70 home runs that season. Of course nobody hits 70 homers without doing something to his body and he did enhance his body using steroids, the most controversial drug in baseball....   [tags: Major League Baseball, Baseball, Barry Bonds]

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The Problem Of Tobacco Use

- Tobacco use is one of the major Health indicators according to the Healthy People 2010 program. Teenagers and young adult should avoid smoking because is bad for their health and causes many different cancers, heart attacks, and stroke and affect your blood and your blood pressure. What they don’t understand is that smoking causes many other diseases and ailment, even though it is the most preventable cause of death in the U.S. Peer pressure from home and school, low self-esteem, wanting to be cool, social and environmental influences is one of the main reason why teenagers smoking in our world today....   [tags: Nicotine, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking, Cigarette]

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The War On Drugs Movement

- According to the Center of Disease Control fact sheet, “In fiscal year 2016, states will collect $25.8 billion from tobacco taxes and legal settlements but will only spend $468 million—less than 2%—on prevention and cessation programs.” With huge profit margins like these, it is no wonder why American leaders have sparred huge tobacco industries from anti-drug lobbyists; while they target other less historically favorable drugs such as heroin or meth amphetamine. The war on drugs movement has become a classic story of good versus evil, targeting big time drug organizations both nationwide and overseas....   [tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking, Smoking]

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The Prevalence Of Lung Cancer

- Introduction The high mortality rate in the U.S. and developed countries is lung cancer. Roughly 1.6 million people are diagnosed with lung cancer, and 1.4 million people died globally due to lung cancer (Dela Cruz, Tanoue & Matthay, 2011). The disease caused the second greatest number of occurrences in male and female (Dela Cruz, et al., 2011). Lung cancer (LC) is a severe lung tumor described by growing cell /tissues of the lungs (National Cancer Institute [NCI], 2015). Lung cancer that initially forms in the lungs called primary lung cancer (Yoder, 2006)....   [tags: Lung cancer, Cancer, Medical imaging]

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Cuban Government And Political Challenges

- The possible reasoning put forth in Turbulent Passage, namely that Castro was acting pragmatically, reacting to social and political challenges as they arose, seems reasonable, until one is made privy to the esoteric workings of Castro’s plan to form a hidden government. Once Batista was out of the picture, this is exactly what he did. While all eyes were on Havana, Castro and his men began to run the country in secret from a seaside villa in the village of Cojímar (Szulc 1986, 474). The first appointed prime minister in office, Manuel Urrutia, was nothing more than a figurehead while Castro and his men began to transform the country less than 20 miles away....   [tags: Cuba, Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista, Marxism]

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A Piece Of Cuban History

- A PIECE OF CUBAN HISTORY 2 When a person think in Cuban History may never believe they can find it in Tampa. The Cuban Club is a great piece of Cuban History. It is located at North Avenida Republica de Cuba in Ybor City. This fourth floor building is the highest construction in the corner of Palms Ave. and North Republic of Cuba Ave. It is painting with a yellow brick color like a piece of old bone....   [tags: Cuba, Fidel Castro, Santiago de Cuba]

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Effect Of Smoking On Children

- I have been around people who smoke all of my life. Most of the people in my family smoke. Some members of my family smoke way too much and some of them don’t smoke hardly at all. Depending on who the person is in my family, each person has their own different view point on smoking. I personally hate smoking. I didn’t however really think that just being around people who smoke could affect me until someone told. Second hand smoke is bad for everyone and bad for the environment. When around smoke and you are not the one smoking it is basically the same thing....   [tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Nicotine, Tobacco]

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The Homeless Are Poor People

- Homeless The homeless are poor people, who have no home and literally live in the street. I am a person who loves to help others when they deserve it. Around 6000,000 people in the United States are homeless, and the majority of them have an effect on our community as well in our economy. A large amount of the homeless are Americans, of course, people who were born in the US and speak English, but they did not want to go to school and have a better future. They decide to do drugs, be prostitutes, live from the government’s money or from the money they ask in the streets, in other words the easy way....   [tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Begging]

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Tobacco Is A Green Plant

- Tobacco is a green plant that is grown in warm climates. Once it is picked, it is dried, ground up, and then can be used in many different ways. It can be smoked in a pipe, cigarette, or a cigar. It can also be chewed which is a smokeless tobacco called chewing tobacco. It can also be sniffed through the nose which is ‘snuff.’ Chewing tobacco is made of loose tobacco leaves that are sweetened and packaged in pouches. It is used as a wad and placed in between the cheek and the gum and held there....   [tags: Tobacco, Cigarette, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking]

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Tobacco Marketing Aimed At Youth

- Some of the people that back prop 56 include taxpayers, educators, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, labor and small businesses. When the Los Angeles times interviewed a spokesman from No on 56 campaign’s, Brooke Armour, to identify some healthcare and educators that supported their campaign she couldn 't name any. Some of the arguments supporters of prop 56 made were “The proposition would prevent youth smoking and would also address tobacco marketing aimed at youth as a target customer”....   [tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Cigarette, Tobacco industry]

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Architecture and Insecurity

- Architecture and Insecurity An Analysis of Architecture as Metapho in WG Sebald’s Austerlitz Deyan Sudjic, journalist for the New York Times, writes in his discussion of the potential Freedom Tower meant to replace the cavernous holes that mark where the twin towers once stood: Clearly, there is a psychological parallel between making a mark on the landscape and the exercise of political power…both depend on the imposition of will…and among the dictatorial…there is an inherent appeal in seeing one’s worldview confirmed by reducing entire cities to the scale of a doll’s house (par....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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History of Video Games

- Did you know that Pong; the first game made by Atari, wasn’t originally meant to be released to the public. A new Atari employee was given the assignment of making it simply as a test of his game design skills. Since Pong became a hit, video games have been a large part of the entertainment business. They have found their way into homes all over the world. “You can’t say that video games grew out of pinball, but you can assume that video games wouldn’t have happened without it. It’s like bicycles and cars....   [tags: Video Games]

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Smoking Ban in England

- Robin McKie believes that smoking is not only harmful to the individual person, but to the society as a whole. His main arguments are quotes and data from medical reports that suggest smoking can cause heart attacks, several forms of cancer, breathing difficulties and a generally more feeble health. Though the situation for the smokers and those in their proximity seems quite dire, there are precautions capable of remedying the problems caused by smoking. For example; Mandatory indoor smoking restrictions seem to be quite effective in this regard....   [tags: Smoking, argumentative, persuasive, informative, e]

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Freedom Under Hospitable Captivity

- The Matrix (Andy and Lana Wachowski, 1999) appeals to a Western ideology of freedom in its most general sense by depicting a fight against the enslavement of the human race in a post-apocalyptic world controlled by machines. The machines use the humans, whose minds are trapped in a computer program, as an energy source. In this world of machines, the Wachowskis expand upon the totalitarianism seen in other works of fiction, such as 1984 by George Orwell. The totalitarian state of 1984, Airstrip One, becomes the whole planet in The Matrix, and the oppressed citizens become nearly the entire human race....   [tags: Movie Review, The Matrix]

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Dog Allergies Home Remedies

- DOG ALLERGIES HOME REMEDIES Dogs, one of most loved animals… usually suffer from lot of allergies. They can be hypersensitive when exposed to some harmless substance. Dog allergies home remedies can be cheap and less harmful. When the immune system does not work properly and it may be lack of some vital nutrients, this leads to what is known as an Allergy. DOG ALLERGIES Some of the common allergies a dog can suffer from are given below • Food allergy • Flea allergy • Bacteria allergy • Atopy allergy • Contact allergy Dogs too become allergic to some substances as human beings....   [tags: Animal Health]

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A Rose for Emily

- What is atmosphere. It is the use of dust and moonlight, of curtains and trailing gowns. Atmosphere is the character that is not human, the description of place and feel, all the points of the tale that are not directly products of the people in the story or poem. In "A Rose for Emily' by William Faulkner, atmosphere seems more potent than the hastily sketched characters in the story. This is also evident in the famous poems "She Walks in Beauty' by Byron and "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer Day?' by Shakespeare....   [tags: A Rose For Emily, William Faulkner]

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The Black Power Movement

- Sometimes referred to as “the artistic sister of the Black Power Movement” the Black Arts Movement (BAM) arose in the mid 1960’s to develop a poetic/artistic statement that not only provided a means of black existence in America, but also provided a “change of vision” in the perception of African American identity. Much like the New Negro Movement, the Black Arts Movement was a flourishing time of artistic exertion among African American musicians, poets, playwrights, writers, and visual artists who understood that their artistic production could be the key to revising stereotypes of African American subordinacy (Neal)....   [tags: modernism, arts, body print]

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Cigarettes are Killing Us

- Cigarettes kill more Americans than suicide, vehicular accidents, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, ADIS, and homicides combined. Cigarettes do not support or benefit the public in a positive way. Cigarettes are filled with thousands of chemicals and are highly addictive. Cigarettes have caused numerous mental and physical problems for smokers and the people who surround them, impacting families, communities and society. Cigarettes and tobacco should become an illegal drug in North America. The negative traits of smoking outweigh the positive traits; tobacco should not be accessible to the public....   [tags: Smoking, Tabacco, Death, Health Risks]

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Policy Change and Society

- Policy change is something that has been taught briefly since most of us have been in high school. But does society really understand why policy changes and what is affecting it. Is there policy change for political gains, change of environment, social issues or are their constraints that cause our political actors to act a certain way or influence policy in a different way then expected. Throughout time we see abrupt changes in history like the social reforms President Obama has been attacking since he came into office in 2008....   [tags: Political Gains, Envrionmental Change]

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Tobacco and Cigarette Smoking

- One person dies every six seconds due to a tobacco related disease, which results in a shocking amount of ten deaths per minute. Tobacco is one of the most heavily used addictive products in the United States. Tobacco contains over 4,000 chemicals; approximately 250 are dangerously harmful to humans. Smoking is a major public health problem. All smokers face an increased risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular problems and many other disorders. Smoking should be banned due to the many health risks to the user, second hand related smoke illness, and excessive cost....   [tags: Tobacco Related Disease, Death, Health]

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The Legalization of Marijuana

- Marijuana includes a hemp plant and a psychoactive drug and medicine. The principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis includes tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. It includes the prime proponent to the effect of euphoria or the “high”. It includes known as an illegal substance in the United States excluding certain states for recreational or medical use. THC and marijuana promotes to relieve pain, control nausea and vomiting, and stimulate appetite in people with cancer and AIDS. Marijuana antiquated in America over the past 70+ years....   [tags: drug, medicine, cannabis, law]

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Should Marijuana be Legalized?

- Marijuana is an herb plant that appears in different colors, usually green or brown, that is smoked by pipe, bong, cigar, hookah, or joint for pleasure reasons, religious reasons and can also be used as a medicine. Marijuana comes from a hemp plant that grows indoors and outdoors in many areas of the world, including the United States. In many countries the use of marijuana has been illegal for a vast number of reasons. In recent years more and more countries, the United States in particular has been deciding whether or not they want to make marijuana legal to use....   [tags: substance abuse legislation ]

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Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian

- In the novel Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy, he illustrates how bloody and gruesome the expansion to the west really was. Deconstruction is defined as “a critique of the hierarchical oppositions that have structured western thought: inside/outside, mind/body, literal/metaphorical, speech/writing, presence/absence, nature/culture, form/meaning” (Culler 126). The author uses deconstruction so that the reader can see how dark the movement to the west was. As previously mentioned, deconstruction of a culture can take place in one’s mind, and by reading this book, the reader’s thoughts on American westward expansion changes because of the dark elements the author uses in his book....   [tags: novels, literary analysis]

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Believing in the Paranormal

- ... One of the most frequently reported dates back to the 16th century. Mother of Queen Elizabeth I and wife to King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn was executed at the Tower of London in 1536 after being accused of witchcraft, treason, adultery and incest. There have been sightings of the woman's ghost reported at the tower and other locations such as her home, Hever Castle in Kent. ( Then there's the White House in the United States. Considered to be perhaps the most haunted house in America, there has been several reported phenomenons, many of them believed to be sightings of past presidents of the United States....   [tags: ghosts, famous hauntings]

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The Reality of Hookahs

- In todays society, smoking is a trend where people of all ages are doing. People smoke anything from cigarettes to hookahs. Hookahs are generally becoming popular throughout the generation. The hookahs are mainly used in bars, cafes, and in peoples own home. People do hookahs to have a great time with friends without knowing the consequences that they produce. If people are aware of the consequences of smoking anything from hookah to cigarettes may be used with the acknowledge of the effects. Many people are not aware of the consequences that hookahs have....   [tags: tobacco addiction and smoking]

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Harmful Effects of Tobacco

- \In the United States, the use of cigarettes has decreased from nearly 42% of the population in 1965, to nearly 19% among adults in 2011. However, cigarette smoking remains the most common form of tobacco used in the US that about 43.8 million adults smoke cigarettes. Near 22% of men and 17% of women were found to be cigarette smokers in 2011. Education has a strong relation with cigarette smoking rates. People with higher education have a lower smoking rate. Therefore, more people smoke in the Midwest, about 22%, and fewer smoke in the West, about 15% as there are higher levels of education in the west, where major cities are located....   [tags: Smoking, Teenagers, Cancer]

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Dream Interpretation: Sigmund Freud

- Dreams have been thought to contain significant messages throughout many cultures. A dream is an unfolding sequence of perceptions, thoughts, and emotions that is experienced as a series of real-life events during sleep. The definitions of dreams are different among studies, which can also lead to quite different results. Perhaps, the dream interpretation has becoming increasingly popular. In this paper, I will talk about what I have learned about three different views of dream interpretations....   [tags: symbolism, displayment, emotions]

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Should Marijuana Be Regulated?

- Lawmakers cannot regulate morals and values, if a person thinks that because marijuana is a plant, then that fact alone means it isn’t a drug. If this is the case, there isn’t a law that can change their minds. Most people would also agree that no one should dictate how a person spends their money, whether it’s a lottery ticket or a bag of marijuana. The decision definitely should not be in the hands of lawmakers. Marijuana is the dried leaves and female flowers from the hemp plant, used in cigarette form as a narcotic or hallucinogen....   [tags: Cannabis, Legality of cannabis by country]

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Why Tobacco Nicotine Addictive?

- Why is nicotine addictive. When people use tobacco product the nicotine quickly enters into the human blood stream. Shortly ten minutes after entering into the body the nicotine than reaches the brain which release adrenaline. Nicotine chemically changes the brain in a similar way to heroin and cocaine, so it’s no wonder so many tobacco users have a hard time quitting. A smoker usually feels a buzz of pleasure and energy which doesn’t last long and that’s when the smoker wants another cigarette....   [tags: Nicotine, Tobacco, Smoking, Lung cancer]

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The Breakfast Club

- The Breakfast Club Five teenagers who don't' know each other spend a Saturday in detention at the suburban school library. At first they squirm, fret and pick on each other. Then after sampling some marijuana, a real encounter session gets underway. The stresses and strains of adolescence have turned their inner lives into a minefield of disappointment, anger and despair. The catalyst of the group is Bender (Judd Nelson), a rebellious working-class punk who seethes with rage and attacks his peers with sarcasm....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Main Themes in Act One of J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

- Main Themes in Act One of J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls One of the main themes put across in the book is the social responsibility. Mr Birling states the fact that if he 'was responsible for everything that happened to everybody he had anything to do with it would be very awkward indeed.' This shows that he is a man who is very ignorant and selfish. He cares about no one except himself and his family and will trample on anyone to get to the top and make a profit from his work....   [tags: Papers]

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"I Want to Know Why": A Reality Check

- Sherwood Anderson's "I Want to Know Why" shows how a young boy realizes that his role model is not who he thought would be. The boy had just turned fifteen and had a passion for thoroughbred horses. His small town of Beckersville was filled with men who owned farmland and raced horses, his friends were just as passionate as he was. The boy and three of his friends from Kentucky went on a trip alone to see a horse race in Saratoga.. Before the race began, he wandered down to see Sunstreak, a beautiful thoroughbred, and knew for a fact he would win the race hands down that day....   [tags: American Literature]

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project

- Today in Maycomb County, there was a trail against a local African American man named “Tom Robinson.” He was accused for raping and beating up a white girl named “Mayella.” His lawyer is “Atticus Finch” is facing off against “Mr. Gilmer” the district attorney. Judge Taylor, appears to be sleeping through out the trial, yet pays attention and tends to chew his cigar. The supposed crime occurred in Mayella’s home, when Tom Robinson went to fix something and then he raped her. Atticus calls up his first witness, “Bob Ewell.” He asked questions like “Would you ever beat your daughter?” and “Where you on the night of the crime?” Bob Ewell answered that he never has beaten his daughter and was so...   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays]

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The Reasons Behind Roosevelt's The New Deal

- The Reasons Behind Roosevelt's The New Deal Franklin Delano Roosevelt came into power in America in 1932. At the time, the American economy collapsed and the USA had entered a long depression. The main reason for the depression was the Wall Street crash, which affected all aspects of American life. The worst problem was unemployment, by 1932; at least 12 million citizens were out of work. As there was no unemployment pay, people had to queue up for soup and bread, sometimes, the queues were 10,000 men long....   [tags: Papers]

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Bugs Bunny And The Marlboro Man

- Bugs Bunny and the Marlboro Man How often do you watch television and not see violence, smoking, and drinking. Not very often. Everyday you watch television, and everyday you see one of these acts. You are not the only one who sees this, your children do, too. Every time you turn on the television to watch the news, a cartoon, a movie, or your favorite television series, you see something that is wrong with the world. Even if the shows you are watching don't show the bad things in the world, the commercials do....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Why Smoking is Good for You

- Why Smoking is Good for You Smoking is good for in many ways including making you live longer. Although most text books and “experts” say that smoking is bad for you, there are also many other people who disagree and say it has many curing properties. For example, a person with bronchitis from childhood accompanied by marked wheezing wads told by doctors not to smoke. He was then told by an old country doctor that he used to be like him until he took up the pipe. Then he tried smoking and it reduced his bronchitis by far and reduced his cough....   [tags: Papers]

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Ban Smoking In Public Places

- Banning smoking in public places Before people start smoking they have a choice, but once you are a smoker that choice goes and you then become an addict. Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of the fumes of burning tobacco. The dried leaves of plants are smoked in a pipe or in cigar form, but mostly in cigarettes. European explores arriving in the western hemisphere observed native American smoking leaves of the tobacco plant in pipes, and the practice was introduced onto England in the 1500’s....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Winston Churchill

- Winston Churchill One of the most famous and loved men on the allied power side was Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill’s full name was Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. He was born at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, England on November 30, 1874. Churchill was the oldest son. His father was Lord Randolph Churchill and Winston, like his father, was British. Mr. Churchill was a statesman, a soldier, an author, and a journalist but the one job that he did best and was most important was Prime Minister....   [tags: Biography]

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Avatar and Stone

- Avatar followed the faint sound of music through the garage. He'd stuck his head in here months ago when Ophilia gave him the official tour; back then it was a large, sterile space with a few token shelving units and worktables. Now the shelves and work surfaces had multiplied and there was a whiff of oil and Lava in the air. At the far end of the garage, where the music became recognizable as Pink Floyd, the hoverbikes sat in a neat row, exciting and intimidating under their canvas coverings. Two bikes had been pulled out, apparently for service, and were partially disassembled....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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20th Century Drama

- An Inspector Calls is often referred as a “morality play”. This means that it makes the audience think about the message in the play in more depth. The story also teaches a lesson about what’s right and wrong and it also plays on your conscience through the actions of the characters. Furthermore, the play also contains extracts of a “detective play” to solve a mystery; searching for clues and mysteries to answer throughout the play. It is also considered to be a “well made play” which has a tight plot, because the story is somewhat claustrophobic, because most of the play takes place in a dining room with a climax to the end....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Chinese Imagined Community

- The Chinese-Canadian experience during the 19th and 20th centuries provides a classic example of history’s role in the nation-making process, the creation of an “imagined community”(Stanley 477). The anti-Asian exclusion era (1880s to 1940s) in Canada played a pivotal role in the emergence of the “Chinese” identity. Benedict Anderson describes the ‘imagined community’ as a community that is built through emotional ties with one another. Anderson states that the community "is imagined because the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow-members, meet them, or even hear of them, yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion,” (Anderson 1991)....   [tags: Chinese History ]

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Mrs. Warren’s Profession

- Mrs. Warren’s profession is just one of three plays that feature in George Bernard Shaw’s collection aptly titled “Plays Unpleasant” each of which according to Shaw ’force the spectator to face unpleasant facts’. Shaw had an idea, which was to highlight and challenge the role of women within society. Mrs. Warren’s profession takes a critical look at the male double standard within society and how women are objectified. Victorian society created a ridged outline where the roles of women and men were clearly outlined....   [tags: Gender Relations, Social Dichotomy]

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Smoking or Non?

- Smoking in restaurants and bars has recently become a thing of the past in Georgia. Most restaurants used to have smoking sections. These poorly partitioned areas allowed patrons and employees to enjoy the carefree life of eating and smoking simultaneously, without having to go outside for a smoke break. Fortunately, the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005 made it illegal for smokers to light up inside restaurants where anyone under the age of eighteen may be present. Now, non-smokers can go into practically any eating place in the state and not have to worry about their food being seasoned with the cook’s cigarette ash....   [tags: Smokefree Air Act, Public Areas]

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The Dayton Accords

- The death of the Marshal Josip Broz Tito in 1980, led to a major political transition of Yugoslavia. By taking the Presidency of Serbia in 1987, Milosevic began to pursue authority over Yugoslavian Federation, thus encouraging a different style of rule, the ultra-nationalistic tendency, and advocating for “incendiary Nationalism” towards other ethnic groups and nations of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Simon and Smale). The shift from the Tito’s social-communist ideology to the Serbian-centered nationalism of Milosevic created an unequal representation on the Federal level of the six constituent Socialist Republics and two Socialist Autonomous, thus, as a result of the rise of ethnic na...   [tags: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina]

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Camel Cigarettes Ads

- “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.” Camel cigarettes advertised this popular slogan in the early 20th century. This slogan could be identified by almost any adult during that time because of the popularity of cigarettes, especially Camels. In 1915, only after two years of existence, Camel cigarettes had captured about 12% of the cigarette market (Randall 5). Furthermore, when the United States joined World War I, Camel’s market skyrocketed even more. Camel was quick to use soldiers in their advertising campaigns saying, “You can borrow the jumper brother, but not my Camels” (Zebrowski 1)....   [tags: cigarette market, smoking]

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Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious

- There are four crucial scenes of this film in which Hitchcock shows a change in perspective and identity through the mise-en-scène. Hitchcock’s signature motifs, style, and themes are conveyed through the mise-en-scène. There are three key scenes that best exemplify Hitchcock’s technical competence. After Alicia’s party and run in with the police, she is shown lying in bed with a hangover. We see a close up of a concoction Devlin made Alicia for hangovers. The next shot is a Dutch angle of Devlin, arms crossed and in shadow....   [tags: film analysis, trademark characteristics]

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Tod Browning's Freaks

- Director Tod Browning was a product of circus life. He grew up in the circus with manic clowns, hairy women and human deformity all lined up for our entertainment, so he sheds a bit of light on the reality of our idea of what is freakish and what is normal. The film begins with disclaimer about its subject matter set up in the format that would later be adopted and tweaked just a bit by Star Wars. He calls this film a “Highly Unusual attraction” keeping with the circus theme of the film. We have a history of beasts of abnormal birth and who did not fit into society such as Frankenstein, Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, Goliath and Nosferatu....   [tags: film analysis]

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Biology Oral Cancer

- All cancer has a genetic basis. It is triggered by mutations in the genes of a cell which then cause the cell to abnormally reproduce. Many of these gene changes are caused by random mutations when the cell is dividing. It only takes one cell mutating to cause cancer. There are no symptoms for the beginning of cancer and only five to ten percent of all cancers are caused by parents passing down genetic mutations to their children. The remaining are caused by environmental changes (Douglas). Cancer directly affects the lives of approximately 13.7 million Americans....   [tags: genetic mutations, gene changes]

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Flying Machine Industry:

- Zeppelins in the late 1800s to early 1900s were the most intuitive invention in the flying machine industry. According to a zeppelin is a “rigid airship…consisting of a cigar-shaped, trussed, and covered frame supported by internal gas cells…Beneath the 128-metre (420-foot) craft a keellike structure connected two external cars, each of which contained a 16-horsepower engine geared to two propellers. A sliding weight secured to the keel afforded vertical control by raising or lowering the nose, while rudders were provided for horizontal control....   [tags: zeppelins, rigid airship]

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The Vaping Process

- The vaping process has several components, one of which is eLiquid. It is the liquid material that your vaping device turns into vapor. The liquid that you choose will determine the flavor and feel of your vape. The options for eLiquid are seemingly endless. Unlike cigarettes, where your primary choice is menthol or regular, vaping gives you a broad menu of options to customize your experience. If you’re educating yourself about vaping, it’s important to understand what eLiquid is made from and how its ingredients and composition will affect your vape....   [tags: Nicotine, Tobacco smoking, Smoking, Tobacco]

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Informative Speech: Illegal Drugs

- Illegal Drugs Informative Speech Introduction: Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, PCP, speed, shrooms, crystal meth, and angel dust are all types of illegal drugs. What is an illegal drug. An illegal drug is something and often a substance that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness. Body: I.     Illegal Drugs The use of illegal drugs in the United States is considered by some to be the biggest problem in our society. Over 40% of high school seniors use some kind of illegal drug, and in a recent 1999 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse showed that the three most common drugs are Marijuana used by 11,100,000 people, Cocaine used by 1,500,000 people, and inhalants...   [tags: Example Informative Speech]

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Indiviualism in Fahrenheit 451

- A lot of the things we have today that are manmade came from people who dared to think outside of the box. There are not so good ideas that we learn from and there are also really great ideas from which we learn and benefit from. Ask yourself this how is society to grow, change, and develop if we only listen to how one person wants it to be. Individualism is belief in the primary importance of the individual and personal independence, it makes everyone unique. If there was not individuality high school life would be boring....   [tags: Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451]

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Legalize drugs

- Such an issue stirs up moral and religious beliefs; beliefs that are contrary to what America should "believe". However, such a debate has been apparent in the American marketplace of ideas before with the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's. With the illegality of alcohol the mafia could produce liquor and therefore had considerable control over those who wanted their substance and service. The role that the mafia played in the 1920's has transformed into the corner drug dealers and drug cartel of the 1990's....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Short Story

- Short Story Two paper bags wrestle in the middle of the dusty road; the weary and fading sun beats down on the onlookers, a cloud of smoke rose above them. Old men sit on small tables and played cards outside their family owned shops smiling politely at passers by. Old ladies walk steadily down the street, looking up to the heavens with contempt as it started to rain. An army of umbrellas stand to attention while their owners run as fast as their legs will allow them, down the sidewalk....   [tags: Papers]

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The Assassin

- One moonless night at a village park you could sense something was going to happen. In the background fireworks lit the night sky. Several cars arrived in front of the village hall. In the brisk chilly wind swings jingled in the corner of the park. More and more cars pulled up and crowds gathered. Under the shelter of an aged oak tree the few leaves protected a tall stocky built man. The suspicious man was wearing a long thick black fury coat. What appeared to be a horse grassing in the glair of the fireworks....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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The Role of Music During and After Puerto Rican Migration to the United States

- The Role of Music During and After Puerto Rican Migration to the United States For Puerto Ricans, music served infinite purposes. It allowed for the formation and reformation of cultural views and opinions, through the lyrics in the songs. These views were constantly changing, which in turn fed into the ever evolving identity of the Puerto Rican people. As a vehicle of expression it stimulated thought and provided a method of communication for the community. In The Puerto Rican community of New York City the increasing popularity of music indicated a desire for Puerto Rican based and oriented entertainment but more importantly for national unity....   [tags: Music Puerto Rican History Historical Essays]

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Baz Luhman and a More Accessible Romeo and Juliet to a Modern Teenage Audience

- Baz Luhman and a More Accessible Romeo and Juliet to a Modern Teenage Audience Romeo and Juliet was written during the fifteenth century and the language and style is Elizabethan. Today the language is seen as incomprehensible to a young audience. This can cause many problems because Shakespearean texts are compulsory for students to study during their education. Usual responses to Romeo and Juliet are very negative as teenagers find the story inaccessible. However the essential storyline could be aimed at a young audience with themes of forbidden love, violence and family feuds....   [tags: Papers]

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Impressionism and Stream of Consciousness Writers Comparison between Henry James and Walter Sickert

- During the modernist movement artists and writers alike stepped away from traditional values, and radically changed the rules of perception in art. Before the modernist period traditional artistic values focused on realism, and art closely resembled life as it was. Boredom set in, and many artists began to manipulate the dimensions of reality. Reality was no longer viewed as perfect, but as series of fleeting impressions. Impressionism took the place of realism, and the ideas of individual perception took hold....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Emily Grierson?' Need for Control in William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily

- Emily Grierson's Need for Control in A Rose For Emily In William Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily," Emily Grierson is a woman who is  used to being controlled by her father.  When her father dies, she believes that she has control over him.  Forced to lay her father to rest, Emily turns to her father's equivalent:  Homer Barron.  Emily soon finds that Homer does not plan on staying, so she decides to kill him.  By killing Homer, Emily believes that she can keep him and control him forever.  Emily Grierson wants to be in control but feels that she cannot tame the domineering men in her life, at least, not while they are alive, so she gains control of them after their demise.               O...   [tags: A Rose for Emily, William Faulkner]

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Life as a White Man in The Autobiography of An Ex-Colored Man

- Life as a White Man in The Autobiography of An Ex-Colored Man "...the effect is a tendency toward lighter complexions, especially among the more active elements in the race. Some might claim that this is a tacit admission of colored people among themselves of their own inferiority judged by the color line. I do not think so. What I have termed an inconsistency is, after all, most natural; it is, in fact, a tendency in accordance with what might be called an economic necessity. So far as racial differences go, the United States puts a greater premium on color, or better, lack of color, than upon anything else in the world." --the protagonist (page 72) James Weldon Johnson's first-person...   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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A comparative study of the ways in which Richard Cameron and Thomas

- A comparative study of the ways in which Richard Cameron and Thomas Hardy apportion justice and sympathy towards the male characters. In 'Can't stand up for falling down' Cameron is looking at the boundaries of drama and braking them, most of the play consists of monologues, we are told of events by the female characters rather then, as is traditional in theatre, being shown them. Cameron uses this to form an intimacy between the audience and the female characters, allowing the audience to empathise with them, justify their actions and isolate the male characters....   [tags: English Literature]

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Immigrants: Becoming American And Defining What It Means To Be An American

- From the time Christopher Columbus first landed in America precedence was set; the people migrating to this land would be the driving force in keeping this county dynamic in many aspects. Immigrants arriving in America in the last fifty years certainly are not an exception to this precedence. The large influx of immigrants to America has had a great number of diverse effects that have shaped our country into what it is today. In light of the last half-century, immigrants have helped push the frontier westward, urbanize cities in the east, establish labor organizations, industrialize the economy, participate actively in politics, and bring in cultural diversity....   [tags: Definition Essays]

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The Role of Economics in the Lives of Puerto Rican Migrants

- Economics has an important role in the lives of Puerto Rican migrants, who come to the United States searching for a better life and employment. It’s the economic characteristics of both the Puerto Rican island and the United States, which causes a growth in the mobilization of many Puerto Rican migrants. Economics causes the continuing trend of transition between the island and the United State. After the United States acquired the rights to the island from the Spanish in 1898, this opened a new door for the working-class Puerto Ricans on the island, especially agricultural workers and skilled labor workers....   [tags: Economy Economics Immigration Spanish Essays]

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Kennedy Came Out of the Cuban Missile Crisis Better Than Khrushchev

- Kennedy Came Out of the Cuban Missile Crisis Better Than Khrushchev The Cuban Missile Crisis is regarded as the most serious/ tense time during the Cold War. It was in the period of the thirteen days that the world came close to experiencing the first war, in which nuclear capabilities would possibly be used. In 1959, Fidel Castro a capitalist overthrew, the American backed government of Cuba, lead by Flugencio Batista. This was a considerable blow for the US as they had invested a great deal of money into Cuban business and were on uncertain with Castro....   [tags: Papers]

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