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The Power of Dillard's A Field of Silence

- The Power of Dillard's A Field of Silence   In her essay, Annie Dillard wrote: "There was only silence. It was the silence of matter caught in the act and embarrassed. There were no cells moving, and yet there were cells. I could see the shape of the land, how it lay holding silence"(396)1. The story in which she talked about the silence of the land was published in 1982, and today, almost two decades having gone by, A Field of Silence, is still able to relate to its readers.   A Field of Silence is a story about one of Dillard's religious experiences....   [tags: Field of Silence Essays]

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The Silence Of Women By Rebecca Solnit

- This book review is based upon the book, "Men Explain Things to Me" by Rebecca Solnit, which was published in 2014. Rebecca Solnit writes a book of essays that interpret the silence that women hold towards men in their society. Young women must know reality that we do not live a fairy tell life where women are treated as royalty by their husband or boyfriend. Women are treated more as an object in which men could play with them as if they are dolls, whom they pay attention to them whenever they would like to or need something from them....   [tags: Violence, Crime, Violent crime, Rape]

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A Silence That Kills By Lyndon Haviland

- It is a killer that affects an estimated 40 million people in America. The weapon contains almost 5000 different chemicals, 69 of which cause cancer, and all you need to do to protect yourself from it not pick it up. The weapon isn’t a knife or a gun, and the killer is no psychopathic maniac. It is much deadlier. While protecting yourself from this killer is so easy, every day, 3,200 people under 18 smoke their first cigarette, and an estimated 40 million Americans smoke. It is a problem that needs to be addressed, but nothing seems to be getting done to address it....   [tags: Smoking, Tobacco, Lung cancer, Passive smoking]

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Helen Keller : A Of Darkness And Silence

- Helen Keller was born on 27 June 1880 in Tuscumbia, a small town in Alabama, USA. Her father was a retired Confederate army captain and editor of the local newspaper; and her mother was an educated young woman from Memphis. When Helen Keller was 19 months old, she was afflicted by an unknown illness, which was possibly scarlet fever or meningitis which made her blind. Helen Keller was a symbol of courage and hope for all people, with the help of her teachers Anne Sullivan and Polly Thompson she showed people a way to see the light even in darkness....   [tags: Helen Keller, Radcliffe College]

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The Blue Wall Of Silence

- To understand the blue wall of silence we must understand the definition. The blue wall of silence is defined as: An unwritten code among police officers not to report on another officer’s errors, misconducts, and or crimes when questioned about an incident of misconduct involving another colleague, during a course of an inquiry. Even though the blue wall of silence originated from the understandable need for law enforcement to be able to trust and rely on each other, it is neither morally justifiable nor is it a legal act....   [tags: Police, Constable, Police brutality]

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Wall Of Silence Journal Entry Two

- Wall of Silence Journal Entry Two In today’s heath care, informatics and technology are a crucial part in tracking and improving patient care. Developing competencies through education enhances the nurse’s ability to provide safe and effective care in an environment where technology is progressing. Nursing has expanded to organizations that employ nursing informatics professionals and according to Kleib, Simpson, and Rhodes (2016), “nursing informatics professionals in executive leadership roles reported better clinical system processes and better overall quality of care for patients”....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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The Corruption Continuum Beside Code Of Silence Is Peer Pressure

- They also looked at current officers. Just to give a few of the facts that they found in their research were that 73% of officers pressure one another about keeping quiet about misconduct actions (Trautman, 2000). Among the first phases of the corruption continuum beside code of silence is peer pressure. There are officers that are peer pressure to keep quiet about unethical acts that took place even though they want to tell certain ranking officers. Some may feel that the administration will do nothing, if the act is reported....   [tags: Ethics, Police, Law enforcement agency]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Unwanted By Edward Field '

- Poetry has a way of making us feel every range of emotion, in some cases better than other forms of entertainment. Unlike a novel, which gives a wide field of vision on any subject, poems have a more focused look mostly on the raw emotion of any one topic. Understanding poetry is an art onto itself, to be able to peel back the words and feel the emotions within them is truly its own work. Harder yet is the ability to dissect and explain these ideas to another person (in this case through an essay)and have them feel and see the poem and the topic it brings to light in the same way that you do....   [tags: Sociology, Oppression]

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Overcoming The Silence of Generational Poverty

- Today's news is full of speculation and debate about the national debt, taxes and potential cuts to vital programs that serve those in need. However, the conversation often seems overly caught up in the finer points of politics and media coverage rather than the real people that these decisions affect. I think it's fair to say that American attitudes toward the poor are more often than not, disdain and fear. There's a common myth that people are forced into poverty because they are simply lazy or inferior, the truth is it is harder to feed and clothe your family than ever before....   [tags: poor, rich, economy, prosperity, United States]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Field Of Moving Colors Layered '

- Tino Villanueva was born on December 11, 1941 in south-central Texas in a town known as San Marcos, where both of Villanueva’s parents worked as migrant field workers which embarrassed him (Tino Villanueva Biography). Although his parents were identified as Mexican, many people deemed Tino Villanueva has “Chicano”. A Chicano is, “an American (especially a man or boy) whose parents or grandparents came from Mexico” (Merriam-Webster). Many have said that Villanueva was and is an important voice of Chicano expression, specifically in the early 1970s because his poems and artwork reflected his personal endeavors as a writer....   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Art, Social movement]

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My First Field Experience : The Cognitive Approach

- It talks about on page 282 that instead of being passively influenced by environmental events, people choose, practice, pay attention, ignore, reflect, and make many other decisions as they pursue goals. This made me think of the question if kids choose to not pay attention and ignore the things they are supposed to be learning how do we motivate the student to want to learn and pay attention. The cognitive approach suggests that one of the most important elements in the learning process is what the individual brings to new learning situations....   [tags: Memory, Psychology, Working memory, Knowledge]

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Descriptive Essay Example: The Football Field

- The Football Field The wheels on the bus went round and round, all the way to Paonia. The ten mile trip seemed to last forever. Whoosh, Whoosh was the only sound could be heard as the wheels ran through the new rain puddles that were created earlier that day. It was dead silent, you could have heard a pin drop. We all knew what was at stake. For each of us it was a different thing, but on both sides of the ball we knew that in order to have bragging rights for the rest of our lives this would be the game that we would have to win....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing]

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Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig

- Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig In this oral assessment I am going to talk about Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig, Haig was a war leader in the First World War who led the army on few occasions. One of his most memorable battles was the battle of the Somme; in this battle the allies suffered over 2 million causalities and over 500,000 deaths. We may have won the battle and the war, but at a huge cost. In this assessment I am going to try arguing the case that Haig was a fool who cost the lives of too many British soldiers....   [tags: Papers]

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Why Earth 's Magnetic Shield Matters

- Why Earth 's Magnetic Shield Matters Prompt #1: Did it surprise you to know how much our magnetic field protects us?  Yes, it surprises me, I did not expect that the magnetic field was an essential key for organic life. I think this is an essential aspect to find a new ex-planet that can hold the future of humanity. How do you think life on Earth would be affected if magnetic field weakened significantly?  I think, if the magnetic field weakened significantly, the life would evolve considerably adapting to the new earth conditions....   [tags: Earth, Solar System, Earth's magnetic field, Sun]

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The Silence Of The Lambs

- The topic of dehumanization has an interesting dynamic in Demme’s film The Silence of the Lambs. This consists of the fact that the Clarice Starling’s own humanity is consistently undermined and almost immediately rectified by Dr. Lecter. Lecter in himself is an ironic character since while he has no fear about killing someone through cannibalism. One of the highest symbolic forms of dehumanization possible, he still respects and guards Starling’s humanity. This character receives even more complexity as Lecter is revealed as more and more calculating and cold throughout the series, almost appearing desensitized to most human emotions, interactions and concerns....   [tags: The Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling]

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Rethinking Silence in Elementary Classrooms

- There has always been a great deal of value placed on class discussions and open communication between peers in elementary classrooms. The benefits of effective communication in the classroom have been researched and proven many times over. As a result of this association between talk and success, silence has come to acquire a negative connotation. These negative feelings that educators have toward silence in their classrooms is causing an oversight of the potential benefits it has to offer. The research provided in this paper aims to change the way educators perceive silence and encourage teachers to rethink the amount of importance they place on talking....   [tags: teachers, strong silence, weak silence]

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How does Shakespeare Explore the Theme of Words and Silence?

- In Much Ado About Nothing, there are many ways in which Shakespeare looks into the theme of words and silence through the characters of Dogberry, Don John and Hero. Shakespeare analyses this theme through how the characters use their own words to help themselves whether it be their weapon, shield or a weapon against themselves. Also, what effect their words have on the audience and other characters such as fear, humour and allowing the audience to get more involved. The theme also shows how they express their feelings of love, hatred or authority through silence....   [tags: shakespeare, silence, don john]

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The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

- The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris The novel The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris is said to fall under the genre of psychological horror. The stories that fall under the genre of horror include a few essential elements: a villain or one seen as evil to create an initial story line. The foil is the next element; a foil is a person who tries to stop the villain from going through with the evil plan or plot. These two elements naturally lead to conflict between the two persons or groups and then from this conflict -- suspense, the last element is added....   [tags: Thomas Harris Silence Lambs Essays]

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Shusaku Endo's Silence

- Shusaku Endo's Silence The novel Silence has provoked much discussion on Loyola's campus this semester. As a predominantly Christian community, we find that the themes and dilemmas central to its plot land much closer to home for us than they would for many other schools: to non-Christians, the question of whether to deny (the Christian) God--for any reason--may not necessarily be such a personal one. Jesus' commandments to love God above all and one's neighbor as oneself do not find a parallel in all religions or cultures, nor does the seriousness with which Christians--specifically Catholics, and more specifically, Jesuits--have traditionally treated it....   [tags: Silence Christianity Religion Essays]

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Silence : Silence And Silence

- Silence Silence. All I hear is the creaking of floorboards and the drips of the faucets. I sit in silence under a dim light. The book I am reading is good but it is not holding my attention. I am too focused on what is not going on around me. I miss the noise of normal. I wait for the others to return. Their return will bring me back to life out of silence. Silence. I hear the wind whipping around like vines outside. There is no sound inside except the creaking floorboards and the dripping faucets....   [tags: English-language films, Sound, Debut albums]

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The Silences in Mansfield Park

- The silences in Mansfield Park are there to tell us something about a character or a scene. Some of Fanny’s silences are there to reveal something about the other characters; sometimes her silences are there for the sake of her character. Fanny began growing up with her large, rambunctious family in a cramped house; then she finishes growing up with the Bertrams. She gets the chance to live in a large country house that is filled with unknowns. These unknowns challenge Fanny because she is naturally shy....   [tags: Jane Austen, silence, role, family]

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The Silences in Mansfield Park

- The silences in Mansfield Park reveal the nature of each character. Fanny’s silences reveal her inner self, the core of morals. They reveal that while Fanny looks like a timid, frail being but inside she possess a set of principle that are unyielding to any outside force. Through her silence, Fanny becomes the selfless conscience of Mansfield Park. Fanny is strong-willed in her steady continual silence. She is sole unmoving thing in a fluid, ever moving time. Fanny grew up in a large, ever-growing household, where quiet was so hard to come by....   [tags: Mansfield Park, Jane Austen, silence]

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Danny Saunders: Silence Made Him Stronger

- Danny Saunders is a Hasidic boy with a brilliant mind, kind and compassionate heart, who struggles between his desire for secular knowledge and his escaping from his inherited position as eventual leader of Hasidic religious as a tzaddik. Danny comes from a very strict Hasidic background. He is the son of Reb Saunders who became a rabbi in Russia and leads his followers to America to live a better life and no one would treat them different then other religious people. Danny attends a yeshiva school established by his father....   [tags: silence, summary,]

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The Wrilgey Field Confines

- Wrigley Field is a baseball stadium in Chicago, Illinois and has served the Chicago Cubs since 1916. In 1914, it was built for the Chicago Whales. Opening on April 23, the first Cubs game was played on April 20, 1916. The first night game was scheduled for August, 1988 but did not get played until the next day due to rain. Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot” happened there along with Gabby Hartnett’s “Homer in the Gloamin.” It takes many workers to run the park and to keep it going. Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, took much construction to build the lights and to design the stadium but held numerous important events....   [tags: Wrilgey Field, Chicago, ]

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The Physics Of The Field Of Physics

- It is not easy feat to become an inspiration of Albert Einstein, considering that he is one of the most famous and recognized scientist. Of three people whose picture hung on Einstein’s wall, Michael Faraday was one of them. Although Faraday had come from a lower class in the 1800s, his eagerness to learn more about the world propelled him to great discoveries that changed the world. One of the most important findings for the future of both technology and the field of physics was Faraday’s breakthrough of the electromagnetic induction and his discovery of the magnetic field....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Michael Faraday]

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History and Renovation of Soldier Field

- Soldier Field is an attraction for thousands throughout the state of Illinois. Soldier Field was first built in 1924 as a multipurpose sport arena dedicated to war veterans. At the time it was known as Municipal Grant Park Stadium. Municipal Grant Park Stadium was home to many events before the Chicago Bears came to play in 1971. A controversial renovation was proposed in 1986. The cost would be over 660 million dollars. If renovated, Soldier Field would be stripped of its National Landmark Status....   [tags: Soldier Field, Chicago, Bears, historic,]

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Analysis of Field Placement Experience and Philosophy

- Analysis of Field Placement Experience and Philosophy Part I: Pertinent Contextual Information Part II: Teacher’s Perspective and Approach to the Social Curriculum and Social Studies Part III: Reflection on My Field Placement Experience Part I: Pertinent Contextual Information: The small town of L is located in central New York. In 2010, the population of L was 4,952 people. This town is considered suburban and rural. It is suburban because it is located about 15 miles from a major city. It is rural because majority of L town is composed of farm land....   [tags: Reflection on Field Placement Experience]

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Field International Case Study

- Field International is a large production company that operates for fifteen years. This company has three divisions: Field Production, Field Music, and the new venture, Field Advertising. The president and chairman of the board, Lawrence Field, has operated this business in a pooled interdependence fashion. Each division is directed independently by a vice president, and evaluated in the same independent basis. Recently, two major clients complained directly to Field about some production delays of the Advertising Division....   [tags: Field International, Case Studies, business, ]

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The Nursing Health Field

- Like most colleges, nursing had a problem with allowing African Americans to go through the same education as a white student. There were all black programs that only allowed African Americans to participate in it. Only until the mid-twentieth century was segregation of nursing programs to be abolished. When World War I started there was a great need for special skilled nurses. (American Academy of Nursing's Expert Panel pg. American Nursing: An Introduction to the Past) About 23,000 nurses served in the military for the war....   [tags: montana, career field, skilled nurses]

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The Effects Of Magnetic Permeability On The Magnetic Field

- Aeromagnetic Data Theory Scalar aeromagnetic data reflect both induced and remanent magnetic fields. Induced magnetism is caused by the earth’s magnetic field and is mainly the result of the magnetic susceptibility of the rock. Magnetic susceptibility is expressed as a unit-less proportionality constant denoted by an International System of Units (SI), which simply reflects the susceptibility of a rock to become magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. This susceptibility is mainly a function of the rock’s magnetite content....   [tags: Magnetic field, Magnetism, Igneous rock]

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Ethics and Its Complications in the Nursing Field

- Through centuries nurses were given the title “Caregivers”. Unlike some doctors, nurses actually care for their patients, not necessarily saying doctors do not; they both just have a different way of caring. Yes, doctors cure illnesses, but nurses are just as important because they help with the healing process. Most nurses can have the same exact education or knowledge as a medical physician but the only thing individuals see is a name tag with either the acronym CNA, LPN, R.N. and PH.D. Of course PH.D will get all the credit, seeing as how nurses do not exactly diagnose patients....   [tags: caregivers, doctors, nurses, medical field]

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The Effects Of Armature Flux On The Primary Field Flux

- 2) Explain, using diagrams, armature reaction in a dc motor, the effects it has on the motor and methods to reduce it. Explanation: DC motor: A DC motor is any class of electrical machines that converts direct current electrical power into mechanical power. The most common types rely on magnetic fields. Armature: The part of an electrical motor or generator that produces an electric current when it turns in a magnetic field. Magnetic flux: Magnetic flux is the number of magnetic field lines (also called as magnetic flux density) passing through A closed surface such as conducting coil....   [tags: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Dynamo]

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Silence And Insanity - Silence Insanity

- Silence Insanity He wondered if he had gone mad. He covered his ears with both of his hands, but he could still hear the garbled voices that were echoing around the room. He sat for a moment behind his desk and slowed his breathing, telling himself that he was simply tired. A sudden knock at the door caused his heart to skip a beat and with trembling hands he opened it. "Boo!" His receptionist teased and then watched in dismay as he nearly jumped out of his skin. "Is everything alright Doctor Andersen....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Storytelling, A Story]

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The Effects Of Magnetic Permeability On The Magnetic Field

- Aeromagnetic Data Theory Scalar aeromagnetic data reflect both induced and remnant magnetic fields. Induced magnetism is caused by the earth’s magnetic field and is mainly the result of the magnetic susceptibility of the rock. Magnetic susceptibility is expressed as a unit-less proportionality constant denoted by an International System of Units (SI), which simply reflects the susceptibility of a rock to become magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. This susceptibility is mainly a function of the rock’s magnetite content....   [tags: Magnetic field, Magnetism, Igneous rock, Basalt]

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Field of Dreams - The Innocence in History

- Field of Dreams - The Innocence in History [1] Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. When people hear the word "America," they think of apple pie, meat and potatoes, July 4th, and inevitably the everlasting love of this country, baseball. The credit is given to a man named Alexander J. Cartwright, who drew up a set of rules for a game played with a bat, a round ball, and a glove. Along with the rules came a sketching of a diamond-shaped field on which the game was to be played. The rules that Cartwright wrote up in 1845 may have very well changed somewhat, but the game of baseball has remained remarkably constant throughout history into today....   [tags: Field of Dreams Essays]

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The Note On The Silence

- The silence may be due to the MD not being fully certain as to what would be the exact positions and headcount impacted by the plan to offshore, which would then have a ripple effect on which roles would be made redundant and the number of managers needed. As the deputy stated to the managers, the MD was meeting with the board to consider that issue later on that day, so it is possible that they did not have the answers yet and did not want to give any false information or false hope to the managers....   [tags: Management, Change management, Leadership]

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The Silence Of The Lambs

- Before watching the move, Silence of the Lambs, I had a very different idea of what it meant to have antisocial personality disorder. Living in the judgmental society that is around today you hear the word “antisocial” thrown around casually and frequently describing the person who hangs out by themselves, who eats alone in the café, the person who choses to spend time alone rather than with others. However, being shy, not having friends or even wanting to eat alone every once in a while does not mean that a person is suffering from antisocial personality disorder....   [tags: Antisocial personality disorder, Mental disorder]

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Silence in "The Chosen"

- Chaim Potok uses many different types of silence in The Chosen. He utilizes many of them to facilitate illustrating the characters’ beliefs and emotions. The silence helps to buoy the imagery and strength of the emotions and assists in adding depth to the moment. Each silence also helps to clarify the messages that pass through the story, making them sharper and additionally refined. Chaim Potok’s use of silence helps to exemplify the utter sorrow and angst of the Anti-Zionist Hasidic League (led by Reb Saunders) when the bloody fighting is occurring in Palestine....   [tags: Literature Review]

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The Power of Silence

- Within the two short stories this paper shall focus, the use of silence allows for a deeper understanding of the main characters and the dynamic of their relationships. By keeping secrets locked inside themselves, the characters within these stories suffer. Within Joy Kogawa's short story that is called “Obasan”, the secrets the family keeps about their past internment in Japanese-Canadian camps is the cause for estranged relationships and, to a certain extent, death. The silence that this family embraces to protect themselves in actually only hurts them on a personal, physical and emotional level, particularly for Obasan herself....   [tags: Literature]

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The Pain of Silence

- “Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.” - Thomas Carlyle best stated when he saw that within society no one wants to judged or be seen different, so silence was the best cure for them; in bottling up their real thoughts and emotions provided them with safety. In Audre Lord "The Transformation of silence into Language and Action," Lord saw her life as a secluded darkness that she continued to endure just to escape the risks of being judged, misunderstood or even killed for speaking the truth....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Silence of the Lambs

- " Silence of the Lambs " is a classic of the genre which is a thriller. A cult film which signed up in history of cinema. A masterpiece performed by Anthony Hopkins. The film is based on the book by Thomas Harris of the same name (Harris, 1988) . Although it was filmed in 1991, it remains one of the best psychological thrillers ever made. Jonathan Demme's film goes beyond the classical framework of the genre, playing with intellect viewer with associations . The movie surprises, though, even the predictability becomes a attractive - predictable places, characters, and events....   [tags: thriller genre, film analysis]

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Silence of the Lambs

- In the movie “Silence of the Lambs”, the secondary antagonist, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, was interrogated by FBI trainee Clarice Starling on the whereabouts of the main antagonist nicknamed Buffalo Bill. Starling asked Lecter for his help on solving the case because he is a brilliant psychiatrist and psychopath, currently incarcerated at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Buffalo Bill was kidnapping young women and skinning them in order to make a “woman suit” for him to wear, being a deranged transvestite....   [tags: film analysis, fbi, buffalo bill]

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Silence At A Funeral.

- Silence at a Funeral It was July 20, 1969 and we were sharing a pallet made in the floor of our small trailer watching Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the moon. I had a stomach virus and my Mom, Dad, and I lay together in the small quarters of our living room watching one of the most significant events in human history. Why this memory resonates in my mind remains elusive to me. Maybe, it was the closeness of being with my family and sharing such a momentous event with them. At the age of six, I am not sure how much I grasped at the moment, but I know it sticks in my mind and I can recall this early morning in July of 1969 as if I had a Polaroid emblazoned on my brain....   [tags: Girl, Female, Boy, Woman]

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Eliminating Abbreviations Errors in the Medical Field

- • How can eliminating abbreviations reduce errors. The use of abbreviations shortens length of many words thus really help healthcare professionals in saving time spent in writing notes. Abbreviations however do not always provide positive contributions due to misconceptions, misunderstandings, and misinterpretations leading to commitment of errors in the practice. Similarities in abbreviations for instance could root to a grave mistake. For instance the q.d. which an inscriber would like to indicate as every day could be erroneously interpreted as q.i.d....   [tags: Medical Field]

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Phil Alden Robinson's Field of Dreams

- Phil Alden Robinson's Field of Dreams Was Ray Kinsella a triumphant hero who dared to live his dreams, or merely an insane lunatic who blindly followed voices that could only be heard within the confines of his mind. Although either of these theories could be argued successfully, the idea that this intrepid man was indeed a hero is supported by a list of characteristics that generally indicate a classical hero. In the movie, Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella was introduced to the viewers as an ordinary man, living an ordinary life, in an ordinary town....   [tags: Film Movies Field Dreams Essays]

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Spiral of Silence

- Public communication is very important when in a discussion with coworkers and such. The one weakness that some people run into is silence. The spiral of silence theory by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann explains why certain people fall under the pressure and seclude to silence. Silence may not always be a bad thing, but according to a study by Lucy J. MacGregor, the fact is that silence during a speech or conversation is absolutely bad. With this, silence while talking to a large group negatively affects the listeners in a way in which some words in the speech will not be remembered....   [tags: Communication ]

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The Force Field Analysis

- The Force Field Analysis Problem solving can be a tricky and complicated process. Often times the initial step of identifying the problem and coming up with possible solutions is the hardest part. Businesses, schools, and any team settings around the world use many established problem solving tools and techniques. These range from brainstorming, mind mapping, imagining, and many others. Groups use these techniques to add some order to a potential chaotic experience. One popular tool is known as Force Field Analysis....   [tags: Force Field Analysis Problem Solving Essays]

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Bullied Into Silence

- Harvey Fierstein, noted journalist, encourages us to “never be bullied into silence. Never allow ourselves to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition for your life. Define yourself”. In the novel “The Story of Zahra” written by Hanan al-Shaykh, Zahra was bullied into silence because she allowed herself to be made a victim by accepting others definition for her life; she did not define herself. Conversely, in the play Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes, the protagonist, who went against all odds, was anything but a victim by taking the leading role in a protest against the men; she took a stand for what she believed in....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Silence : The Silence Of The Tragedy Of Oedipus, King Of Thebes

- Martin Luther King Jr. once said that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Americans complain relentlessly about the government and presidential candidates, but that is as far as it goes. When they are given the opportunity to enable a change, one that they cry out for, they meet the opportunity with reticence. They are supposedly so angry that it leads them to rebel in massive rebellions demonstrated by silence. The silence is not only restricted to noiselessness but rather it refers to “doing nothing.” However, what Americans fails to perceive, is that doing “nothing” is doing “something.” Consequently, silence is often the action that leads to destruct...   [tags: Oedipus, Oedipus the King, Sophocles, Jocasta]

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Analysis Of ' That Long Silence '

- Shashi Deshpande novel “That Long Silence” main protagonist Jaya decides to keep silence for seventeen long years. She is a middle-class woman who finds herself trap in by society by being a good mother and wife. In her search for identity Jaya lives with three identities as Jaya a struggling writer, Jaya the victor and Suhasini the name given by her husband which means happy wife that loves cleaning and undertaking wifely duties. In the Indian society, a man and woman lives with the motives of their elders that gender roles are assigned to a boy and girl....   [tags: Wife, Family, Marriage, Mother]

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Awakening The Society From the Silence

- Awakening the society from the silence There are a number of ways to create silence and noise today is the most common way to create silence. The sound of silence connotes a meaning of our inability to communicate with one another in the midst of our own voice in which it builds barriers that separate people from others. The key for better relationship in people, community, society and the world is to challenge and fight for decentralization of power that ultimately leads to silence of the public....   [tags: Creating a Song, Sounds, Music, Lyrics]

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Analysis Of ' Solitude And Silence '

- Solitude and Silence According to Dallas Willard two of the most important spiritual disciplines are solitude and silence. They are both disciplines of abstinence. They both make space in one so that God can work deeply within one and through us in relationships with others (Gaultiere, 2005). Silence described by Peter Scazzero is, “practice of quieting every inner and outer voice to attend to God. In silence, we quiet our thoughts, desires, and worries and focus on God’s voice.” (About Silence, 2014)....   [tags: Spirituality, Prayer, Fasting, Jesus]

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Studying Of Silence And Studying With Music

- Studying in silence as appose to studying in music Tellis Frank California State University, Long Beach Lab Monday 9:00AM & Class MW 8:00AM Abstract The aim of this experiment is to see if you are better able to retain information studying in silence or studying with music. The participants will all be listening to jazz at a constant medium level for the entire time there aloud to study. The hypothesis is that participants will be better able to retain information when studying while listening to music, rather than studying in compete silence....   [tags: Memory, Mnemonic, Media multitasking, Multitasking]

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Silence Throughout "Under the Net"

- According to Wittgenstein, “Only in silence can one remain in truth.” Constant events and running around hinder an individual from finding the truth or the individual is somehow ignoring the facts that surround them. This idea can be related to Jake Donaghue in Iris Murdoch’s first published novel. Jake, a character who wanders with no aspirations to the homes of friends looking for the easy way, in time comes to realize what life is about. He struggles with the idea of silence and truth merging together hand in hand....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Ride - Original Of Thought ' And ' Silence '

- They continued the ride--full of thought--and in silence. This gave Lily time to re-analyze her newly discovered emotion. Last night they were interrupted just as she was going to reveal to Marc how she felt about him. Oh how she wanted to tell him, but first she needed to get answers to some of the questions she was puzzling about. These answers would help her understand the male-female interaction a little better. She quietly sighed. When Marc heard Lily 's sigh, he shook himself out of his own private reflection and focused on her....   [tags: 2007 singles, Debut albums, Love, 2006 singles]

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Sounds of Silence by Gordon Hampton

- In our busy lives we often forget to stop and listen to the wonderful sounds our ancestors heard everyday. Our lives are now filled with the constant hum of a car going by or the constant drum of airplanes overhead among other noises. In the video package “Sounds of Silence” Gordon Hampton encourages people to experience nature and all of its magnificent sounds. Hampton shows though, that even where he wishes his square inch of silence is, he can’t escape the sounds of an industrialized nation. The package begins with quick detailed shots showing scenes of a city....   [tags: video package]

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The Sound of Silence Discussion

- defines silence, as being an absence of a sound or noise, but for John Cage this could not be farther from the truth. Most people would agree with the dictionary definition that no noise is silence but Cage believed that silence is sound. Cage was not only a great composer but is known for his odd perspective and philosophy on silence and sound. His unique outlook differs from many composers, he believed to let “sounds be themselves” and to not manipulate them (“John Cage- Music, Sound and Silence)....   [tags: music, john cage, dadaism]

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Brooklyn and the short story Silence

- In the novel Brooklyn and the short story Silence, both of the lead female characters live their lives in silence. Although, they have very strong feelings towards the things they experience, they do not outright express them to anyone. Neither one of them really lets anyone in to know how they are feeling; they hold in their emotions. Eilis from the novel Brooklyn is being sent to America for work by her mother and sister. She is opposed and she wished her sister would take her place. Instead of voicing her feelings to her family she keeps quite and goes along with what they have planned for her....   [tags: female, feminism, women rights]

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The Price Of Silence By Brent Staples

- Today’s society revolves around morality and equality both in the eyes of the law and socially. All of these stories centralized around equality and fairness. These stories give insight into decisions faced by people under pressure to perform, maturity to do what is right, discrimination due to race or gender and the oppression faced by the North American Colonies. To begin with, both “The price of silence” by Brent Staples “and” Let Steroids into the hall of fame: by Zev Chafets discussed the morality of cheating in high school by students and in Major League Baseball from the point of view of the fans....   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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The Spiral Of Silence Theory

- Background Information The spiral of silence theory, a theory of media effects on human society, holds that the mass media has the power of silencing those with opposing viewpoints who feel marginalized and intimidated from expressing their views for fear of social pressure of rejection or ostracism from the mainstream culture. The German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann developed this theory during the 1970s and 1980s, articulated in her 1984 work, The Spiral of Silence: A Theory of Public Opinion – Our Social Skin, which utilized studies of voter behavior in West German elections (Noelle-Neumann, 1984)....   [tags: Mass media, Sociology, Cancer, Propaganda]

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Speech On The Sound Of Silence

- The Sound of Silence* Schools aren 't meant to be quiet. At night, walking to my classroom to finish grading papers or pick up a camera, I hear my heels echoing in the hall, hear the vent on top of the gym creak as the wind turns it, hear every creak and moan as the building further settles. Shadows are the only things moving in the halls as branches shift in the breeze and the moon seems to move across the night sky. A school should be filled to bursting with laughter and shouted greetings. It should reverberate with conversation, buzz with gossip, hum with energy....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Education, Elie Wiesel]

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Short Story : ' Silence Or Revolt '

- Silence or revolt Different environment makes people gradually different way of thinking and values, the roles have their own experience of background influence in the formation of their personality. Maggie and Dee has an opposite trait to generate their mother’s attitude toward different way. Alice has cleverly written with black people of generation complex attitude on the ideas and cultural heritage in Everyday Use. Mother-daughter relationship also is complicated in those two articles. In No Name Woman, the mother tells the daughter a story about her aunt and do not allow tell anyone else....   [tags: Culture, African American, Family, Black people]

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Fear And Silence By John Holt

- Fearing Humiliation at a Public School I have been singled out in front of my entire class while being nowhere near prepared for the discussion. This led to my everlasting anxiety about speaking out loud; and this is indeed nerve racking. Now imagine that feeling if you did not even speak the dominant spoken language. After several years of teaching, John Holt comes to the conclusion that schools are places filled with danger and silence. Schools are initially known to be refuges but are not always that sort of a place....   [tags: English language, Spanish language]

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Silence : A Girl 's Growth

- “Do you think a boy could never been as mature as a girl?” My friend angrily yells out from her room after a conflict with her boyfriend on the phone. An uncomfortable feeling runs through my brain, wakes up a certain deep memory in my mind. I gently send her a message to answer her question: “No, not because he cannot “catch up” a girl’s growth, but he is just waiting her at the finish line. Sadly, that girl usually thinks that her boyfriend is behind her. Then, she tries to find another “perfect” guy who “runs” in front of her without recognizing that he is the “finish line” of another girl who loves him just because of himself.” On my phone screen appears the line “read”....   [tags: Love, Thought, Mind, Interpersonal relationship]

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The Call Of Silence By William Deresiewicz

- The call of silence In William Deresiewicz’s essay, “The End of Solitude,” he describes how technology has made it impossible to be alone. Media, social networking sites, television have so much influence on our mind that our lives revolve around these things. Everyone wants to be recognized, famed and wants to be appreciated by others such that being alone isn’t appealing to them. William Deresiewicz argues that being alone is a vital part of life and everybody should try to achieve that solitude in their lives, but with technology it has become impossible to be alone when we have technology in our pockets....   [tags: Social network service, MySpace, Facebook]

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The Code Of Silence At The Park

- “Nothing at all. They never did. And heed my warning: a few years after my son disappeared, some wealthy attorney from Chicago, by the name of Wendell Gladfree, who was himself an adventurist, started petitioning the fathers of the park to release pertinent information about scores...I am talking about scores of people, that went missing in the park from 1920 to 1969. I met this guy myself. And for a while I thought he might be the one to crack the code of silence at the park. That he was the real McCoy and the genuine article....   [tags: National Park Service, Yellowstone National Park]

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Silence Of The Lambs ' Sheep '

- Silence of the Lambs: Sheep’s Inability to Speak The human respiratory system is a very complex network of muscles, fibers, ligaments, and bones that help the body take in the oxygen it needs to survive, while providing the overlaid function of speech. The airways are first and foremost used for breathing and protection, but human beings have evolved to be able to produce speech as a tool for communication and, as far as science knows, humans are the only species to have accomplished this feat. Language is largely regarded as the crowning achievement that distinguishes humans from any other mammal....   [tags: Respiratory system, Larynx, Mucus]

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Speech On The Practice Of Silence

- The practice of silence is one I find to illicit a state of present moment awareness. The simple act of purposefully abstaining from verbal speech resulted in a heightened awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations in the moment. It also increased my ability to listen to others in a way that supports them. Over the course of two weeks, I chose to practice silence along with the practice of suspension during my listening of others. I was surprised by the process and results of these combined practices....   [tags: Feeling, Emotion, Slow, The Practice]

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Personal Narrative : Silence And Secrets

- Silence and Secrets Have you ever had to experience something so awful that you felt like you had to keep it a secret to yourself for a very long period of time. While you were keeping that secret bottled up inside you, did you do certain things to keep your mind off it or to forget about it all together. If so, you and Jesse Vogel have a lot in common, because keeping a secret bottled up inside himself is what determined a lot of situations and events in Jesse’s life. Jesse had an extremely horrifying event happen to him when he was just a child (seeing his entire family dead after his father murdered them and then the father himself taking his own life), and the aftermath of that event for...   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Love]

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The Spiritual Discipline, Silence And Solitude

- For the second half of the semester I chose to do the spiritual discipline, silence and solitude. The reason I chose to complete this spiritual discipline is because we practice it in the first half of the semester. During that time, it made me take a break and just have three hours set aside for God. This discipline has helped me have peace and to see how important spending time in the presence of God is. Taking away the distractions of electronics and school work. The past few weeks completing this I have noticed a difference in my attitude....   [tags: Spirituality, Theology, Meaning of life, New Age]

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Frankenstein: Victor, Suffering in Silence

- Throughout the book of Frankenstein, the creator of the being Frankenstein, Victor, is experienced as a suffering being. He recalls from the very beginning a time during his childhood where he was happy and surrounded by love, a time when his mother lived. Victor’s downfall or the beginning of his disgrace, initiates with the death of his mother. Victor leaves his family to start a new stage in his life, he leaves on quest for answers a true quest for knowledge. Personal motivation will lead Victor to take on the challenge of overcoming death, or to be more specific, give life to a dead body....   [tags: character analysis]

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Neumann's Spiral of Silence Theory

- It is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face, and one that for some cultures could result in very harsh consequences. Stating an opinion that does not relate to the majority’s opinion can be a very frightening experience, yet at the same time be a very refreshing, calming experience. The Spiral of Silence theory, created by Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann, explains why people fear to express their opinions when their opinion does not match that of the majority’s. Her research and discoveries will be discussed as well as those that did not feel that her theory was adequate to explain such phenomena as the Spiral of Silence Theory consists of....   [tags: Elizabeth Noelle-Neumann, public opinion]

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Wall Of Silence Journal Assignment

- Wall of Silence Journal Assignment 1. Describe Explain how patients and consumers find valid and reliable information about health care providers and facilities. There are plenty of websites, some of them are private, and some of them are regulated government database. For example, under physician compare tab, can provide valid and reliable information about healthcare providers. is also another source of a database to find information on health care providers. Patients can also check with their state’s medical board, depending on the state....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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Society 's Silence On Sex

- Societies Silence on Sex Sex is an important yet seemingly impolite subject in today’s society, and despite its implicit awkwardness, sex—and all of its taboos—needs to be discussed. The fact that we are so squeamish about discussing sex is ironic, since sex is a commonplace occurrence that nearly everyone, worldwide, will experience during their lifetime. Our society’s silence about sex creates a number of discrepancies in what is deemed societally and morally appropriate. One of the most important issues regarding sex is what makes it ethically permissible....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Rape]

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Wall Of Silence Journal Entry

- Wall of Silence Journal Entry 1 Before starting this course and before reading the first section of Wall of silence: The untold story of the medical mistakes that kill and injure millions of Americans, I did not have much awareness of medical errors. My awareness extends to hearing stories about medical utensils and supplies being left in patients after surgery or hearing stories of patient receiving the wrong dose of medication, but hearing stories about the extent of deaths related to medical errors left me astonished....   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Iatrogenesis]

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Sounds of Silence: Gordon Hempton

- ... He is talking about a topic, but while he is in action and not just sitting in a chair in some room. He is doing what he is talking about. The reporter also adds voiceover throughout the story as well to unite and continue the flow of the video. Through the use of different shots, varied angles, and subjects, the videographer was able to create continuity and compress hours of footage into a continuous flowing five-minute clip. One visual element used to compress time and action in the video was a kind of sequence, “A compressed action”....   [tags: musical artists]

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Personal Experience: Suffering in Silence

- ... My dreams are my only escape. If I could, I’d love to, oh-so-neatly, slip into the shoes of one of my friends who smilingly surround me. What does it feel like to be loved for real or to laugh your way though the day. I must have done something awfully wrong to deserve this punishment. Am I unworthy of the happy times that others get to be a part of so effortlessly. As I reach the closet I stare at my reflection in the mirror putting one hand on my waist, while running the other through my long pile of misspent hair and each strand seems to go its own way, determined to defy me, what I see in my reflection disturbs me: I don’t see that young girl with potential who my parents say I am; r...   [tags: sleep, depression, mom]

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Silence : A Year Ago

- A Year Ago Sitting in the high seat of my 1992 teal Astro Van, coined as “Beb” for her license plate of 242-BEB, I turn the ignition on and defrost the windows. Its chilly out. The week of halloween. Ground frosty, leaves crunchy, the season resembles itself a year ago. A year has passed since I gained Beb, but lost an even more important possession. A Grandfather. I shiver at the memories, but soon the heater warms up, the windows defog, and I shift into drive. I have 30 minutes to go. Me and the fake plastic rose bouquet that lies in the passenger seat....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Rosary, Coffee]

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Silence by Shusako Endo

- In the late 16th and early 17th century, Jesuit missionaries went to Japan in order to spread their Christian faith. In the beginning these missions went well, with nearly 300k converting to Christianity. However, over time their presence was frowned upon, as they were seen as outsiders interested in changing Japan’s culture. As a result, Christian missionaries began to sneak back into Japan. This led to the systematic elimination of many Japanese Christians, and Jesuit missionaries. In the novel Silence, Shusaku Endo illustrates the discrimination, and suffering many Christians endured in Japan during this period....   [tags: Japanese persecution of Christians]

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Silence by Shusaku Endo

- The United States imposes speed limits, seat belt, and drunk driving laws. The Soviet Union banned all political parties except the communist party until the 1990’s, and France has banned Ketchup from schools, as it is not considered ‘French’. These are all ways for a country to protect their citizens, and to preserve their culture. However, should countries be allowed to ban a religion. In France, during the French Revolution, all things Catholic were systematically eliminated. In 17th century Japan, Christians were discriminated against, martyred and eventually banned from the country....   [tags: summary, historical fiction novel]

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