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Essay on The Search For Perfection :

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Few words in the search of the optimal status of our daily existence, that is geared to search for the material perfection where the knowledge learned from academic books taken to the extreme, can be misinterpreted or frantically put to work twisting positive outcomes.
Knowing that not everybody will agree, my experiences taught me that there are cases where ignorance can be bliss. If something is not known, it doesn’t exist, therefore there is not a need for it and furthermore the sort of a paranoia that can be generated from the lack of it, is not there.
Here is another story that taught me a lot that I would like to share. Back in Puri I ended up living with a fisherman and his family. Each day we went out fishing leaving the shore around 5a.m. and around noon we would return and sell our catch of the day right there on the beach. The working day was over soon after we cleaned the boat. At that point we headed back to the small hut that served as his house. (I don 't remember his name and I should! He meant so much to me, maybe it is because I see him as a transparent messenger that crossed my path at the right time.). Once inside, he put the money made that day on the table and counted it. Then he spread it around within the family, the most going to his wife since she had to take care of the groceries and the three children. I am pretty sure they lived off the cash without accumulating any credit card bill.
One morning something very different happened, a very large size boom box was blasting on the beach. The sound attracted my very friendly boss/host and he started to walk toward the owner of that tangible side of western society that was probably made somewhere in Asia.
Rock & roll was perf...

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...netary compensation, but just an admission of the wrong that was exercised.
Is this the result that living in this century demands, with all the choices available, that justifies the killings? Has human justice been undressed revealing a scary silhouette? Well, I guess to think about it, I remember now, that we were hijacked!
I mentioned that we have been hijacked by the choices made by our predecessors, choices that have been dictated by the fear of not having enough, more precisely not enough land, money or material goods and wanting more, more, more of the power that it represents. When everything else fails, believing in the Higher Realms lifts us up.

“Freedom and land stolen, speeches shuttered and spirits shaken. These are the rules of the power game. Don’t buy it, don’t play it, don’t feed it, don’t keep the beast alive....”
From: “Ode to John Lennon” ©1989

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