The Scientific Inquiry Of Veterinary Medicine Essay

The Scientific Inquiry Of Veterinary Medicine Essay

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In science we trust. The very fulcrum upon which veterinary medicine stands is constructed by seemingly endless discovery and scientific inquiry. As our profession advances, the health of man and animal has become so entwined that they are nigh inseparable; indeed, the primary aim of veterinary public health is to strive for the overall well-being of humanity through studying, monitoring, and treating animals. My passion for animal medicine developed at a far later stage than most aspiring veterinary students, which allowed me to acquire and evaluate relevant knowledge in a unique way. I started college in 2011, intending on entering an entirely different career, but through a diverse wealth of experiences, I realized that veterinary medicine -- as the perfect convergence point of my desire to impact both human and animal health, deal with individuals, and satiate an unquenchable thirst for scientific problem solving – was the ideal profession for me. Like a trail snaking through a Costa Rican cloud forest, the path leading me to veterinary medicine has been circuitous and rife with ...

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