The Science And Other Manifestations Of Human Intellectual Achievement Essay

The Science And Other Manifestations Of Human Intellectual Achievement Essay

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Culture as defined by the Oxford dictionary relates to “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively” (“Culture”). The given definition of the term, culture, seems too broad to fully encompass the effect that this word has on nations. As of 2016 there are currently over 196 separate countries within the world. Each nation has their own individual nuances and manners, of which these differences may be credited to how culture developed within them. The human race however, is not the only entity which is effected by cultures influences. Confirmation of cultures altering effects may be seen in the nations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy realm of Middle Earth. Readers of Tolkien’s works are able to plainly see that each race, which resides in Middle Earth, holds within them traits which can be as stark in difference to one another. The dissimilarities created by different races cultures become even more evident when Sauron’s grasp upon middle earth begins to to ensnare itself around the inhabitants of the realm. Sauron’s foreboding presence leads the races of middle earth to both identify and respond differently to the threat laid before them.
Elves, the eldest and wisest of middle earth’s inhabitants miss very little regarding the events which transpire within the realm of Middle Earth. Although Elves are astutely aware of the growing threats in the world they are unable to completely stifle its advances by themselves. Elrond conveys to the future members of the fellowship of the ring that the elves have kept sentries in the realm of Mordor in order to prevent any future attempts of servants of the dark lord to come once again to power. Elrond confers to the fellowship that, “the power of the ...

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...n alliance which is able to destroy Sauron and his forces completely. The different strategies utilized by these races make it apparent that though the paths taken by each race differ, their goals ultimately lie in a common destination. Unity was the tying bond which the nations of Middle Earth required in order to defeat the evil that had overtaken their lands. Should the races of Elves, Men, Hobbits, and Dwarves have been separated the outcome of the war of the ring may have gone differently.
Alexander Dumas wrote the famous lines, “all for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.” and even 172 years later these words continue to ring true for just as the realm of middle earth necessitated the need to unify under a common banner to overcome threats so too must the inhabitants of the planet Earth coalesce in order to bring about an era of peace. (Dumas)

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