School Journey At Hayward High School Essay

School Journey At Hayward High School Essay

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Through my four years of high school there is no place I would rather be, than at Hayward High School. HHS has shaped me into the person I am today. Today I am a person who would not give up in myself. It taught me to be strong and that my problems aren’t going to solve themselves. I’ve learned to take control and choose to do better, so that I can be better. Unfortunately, I didn 't start my high school journey at Hayward High, but the time I have had has been the finest years of my life.

Before Hayward High School, I went to school in Fremont, California. One of my first aspirations of high school, was to be a cheerleader and have great grades. I wanted, not only to represent my school by joining a sport, but I wanted to be on honor roll while doing it. I attended a school with tons of school spirit, I made the cheer squad my sophomore year, I had a simple academic schedule, I had off campus lunch and my day ended at 2:50pm. As a high school student what could have been better? I just couldn’t accomplish my aspiration at this school. I couldn’t balance both cheer and academics. I began giving up on myself. I remember crying and telling my mom, “I can’t”. I couldn’t be a cheerleader and keep my grades up.
I was going through so much during my sophomore year of High School. The huge event that changed my life, was my mom moving out of the house. For a few months it was just me, my brother and aunt, who is only 1 year older than me. None of us were old enough to live on our own. I didn’t have anyone encouraging me or asking me what I needed. I was a part of a cheer team with more than twenty girls, but I had never felt so alone in my life.

After 4 months, I moved with my Mom and left my school in Fremont. I was ...

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... there is no doubt that you will excel in all of your classes. I made honor roll the entire year, while cheering. It shocked me because at one point of my life I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t strong enough or confident in myself. I’m around people who truly care about me now and it isn’t just family and friends, but my teachers and counselors are sincerely involved in my academics and emotional behavior.
Where would I be today if I didn’t move and transfer to Hayward high. My aspirations in life wouldn’t be as high. College would have never been a vision. My grades certainly wouldn’t be where they are today. I wouldn’t have achieved all the accomplishments that I am so proud of. Hayward high improved my image of myself, without all the truly spectacular staff and my friends I don 't think my self confidence would be where it is now.

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