The Scale of Cyberspace Essay

The Scale of Cyberspace Essay

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Geographical space, as we know it, is undergoing significant changes in its perception. It is in a state of continuous redefinition caused by the increased use of technologies that provide access to cyberspace. Although cyberspace has no physical dimensions, it is very real for the many of us who use modern technology. Whether it is the Internet, accessed through a computer or cell phones, or other private networks such as MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games), cyberspace is increasingly the site of choice for social and business interactions. There is a dynamic relationship at work, just as neighborhoods affect the cities around them, so does cyberspace affect the geographical spaces of its users. Because of this, cyberspace should be included in understanding a complete world-view.
In “Cyberspace and Cyberculture” Ken Hillis describes cyberspace as “imaginary and metaphorical” (Hillis 324) and cyberculture as “the cultural practices which occur in cyberspace” (Hillis 324). To which he claims that cyberspace and cyberculture are must exist as a pair. Because cyberculture must happen in a space, this space is by definition, virtual, and so it must have no physical dimensions (Hillis 324-325). Nevertheless, cyberspace is still space: A place where people can gather and share ideas. This is particularly true in reference to the Internet. Environments such as, the fading, and specialty sites such as, which cater to music enthusiasts, all operate in an effort to lubricate human interaction, and depend on those interactions to stay active. Their business depends on it. For example, is worth an estimated 300 million US dollars a year (Forbes).
Ken Hillis further characterizes cyber...

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...ce interactions are intrinsically tied at the local and global scales. As workspaces become less tangible, and as social circles are no longer constrained by geographical boundaries, the content of our daily interactions grows to include people and businesses from all over the globe. As a consequence cyberspace is an active factor in the reshaping of our world that is growing in complexity as it accommodates virtual networks.

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