San Diego State University ( Sdsu ) Essay

San Diego State University ( Sdsu ) Essay

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San Diego State University (SDSU) is located on 283-acres in beautiful California. Founded in 1897 and home to more than 28,000 students, the university is one of oldest and the largest institutions of higher learning in San Diego county. Consistently topping the list for most applied to universities in California, acceptance rates are selective for undergraduates and highly selective for transfer students. SDSU is nationally recognized for many outstanding aspects, including academics, athletics, community engagement, and student life.

The university is expecting to open a new engineering and interdisciplinary sciences complex that will provide students with opportunities to develop collaborative research and development projects that can be brought into real-world application. Students of SDSU have the ability to work alongside mentors that are current leaders in their fields. Currently designated as a high research university, the new complex will help to encourage continued designation and give students access to cutting-edge technology.

The large urban campus of San Diego State University offers undergraduates 91 different areas of study, 78 fields for master’s, and 22 doctoral fields of study. The university also offers nearly 400 educational programs in 67 countries around the world. Each year more than 2,100 students study abroad and over 2,300 international students attend SDSU. Business, management, and marketing remain popular programs; although, studies in the social sciences rank high as well.

The undergraduate international business program is well-regarded nationally, as well as graduate programs in audiology, clinical psychology, public health, rehabilitation counseling, and speech-language pathology. Since 200...

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...cs, thanks to the university’s Aztec warrior mascot. The school colors are red and black and are worn with pride across campus. SDSU is part of the NCAA Division I, and the university has earned many championships and titles. Women have 11 choices of team sports, including basketball, lacrosse, softball, and water polo. Men can choose from baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, and tennis. For students wishing to play at a less competitive level, there are intramural leagues, sports clubs, and a bowling center on-campus.

Graduates of San Diego University pursue careers in a variety of fields. Some prominent alumni include NASA’s Johnson Space Center director Ellen Ochoa, MLB Hall of Fame member Tome Gwynn, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Hasemyer, Microsoft executive vice president Peggy Johnson, and NBA Defensive Player of the Year 2015 Kawhi Leonar.

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