Sample Resume : Iep Meeting Essay

Sample Resume : Iep Meeting Essay

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A. Notice of IEP meeting for __Tiffany___.

A1. Explanation of IEP conference:
a. Purpose: The meeting is an annual IEP meeting to discuss Tiffany’s progress on objectives and goals and to look at the programming for the following school year.
b. Possible Outcomes: A meeting will be planned with the Special Education teacher, General Education teacher, Principal (or district representative) and individual who can evaluate the child. We will work on goals for Tiffany and set those goals with a yearly IEP and a 3 year revaluation. Tiffany will receive a new annual goal and her schedule will most change. Tiffany’s schedule may be altered and she will be in the general education room for whole group instruction and for a portion of the day the special education room for academic support. Tiffany’s parents will be informed of the services that will be provided for their daughter. Tiffany’s parents will also be informed of the modifications/accommodations that Tiffany can receive.
1. Mandates: IDEA 2004
a. Under IDEA parents are an important part of their child’s decision making process and IEP development and must be present when making decisions. As said in the Center for Parent Information and Resources “since the passage of Public Law 94-142 in 1975. Everyone agrees that parents have an enduring and passionate interest in the well-being and education of their child.”
b. The Center for Parent Information and Resource’s also states that the IEP must have annual goals that are measurable and functional.

A2. Five members of the IEP Team:
1. General Education Teacher
2. Special Education Teacher
3. District Representative-Director of Special Education or principal
4. Parent
5. School Psychologist or someone t...

... middle of paper ...

...rence times. Ysseldyke and Algozzine (1995) offer the following suggestions for how you as a special education teacher can improve Home-School Collaboration.
a. Justification: Keeping Tiffany’s parents involved in her education and following through with her strengths and attitude towards school. During these mini conferences the teacher will share Tiffany’s academic strengths and success since entering the special education room. The general education and special education teacher will discuss the various areas Tiffany continues to struggle and check in to see how they can improve her weaknesses. The general education and special education teacher may meet and discuss the best time for Tiffany to be out of the general education room and when she needs extra support. These mini conferences help the parents feel involved and a part of Tiffany’s academics.

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