Safety And Sanitation For A Professional Kitchen Essay

Safety And Sanitation For A Professional Kitchen Essay

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Safety and Sanitation in a Professional Kitchen
Would you eat at a restaurant that is known to have failed one or more health inspections? There are many reasons a food service operation could fail a health inspection. Food safety and sanitation is a very important part of the food service industry, which is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued minimum safety standards that must be followed to protect the public health. Although individual cities have the right to increase their standards, they cannot fall below the standards already set by the FDA. According to the National Restaurant Association (2008, 2010), the FDA provides a Food Code but it is a food service operation’s responsibility to implement the code (p. ix). Food service operations should require proper employee training, Servsafe certification, and diligent management supervision because the primary cause of safety and sanitation failure, in a professional kitchen, is the lack of education, lack of implementation of the regulations, and lack of management supervision.
The FDA website (2013) states that they guide and regulate all food safety programs, manufacturing processes, industry systems, and import/export activities to make sure that food is safe for the public to consume. There can be serious risk to the public if safety and sanitation regulations are not closely followed. Because of this the National Restaurant Association (NRA) has authored Servsafe, a training and certification program, which includes the FDA’s Food Code and the techniques to correctly implement the practices of food safety. The National Restaurant Association’s Servsafe program offers three different certifications. They are the Food Protection Manager certifica...

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...assing the information to their employees. This rationalization does not make safety a very high priority.
The FDA issues a Food Code that contains safety and sanitation regulations, for every area of a food service operation, to protect the public from foodborne illnesses. These regulations are mandatory, and must be implemented in any establishment that provides food. It is the responsibility of management to train food service workers, establish a HACCP system, and make sure all the regulations are adhered to diligently. If management leads the way, most food service employees will comply, with implementing a solid plan to preserve the safety and sanitation in a professional kitchen. The public has the right to eat in an establishment, and not worry about the food being harmful, or even fatal, because a cook or server was not properly trained in food safety.

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