The 's And The Perils Of Peacekeeping Essay

The 's And The Perils Of Peacekeeping Essay

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Reaction Paper 2:
The Three What’s and it relation to World Politic.
Of all of the common assumptions that we have discussed this far in class, it has become apparent that there is three common themes in world politics. These themes being “what we think should happen”, “what happened/s”, and “what could have happen”. It my personal belief that these three ideas; adequately sums up the entire topic of World Politics. With the current and forthcoming lecture are discussing the topics of “Power, influence, and world order” and “The perils of peacekeeping”, these themes and ideas are displayed in an even larger role.
The topic of how power and influence is “relational” in Professor Benjamin Fordham lecture was eye opening. It was always my assumption that influence was a direct result of being powerful when talking about International relations, this is however not the 100 percent factual. Power and Influence are not mutually exclusive. A nation or state can have influence without being powerful, and a nation or state can be powerful without influence. Knowing this now, it can easily be seen why states with power make attempt to influence of lesser powers. As Professor Fordham describes power as “implying coercion”, states rather use the persuasion of influence.
The topic became even more interesting when the idea of "Asymmetric” relationships in introduce to the mix. It can be clearly seen that some states have power or influence or even a combination of both in different relationships. Example United States has an asymmetric relationship with many Caribbean countries and because of this it basically dictates the price of sugar. Knowledge of the ramifications of not following the rules set forth, allows for America to e...

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...e result he expected. This is the underlying reasons why World Politics is a complicated topic, as there are many situations that could possible happen and only one outcome. Along with the key resource being human lives, it clear that peacekeeping is a monolithic task.
In closing, there are clearly the three underlying what’s of World Politics. The “what should have happen”, the “what really happen”, and “what could have happen”. These concepts and the decision of International Peacekeeping and Power and Influence are close related. It also clearly there are many other avenues which World Politics could deal with the peace keeping process. Such as Edward N. Luttwak alternative allow small nation wars/conflict natural settle. These and other uses of power and influence in international relations, may eventual lead to an improved, more peaceful, international system.

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