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On December 1st 1955 a woman by the name of Rosa parks had gotten on the bus. She sat in the fifth row which was the first row of the "colored section". The custom for blacks getting on the bus was for them to pay there fair and the re-enter the bus from the back and sometime the driver would just drive off before they could even re-enter the bus. The bus began to fill with whites; the driver had asked some blacks to move back. Three moved back but Rosa stayed. Then the buss driver said to her if she was going to move. She replied to him "no I am not "(quote taken from quiet strength parks page 23) then she was told well that he was going to have to call the police and have them arrest her and she replied "you may go on and do that" (dove rita " on the bus with rosa parks date of interenet publication not given went to sight 3/30/05

On the weekend of December 3 and 4th Ralph Abernathy and martin Luther king met with the head of the women's political council. There purpose was to plan a large boycott against the Montgomery city bus lines. (the montgomery bus boycott publication date not given wentr to sight on 3/30/05 During the Montgomery bus boycott one of the buses used by the freedom riders was fire bombed by a mob of white people outside of Birmingham.
The boycott began on that Monday December 5th. The boycott was an immediate success. About 90 percent the people who took the bus to work or school joined the boycott and found other way to get were they were going. Late that evening the black leaders of the community held another meeting and formed an organization called the M.IA (Montgomery improvement association). Martin Luther king Jr was elected president of the organization. The bus boycott continued until 1956 about a year.
The Montgomery bus boycott was a very significant even in the civil rights movement. That went on between the years 1950's through the 1960's. The boycott was very important for many reason it caught the attention on the whole nation. It was mostly important because it set the mood for the whole civil rights movement. The movement set the stage for martin Luther king to become a political leader.

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He also showed the non violent method of protest was best. During the boycott they handed out paper the asked all blacks not to ride the bus on Monday to help with this struggle.
As the boycott continued newspapers from every were writing about it. Many African Americans were walking in the streets this was called ‘the walking city'. During the boycott the M.I.A came up with there 0wn ways of transportation. It took a lot just to keep the boycott going. Rosa parks also spent a lot of her time working on car pooling. She helped draw out timetables and pickup's and drops off's. Due to the boycott the white people had to pay higher bus fairs to make up for the money that the company lost because of the blacks not riding the bus. In January 1956 the city commissioners tried to trick the blacks into getting back on the bus by telling the newspaper's a false story that the protest was over. But before the story reached the news stands the M.I.A. leaders heard about the trick. The police commissioners keep bulling the black into stopping the boycott. The police would even stopped car-pools for even minor violations, like speeding or even traffic violation even when they did nothing wrong. Even martin Luther king was arrested for speeding and was locked up in jail for a few hours. Even arresting and tickets could not scare the protestors. Also even before the boycott black drivers were treated badly. By February 1956 there was not sign that they were going to give in on any of the M.I.A demands. Rosa parks trial kept going it seemed to have no end because they kept putting of a date for a new trial.
On the 1st of February the papers were filled out for a new case in the federal court. As the case continued, a few days latter on February 22 1956 Nixon who was the leader of the boycott was arrested willingly. 80 people were arrested on that day. The next day there own town newspaper the said "the dumbest act that has ever been done Montgomery". That statement made the boycotters happier. Due to the boycott the Rosa's husband Raymond parks his business suffered greatly. The boycott was turning into a nightmare for him. Every single day they would be getting phone calls form white people. They would say many things like "you should have been beaten or killed:" Even bombs were thrown at Nixon's and martin Luther kings house. Due to all the stress that was going Raymond became ill and had a nervous breakdown. Also the court's wanted to ban carpooling. The court eventually gave in to the boycotter's and whites and blacks could ride on the same buses not in separate sections.
The people remembered the pride they had to take in walking to work together and even the white people would remember. Carpoolers would also remember being ticketed. They all could remember they voices, and they would just keep walking until they won the battle.

Rosa parks played a very important in the fight for civil rights. This all happened because a women would not give up her seat on a bus. Many things have improved since then. There was not specific section for this type of this person and this section for that person. Now there is little to now segration going one now. She felt something was not fair and she stood by it. She knew what she wanted and she eventually got it. Sure it took almost a year but she got what she was aiming for. From that little incident , a lot has come out of it. Today's world would be a lot different if she rosa parks had given up her seat on that bus the world might be a lot or should I say would deffinatly be a lot different. The segration and the civil rights movement both connect to each other. They both improved upon our lives then and now. Rosa parks fought for civil rights and helped gain civil rights. Some of those right improving. A lot has changed and a lot has become different. The civil right movement was developed latter on to stop segration . the civil right movement was a movement that which banned racial discrimination. Before people thought of just because they had a different color skin that there was something wrong. But now we realize that each person has something different to offer
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