Essay The Roots Of Capital Punishment

Essay The Roots Of Capital Punishment

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The roots of capital punishment trace back to the some of the earliest ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese (Global Issues in Context). It’s history also includes examples of the death penalty being opposed. For example, it was temporarily removed from ancient Chinese law during the Tang Dynasty (Global Issues in Context). After many centuries, this form of punishment is still present. In today’s society, some argue that the death penalty is a necessity for a criminal to face the same treatment as his or her victim. This standpoint fails to acknowledge that executing another human being requires capital and prompts a lengthy and mind-numbing process. The extensive process leading to execution consists of many parts such as a preliminary hearing, trial by grand jury, and eventually placement on death row (Capital Punishment in Context). Death row inmates typically spend at least ten years waiting for their execution, prohibited from participating in all normal prison activities such as education and labor (Death Penalty Information Center). Despite the ethical justification and long-lasting precedent of capital punishment, it is evident that inhumane aspects of the death penalty justify its abolishment.
The unsuccessful and drawn-out nature of the process of the death penalty unfairly punishes the criminal physically, and mentally tortures the victim’s family. One of the most commonly known methods of execution, the lethal injection, aims to execute criminals in an ethical and methodical way. Ironically, the lethal injection proves to achieve the exact opposite results, as explained by the man who regretfully invented this “efficient” and “painless method;” Dr. Jay Chapman explains to the Huffington Post ...

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...ane treatment that follows a death sentence, further explaining why this barbaric punishment should be abandoned.
In the United States, capital punishment proves to be increasingly detrimental to not just the court system but also to its citizens. Capital punishment not only exhibits inhumanity in its elements, but it also infringes upon the citizens’ natural rights, which were adopted into the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. For example, the right to pursue a happy and successful life is restricted by the death penalty as it prevents the criminal from the opportunity of rehabilitation. In this manner the American Dream, which is based on these natural rights, is limited by this outdated form of punishment. As its inhumane elements suggest, capital punishment has lost its place in the American court system and continues to hinder the American Dream.

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