The Role Of Social Capital For Minorities Through Local Communities Essay

The Role Of Social Capital For Minorities Through Local Communities Essay

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This chapter focuses on the research methods of this study. It begins by restating the research question and hypotheses as well as the purpose of this research. The aim is to highlight the five areas of the research design and methodology used in this study. These areas are 1) the design of the research; 2) the description of data and data collection process; 3) the data processing process; 4) description research measures: and 5) description of the participants of this study. These areas are processed through the application of four different methodologies; a quantitative assessment, an analytical assessment, dependent variable measurement and independent variable measurement.
Research Question and Hypotheses
This study addresses the role of social capital: in mobilizing minorities through local communities. The purpose is to determine whether social capital has an influence on political participation among different demographic groups in the United States. As such, this research paper formed three assumption theories; first, there are other variables, besides income and education that affect political participation; second, social capital increases political participation among different demographic groups; and third, social capital influences political participation among Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. These assumptions then formed two hypotheses:
H1: Social capital increases the likelihood of political participation among different demographic groups in the U.S.
H0: Social capital has no effect on political participation in the U.S.
Based on the assumption theories, secondary data were collected which supported or contradicted the premises of this study, in which case modifications or adjustment were made and additional tests...

... middle of paper ...

...ia by which the outcomes were judged are based on researchers’ flexibility of controlling alternate reasoning, as necessary, of the data, and the ability to simplify and reproduce findings; standards of legitimacy in the finding, trustworthiness, and dependability of this research. Some of the challenges encountered in conducting this study were the time limitation, the inability to collect additional field data or to use more current data, the definition of minorities were limited to Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. Additionally, because social capital has not been studied in debt as a means for political participation there are limited resources on this topic, especially among minority groups. However, the study was conducted throughout the U.S which although allowed researchers to access a wider population range and diverse data which produced different outcomes.

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