The Role Of Mass Media On Pop Art Essay

The Role Of Mass Media On Pop Art Essay

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Ashley Thiel
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Analysis of Process and Materials & the Influences of Mass Media on Pop Art
Throughout centuries of different movements, art has always been defined as a progressive concept. This is a necessary attribute for anything that aims to develop into higher or more conscious state. In the past, art has been viewed as a tool of prosperity and intellect, only being offered to those who posses the highest standards of the social class. The succession of art movements is a metaphorical timeline in which human society has developed. Artistic works have the ability to convey complex areas of thought, emotions, and above all personal theories of life. Each movement has specifically broadened the possibilities for creativity along with comprehension of imaginative potential. It serves as a catalyst to dismantle preconceived stereotypes and while also illustrating diverse complexities known to humans. The post minimalist process, along with pop art and process and materials movements, offer an insightful background to understanding the complications behind artistic theories and development.
Roy Lichtenstein was absorbed by the increasing consumerism that was overtaking society during the sixties. A relatively forced answer from Lichtenstein about his explanation of pop art is ”I don’t know- the use of commercial art as subject matter in painting. I suppose” (Lichtenstein, 102). Pop art is an unbiased analysis of the world and it is accepting of the present cultural norms. Lichtenstein’s work places heavy focus on how art is a wide-ranging process that depends on visual unification and organized consciousness. Lichtenstein’s image “Drowning Girl” manifests considerable attention to form ...

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...process is what actually leads the outcomes of the work that are said to be unintended. This concept is nonsensical and exploited by these artists because these unintended results are in fact desired. The use of this style of art effectively supports the concept of the world being randomly disordered.
Every artistic movement is influential for different aspects of art. These movements are viewed as progressive, always awaiting the next avant-garde movement. Each movement is a creation built off the previous; similar to the artistic process it progresses. The concepts of art have revealed new and unique perspectives for humanity, which has broadened our imaginative potential. As the influence of art progresses throughout society, the acceptance of new ideas and perspectives also spread, implanting the essential expansion of intellect throughout people of the world.

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