Role of Geography in History Essay

Role of Geography in History Essay

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Throughout the last five millenniums, there have been many amazing empires. Ostensibly successful was the Indus River Valley from 2500-1500 BCE, and Ancient Greece from 750-338 BCE. Later, the empire of Aksum existed from 100-750 CE. All these empires were built because of their exceptional locations, therefore proving that geography is clearly the mother of history. Despite unpredictable flooding, the Indus River Valley prospered to the best of their ability. Meanwhile, Greece had serious issues concerning arable land, but they managed to overcome this and become a great empire was well. Finally, like Greece, Aksum was also located on hilly land, but overcame this challenge and became a major trading power in Africa, using the surrounding waterways.. Clearly, geography was a major factor in the success of these empires.
Geography is clearly the mother of history, and the Indus River Valley is a great representation of this statement. First of all, the Indus River Valley had the Indus and Ganges Rivers which had unpredictable flooding. This led to the destruction of crops and homes, which led to starvation. However, it also gave them fertile soil because the flooding left behind silt deposits. The fertile land was called the Indus Ganges Plain. The fertile soil made land that was ideal for growing crops and allowed them to have food surplus including wheat, barley, cotton, rice, dates, and sugar cane. They were also able to trade these items for other things that they needed. Another thing that the people of the Indus River Valley had to deal with were the monsoons, which dominated the climate. Monsoon season is from October to May. Winter monsoons from the Northeast brought dry air and the monsoons in mid-June from the Southwes...

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...age of and used to the best of their ability. This clearly depicts how geography is the mother of history.

The success of the Indus River Valley, Ancient Greece, and Aksum was all based on their geography. They faced some difficulties, but still managed to maintain the empire in order to create the best empire possible. Despite mountainous land in Greece, hilly land in Aksum and unpredictable flooding in Indus, all of these civilizations were able to benefit from the geography and become the best civilization possible. All of the ancient empires were amazing and adapted to their landscape in spectacular ways, but these 3 civilizations highlight the significance of the phrase, “geography is the mother of history.” We can learn from all of these civilizations to improve our community by using some of the ancient methods to adapt to the geography of the location.

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