The Role of Gender and Ethnicity in Perceptions of Rape and Its Aftereffects by L Schneide

The Role of Gender and Ethnicity in Perceptions of Rape and Its Aftereffects by L Schneide

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An Elderly woman, normally a target in an unsafe neighborhood, carries a satchel of cash. It is the receipt of today's betting and the neighborhood knows robbing her would result in punishment that would be swift and certain, unlike the legal system. The retaliation preserves the mob's reputation and honor. The threat precludes an attack in the first place.
Ed Vega's "Spanish Roulette" is about retaliation to preserve honor after a rape. The story is about Sixto, a peace-loving Spanish poet. Lino, a local gang member and drug dealer, rapes Sixto’s sister Mandy. Sixto discusses the situation with his roommate Willie. If Sixto retaliates, he will lose his peaceful soul and any reason for living. He feels if he does not retaliate, he might as well be dead. The police and courts cannot resolve the issue. The family must retaliate to preserve their honor. Retaliation deters future victimization. The honor culture Sixto lives in demands revenge for his sister’s rape and for her loss of chastity.
“The Role of Gender and Ethnicity in Perceptions of Rape and Its Aftereffects” by L Schneider and "The Two Faces Of Revenge: Moral Responsibility and The Culture Of Honor" by Tamler. Sommers help me better understand in “Spanish Roulette” how, in a Spanish honor culture, rape is personal not police business, rape stains the honor of both family and the victim and how retaliation is thought to be required to avoid further victimization.
Rape is a crime of power, violence, and gratifications. Brownmiller tells us, "Public opinion perceives various motives (e.g., power, violence, sexual gratification) as underlying bases for rape (e.g., Brownmiller 1975; Donat and D’ Emilio 1992)" (Schneider 410). In "Spanish Roulette", power is the motivation...

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