The Rod Of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue ( Hcfr ) Ambulance Essay

The Rod Of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue ( Hcfr ) Ambulance Essay

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Rod of Asclepius
This Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (HCFR) ambulance features the rod of Asclepius on their vehicle. HCFR works towards the prevention of fires and assists with emergency medical calls. In Greek mythology, Asclepius was the god of medicine, aiding those who were in need of his help, with the knowledge given to him by a snake he cured. Henceforth, Asclepius and is often depicted with a snake wrapped around a rod. His staff is a symbol of healing, which is why it is commonly featured on objects with a relation to medicine.

An atlas is a book of charts and maps. Upon going into the library, I discovered and immediately recognized its correlation to the Greek mythological titan who held up the sky, Atlas. Atlas was the ideal model of perseverance, and the brother to Prometheus. He was condemned by the almighty Zeus after siding with the Titans rather than the gods in the fight for Cronus’ thrown. He was forced to strand to the west of Gaea and hold the sky on his shoulders. Atlas was also the Titan god of navigation and astronomy. This Titan is often depicted at the beginning of a book of maps because he held up the sky and for his skill in exploration, so eventually this book was named after him.

Dimitri 's on the Water
Dimitri 's on the Water is a Greek restaurant located in Tarpon Springs. This restaurant is located conveniently along a waterfront with a beautiful view. Dimitri is another name for Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Demeter was the mother to Persephone, the vital reason behind why crops grew every year. This diner cleverly uses this information to their advantage, making their business’ name essentially have the title of “food on the water”.


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...d events. In the ocean, the hippokampoi, or hippocamps, were known as the horse of the sea. In Greek mythology, they were generally ridden in groups of two or four as a chariot for Poseidon, god of the sea, rivers, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses. This name was chosen for this part of the brain because of its shape. The hippocampus looks extremely similar to the hippokampoi, where its name was derived from.

Nissan has produced a car that they have called the Nissan Titan. In Greek mythology, Titans were the superior race and had been in charge of earth preceding the Olympians. Titans were immortal with gigantic power and wisdom. The company Nissan decided to use this information to their advantage, getting the upperhand in the car dealership. They were able to create a car and show its strength and brilliance by naming it after the powerful Titans.

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