Rockefeller: An Emotionally Intelligent Leader Essay

Rockefeller: An Emotionally Intelligent Leader Essay

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Rockefeller, a business genius and arguably one of the most influential men in American History has a story steeped in paradox. Chernow, Rockefeller’s biographer states “What makes him problematic—and why he continues to inspire ambivalent reactions—is that his good side was every bit as good as his bad side was bad. Seldom has history produced such a contradictory figure” (np/nd As a shrewd business man and a devout Christian many have a hard time reconciling the two. Even as a child his upbringing and the divergence in his parents is extreme. However it is his strict religious upbringing that drives his business practices. Rockefeller’s belief from an early age that God would pull him through any difficult time guided him throughout his life and career. He had a tremendous amount of faith and belief in his values. His willingness to stringently adhere to his vision and remain singularly focused was drawn from his religious upbringing and resulted in success unparalleled by any entrepreneur.
John D. Rockefeller was born to a devout Baptist mother, and a father who often left his family unattended. While his father was off peddling tonics and philandering, his mother was left to manage the house and children on her own for extended periods of time. His father was so ostentatious he had a mistress in the home, posed as a housekeeper from the outset of the marriage. He had fathered 4 children between the two women in as many years. Much later he was also a bigamist. His father often uprooted the family moving them from place to place and then leaving to pursue some type of enterprising activity. But Rockefeller’s mother used her faith to sustain her, and the children were deeply enmes...

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