Essay on Robinson 's Career At Ucla And Pasadena Junior College

Essay on Robinson 's Career At Ucla And Pasadena Junior College

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After becoming a second lieutenant, Robinson became engaged to his long-time girlfriend. Her name was Rachel Isum. She had attended UCLA and had been following Robinson’s career at UCLA and Pasadena Junior College (11 Things, 2012).
Robinson was then sent to Fort Hood, Texas. In 1944, he was on a unsegregated bus line commissioned by the Army and the bus driver ordered Robinson to move to the back of the bus. Robinson refused but once the bus reached the end of the line, the bus driver called in military police to take him into custody. Robinson confronted his duty officer about racist comments and questions made by the officer who took him into custody. The officer had requested him to be court-martialed but Robinson’s commander refused. Robinson was transferred to the 758th battalion where the commander was quick to take legal action with multiple offences including public drunkenness even though Robinson had never drank.
After being acquitted for those charges, he was transferred to Camp Breckenridge, Kentucky. He became the coach for army athletics until he was honorably discharged in late 1944. While coaching, Jackie met a former player of the Kansas City Monarchs. He encouraged Jackie Robinson to try out for the team and to write a letter to the team’s ownership to ask for a chance. The Kansas City Monarchs were a Negro League team and were the top echelon for black baseball players at this time because the Major League was segregated (Koppett, 1998).
The Kansas City Monarchs offered Jackie a contract in 1945 valued at $400 per month which is the equivalent of $5,240 now (11 Things, 2012). Jackie played very well for the Monarchs but was always frustrated. He was not used to the lack of structure in the games and the play...

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...equal and deserves the same rights. Jackie had this famous quote; “life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives”. This is a quote Jackie lived by and helped to improve the lives of many.
Jackie was a rebel because he did what many other people could not do, he ignored racial abuse. He being able to hold strong against the abuse and criticism and continue to perform at a high level showed many people the best way to handle the Civil Right Era and all the racial abuse that went with it. He acted with strong and respectful during a tough time around the nation and became a hero to many. He opened many doors for other athletes and motivated more. Now, the number 42 hangs in every Major League ballpark around the league (MLB, 2014). Once a year, every April 15th, every players dawns the number 42 in tribute to Jackie’s effects on the sport and society.

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