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Robert E. Sherwood was a great American playwright, but also was a well known editor and critic. Sherwood’s works were based on human issues that he discovered to be problems with society both in social and personal settings. After he had so much success with some plays such as Abe Lincoln in Illinois he even had the unique privilege to work as a speechwriter with President Franklin Roosevelt (Johnston). Sherwood’s work help put things in perspective to a lot of people and it helped him because the things he wrote about were things that he thought were the real issues when he was growing up and as he lived his life. Robert E. Sherwood is an author of unique experiences and ideas that come to life in his writing and ultimately helped him be successful as a writer.
Robert Emmet Sherwood was born on April 4, 1896 in New Rochelle, New York. He was the son of an accomplished investment broker by the name of Arthur Sherwood, and his mother Rosina Emmet Sherwood who was an artistic woman. Sherwood was born into a family with generations of artists and authors. His grandmother named Mary Elizabeth Wilson Sherwood was the author of over twenty books and wrote many articles. By the age of seven he was already following in his ancestor 's footsteps and edited a children’s magazine called “Children’s Life”. At the age of ten he had finished his first play called Tom Ruggles’ Surprise (“Robert E.”). Sherwood grew up in a fortunate family, and lived on a three hundred acre estate in New York. As he grew up and matured he eventually moved to Massachusetts to attend Milton Academy in preparation to go to Harvard University (Johnston). Though Sherwood was intelligent he was not fond of going to school and was known for a few rule breaking off...

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...Lincoln in Illinois helped open doors later in his career. In 1940 President Franklin Roosevelt offered a job as a speechwriter to help the president during his presidency. Sherwood continued in politics for the next few years working as an assistant to the secretary of war and secretary of the navy. He also was was a director with the Office of War Information and this continued unit 1944. This time in politics also helped him with late career work like Roosevelt and Hopkins: An Intimate History and The Best Years of Our Life. Which were based on the experience he had in politics and war (Johnston). Sherwood died in New York City a few years later on November 14, 1955. Robert E. Sherwood’s unique background and experiences showed up in his work from his war experiences and his childhood memories to make him a well known playwright and set him apart from others.

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