The Rise Of The American Revolution Essays

The Rise Of The American Revolution Essays

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The Americans officially declared their Independence on July 4, 1776, but the seeds of the rebellion were planted three years earlier. (C&G 118) The American Revolution was primarily caused by the Proclamation of 1763, the Tax Acts, and the Coercive Acts. Until 1763, America had been, for the most part, free from English rule. Thus, the Americans were furious when England endeavored to increase its power over the States. The Americans believed that since they were not permitted to choose who would represent them in Parliament, England was unjust in enforcing taxes and laws on them. The tension between England and the States increased and eventually, violence broke out between them. The American Revolution was caused by the attempts of the English Government to gain control over the states.
After the French and Indian War in 1763, the price of financing the colonies soared to £350,000 a year. (C&G 95) Although England was pouring a vast amount of money into colonizing America, it was receiving relatively little in return, despite the growing wealth of the states. The members of Parliament reasoned that since so much money was being spent for the Americans, perhaps they should help pay off the debt that had been acquired in their defense. The Americans, who had until then had quite a bit of freedom to govern themselves, did not think that it was necessary to work or help pay for anything that did not directly concern them or their immediate neighbors. While the Americans didn 't mind having England oversee their international trade, defend them from other countries, and solve their various problems, they believed that England was too distant to effectively govern them. Nonetheless, England was determined to secure its hold...

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...nion of the colonies, before the war commenced.” (C&G 109-110)
The American Revolution was primarily caused by the Proclamation of 1763, the Tax Acts, and the Coercive Acts that were forced upon the Americans by the English. The Proclamation of 1763, while not as inflammatory as the Tax Acts or Coercive Acts, marked the beginning of England’s attempt to control America. The Tax Acts appeared to be extremely unjust to the Americans, who insisted that a government that they did not elect had no right to decide what taxes they would pay. Although the Coercive Acts were passed to punish the rebels involved in the Boston Tea Party, it only further revealed the injustice of England to the rest of America. The main result of the various laws and acts passed by Parliament was to further unite the Americans in one common cause: to free their country from the English tyranny.

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