The Rise of Christianity Analysis Essay

The Rise of Christianity Analysis Essay

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Why has Christianity grown so fast and how it’s spread through so many different counties. From what I have gathered from the readings I think some of the major events that happened was the temples getting destroyed over and over until they finally just kind of gave up. Also, how they stayed with other people no matter poor rich hungry cold, they even stayed and help people when the plague was there. That was when the religion really started to spread, due to people seeing more Christians survive and that Christians would take anybody in and help them. So over all, the rise of Christianity came from not just one thing, but many different things and what they did to help. Many liked Christianity because it was more appealing, happier, more assuring, and perhaps a longer life.
Throughout the Roman rule, the help spread Christianity in so many different ways. One of the Roman emperors, Constantine, let freedom of conscience for the people, made Christianity on a full legal equality with any religion in Rome, and later it was the official religion of the empire; so it spread so much faster. Around this time Rome slowly started to die out which made Christianity even bigger because they would accept the poor. St. Paul was also a big contribution to the rise of Christianity. His contributions in the epistles still are deeply rooted in worship, theology, and pastoral life. One of the main peoples he had made was “Jesus was sent by God to redeem humanity from sins, all humans are sinful because of Adam and Eve, by dying on the cross, Jesus made it possible for humans to be saved, anyone could be saved through faith in God.”
The first temple stripped, several times, of it valuables. The most decisive and worst was when the Babyl...

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...itical society. It had a theatrical point of commencement. It had no background in Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece or Rome. It didn’t even exist until well after Jesus had been crucified. Even though the Mosaic arrangement of Judaism was designed to prepare the way for the coming of Christianity, the teachings of Jesus was so different from the Hebrew Laws, it was met with hostility from many Hebrew leaders of his time.
In conclusion Christianity had a pretty rough start with the destruction of all the temples. With all these people trying to stop the religion. But the two most powerful points are what women did for Christianity because they would always accept any form of person. And of course Constantine the Great, who started pretty much the freedom of religion. So look at how far we have come now it’s the biggest religion in the world and its still growing.

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