Richard Cory 's ' The People On The Pavement ' Essay

Richard Cory 's ' The People On The Pavement ' Essay

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This poem thematically explains that wealth has no eternal purpose. Life is about the relationships you make and the impact you have on society. The person of interest in this poem is a man called Richard Cory. A distinguished figure said to have been the envy of everyone. From the way of in which he walks, to how he dresses, and how he relates to his community. The other entity in this poem is the “town’s people.” Known in the poem as the “people on the pavement”. The town’s people live and work in less desirable conditions. Their work is tedious to say the least. Most likely construction or another job of that nature that leads to blood, sweat, and tears. The poem begins with Richard Cory’s visit downtown. Now, the author uses the word “whenever”. This implies that most of Richard Cory’s time was spent uptown. Typically, the wealthy and the rich would reside in real estate placed outside of the city limits. The town’s people look upon Richard Cory with the thought of him being the happiest person in the world. They long to be in his place, to eat his food, drink his drink, and live his life. As seen at the closure of the poem, something was very much awry in Richard Cory’s life. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate the definition of community in this piece. To analyze this poem one must think of many possible meanings for the diction used. This poem was generated sometime in early to mid-19th century. The words used back in those days have more symbolic meaning than those used today. Early on in the poem, the town’s people begin describing their view of Richard Cory. “He was a gentleman from sole to crown, clean favored and imperially slim.” So thus far we are given a description of Richard Cory’s outward appearance. To be ...

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...where do they live or are they even alive? Is his business even in the town? Perhaps he has some occupation or event that he attends elsewhere and simply strolls through the city streets on the way there to a location beyond the city. In conclusion, there are so many unanswered questions due to the fact that the poem’s theme gives so many options for interpretation. I believe the main point trying to be conveyed here is money cannot bring true happiness. Happiness in modern society is defined by how many vehicles or houses you have, what schools you send your kids to, the location you reside in. All these things prove to be useless if you end up completely depressed and unsatisfied with your life. The town’s people live off of crumbs it seems. They live in less than desirable homes. But the town’s people have spirit and community something that Richard Cory does not.

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