Essay on The Resource Centers For Women And Children Across The Nation

Essay on The Resource Centers For Women And Children Across The Nation

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These resource centers would be hugely beneficial to women and children across the nation but they will not come without a price. In order for these facilities to operate at little to no cost for the women who will come to utilize and reside in them, serious funding would have to be funneled towards them nationwide. Both state and federal governments would need to buy into this plan and use some of the budgeted funds for social spending to put towards planning and maintaining these facilities, and taxes could be raised slightly over a fixed time span in order to raise an appropriate amount of money to help pay for these resource centers. But it is important to realize that this spending would not be done in vain. With the help of these facilities and the resources they will have to offer, women who find themselves better, more stable jobs with higher wages would soon be able to move out of the facility and into other housing. This would also allow them to start making more money, which could potentially lead them to stop receiving federal aid through the form of foods stamps and welfare. By supporting these facilities, governments would be directly supporting individuals, which would lessen their need for more governmental aid and therefore save the government money in the long run.
In order for these facilities to even begin to take shape, many things will need to fall into place. First off, land for building or even older facilities that can be renovated and transformed would need to be purchased, and then the building of different accommodations inside the facility could begin. Health centers, kitchens, classrooms, and other specific types of rooms would need to be built in the common areas of the centers and also dorm/apartme...

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...s, it may be appropriate to either restructure these programs or end them all together. And while I do not anticipate that these resource centers would be all for nothing, I do think that it is something valid enough to make it necessary to plan for.
Today in the United States, there are huge amounts of homeless individuals and even more living in poverty, barely scraping by day to day. It is undeniable that women and children make up a vast portion of those individuals and the argument can be made that they are far more vulnerable than men. In order to begin to fix the problem of poverty in the United States, something must be done to help those that need help most, which is where the proposed women’s resource centers come in. And while they may not be the answer to all of our nation’s problems, I believe that these resource centers could be a very effective start.

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