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Reshaping Metropolitan America provides an outlook of the next fifteen years for infrastructure development in the United States. Nearly two-thirds of the buildings that will be necessary to handle the projected half billion residents of the Untied States by 2030 are not built yet. We also need to reshape our cities to handle the inversion trend; families and the next generation want to move back and live near downtown. Richard C. Nelson, the author, supports this population shift but does not strongly support it. Instead of trying to create room and additional infrastructure in downtown areas, Nelson believes that metropolitan areas should start to urbanize its suburbs to accommodate desired urban living. The American population is also changing their living habits by their housing options and different modes of transportation. People who wish to move closer to the city prefer smaller housing, various types of transportation including busses and rail, and be able to walk to retail and restaurants surrounding them, “The housing options in North American suburbs will fail to meet many future housing needs. An aging population, a younger generation who prefer walkable places, economic shifts, and the environmental impacts of suburban development are all contributing factors” (Beatz 141). Reshaping Metropolitan America gives an argument, as well as a blueprint, on how we can transform our infrastructure and housing demands by 2030.
Richard C. Nelson, the author, is a professor in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning and the Planning Degree program at the University of Arizona. He has made substantial contributions in real estate analysis and urban growth trends. Nelson also created the term ‘megapolitan’ which he predi...

... middle of paper ... book was very informational and gave great analysis on economic development, demographic change and housing trends on the next fifteen years. I will not be described if Richard Nelson is more than 90% correct on his predictions; he gives great evidence and analytical information to back his claims. Reshaping Metropolitan America is an essential book to read for anyone studying urban studies, regional development, real estate, or is just curious about where Americans will live in the next fifteen to twenty years. Reading this gives you a baseline on where this country is heading socially and economically and we will see this first hand in American cities. It is also great that this book was released after the Great Recession since the trends could be corrected with the effects of the struggling economy. I recommend reading Nelson’s book when you receive the chance.

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