Research on The Relationship of the Male Identity from a Social Construct

Research on The Relationship of the Male Identity from a Social Construct

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship of the male identity from a social construct which pertains to the process of time. This will thus further propose social practises that undermine the ambiguities of the male gender which often have signifiers of masculinity that men use in the dialogue of social power and the affirmation of Mass Media. This chauvinism will be examined with a feminist perspective which will demonstrate masculinity in the form violence using Fight Club strictly as an example. What this paper attempts to show are the factors of economic status, social context, sexual orientation and heroism through the concept of consumerism.
According to Dictionary (n.d), masculinity is traditionally attributed to the root of social (one`s gender) rather than biological (one`s sex). Therefore these leave the conventions of masculinity to be exploited or rather, to be re-invented by the both the male and female behaviour. The merits of such enriched circumstances make one consider what it means to be masculine and what constitutes to how they see themselves in society.
Central to the discipline of a social framework, traditional male roles have been exposed as myths by the feminist movement. Men are perceived as the breadwinners, powerful, dominant, protective, brave, active and unemotional (Slideshare, n.d). The contemporary male has lost relation with his masculine core. Thus we examine dehumanizing effects of the obsession of the corporate consumerist paradigm (possessions, car, clothes, happiness, job etc.) by the repressed, conspicuous, if not exaggerated, besieged, raw and waning masculinity which has moulded the feminization of Man and replaced traditional male symbols such as strength and honour in...

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...lays of violence which an attempt to find their inner ‘man’ are somehow, as I argue, terrorism as the testosterone becomes an overbearing biological and spiritual war (Neutral Magazine). We examine this when Bob who had his manhood taken away from him becomes the Narrators symbol for his predicament. Bob was treated for testosterone but instead his betrayed him by feminising him with breasts due to having responded with oestrogen (Neutral Magazine, 2014). However, this allows for aggressive masochism male bonding – as opposed to the feminised manly bonding. Within their social construct, these men have no particular enemy to fight against hence they fight themselves and each other (Neutral Magazine, 2014). So in essence, they are very much powerless because it does not become a hegemonic expression but instead a fragile one in the context of masculine transition.

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