Essay about Relationships Shape Individuals in Dead Poets Society and Maestro

Essay about Relationships Shape Individuals in Dead Poets Society and Maestro

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Although no two relationships can ever be identical, relationships can shape individuals in similar ways. As seen in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir, and the novel Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy, group relationships are fuelled by common interests and beliefs and, hence, can shape individuals by enriching their shared interests. Trust, a sense of belonging and independence is developed in the individual, as they develop their personal identity and assert their own beliefs and ideals against the ultimately conforming nature of group dynamics in a relationship.
Fuelled and sustained by common interests, relationships shape individuals by exposing them to different aspects of their area of interest. In Maestro, the recurring motif of music and the liberal use of musical jargon in their dialogue and in the narrative establish that music fuels and sustains the relationship between Paul and Rough Stuff, who enrich each others’ musical experiences. Paul’s music had been limited to classical music but was enriched by Rough Stuff who exposed him to rock and roll. In turn, the musical experiences of the members of Rough Stuff were enriched by Paul’s superior musical knowledge and talent. Similarly, in Dead Poets Society, references to well-known poems, the classroom setting, close-ups and editing establish poetry as the common interest which fuels and sustains the relationship between Mr Keating and the members of the Dead Poets Society. As a result of their relationship, the school experience of the students is enriched by their exposure to Romantic poetry, while, during the final scene of the film, a series of reaction shots and close-ups of Mr Keating are used to emphasise his emotions and show that he is moved by...

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...ence, which helps to develop and assert one’s personal identity against the conforming nature of the group dynamics of a relationship.
A group is united through common ideals and interests and are sometimes formed in defiance of society’s conformist nature. However, within the group, an individual must learnt to assert their own authority and independence, or as a result of the fundamentally conforming nature of a group relationship, be forced to conform. The relationships within the group positively affect the individual’s life through the acceptance, enrichment and exploration of the different perspectives of the common interest, which develops trust and a sense of belonging in the relationship, and confidence within the individual. Ultimately, the relationship shapes the individual by nurturing the courage to be independent, and to discover who they truly are.

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