Relationship Between the Subject and Place in My Winnipeg and Caro Diario

Relationship Between the Subject and Place in My Winnipeg and Caro Diario

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Since filmmakers have been making films they have often felt the need to document important aspects about the events of their lives. The reasons for this are numerous and varied this is especially true of autobiographical films. These films are often based around a collection of episodes that hold importance in an individual’s life. They include a combination of personal encounters that an individual has experienced at/or over a particular time and in a specific place. They may include individual people, events and objects that hold importance to the film maker that they feel the need to document. The following essay will examine the relationship between the subject and the importance of places in autobiographical films. The films that this essay will explore are My Winnipeg (d. Guy Maddin 2007) and Caro Diario (d. Nanni Moretti 1993)

As the term autobiographical would suggest the subject of these films are in essence the self. These films include personal stories and are 1st person subjective narratives. As Brooks states “an autobiographical film occurs when a director represents themselves either directly or indirectly on screen” p In the case of My Winnipeg the central character of Maddin is played by an actor Darcy Fehr and it is a fictionalisation or self-projection of Maddin. The film is however narrated by Maddin. In Caro Diario the main protagonist is played by the film’s director Moretti. The subject of both of these films is to give the viewer a glimpse of the private world of the protagonist by also objectively recording the historical and cultural world they live in. This can bee seen in the documentary style of both of these films as Lane states ‘At the core of this exploration lies a tension that hinges on the ...

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