The Realities Of What Happens By The Border Essay

The Realities Of What Happens By The Border Essay

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In Borderlands, the realities of what happens by the border instill the true terror that people face every day. They are unable to escape and trapped in a tragic situation. After reading my three classmates’ papers, I was able to learn a lot more about this piece than I originally encountered just on my own. I was able to read this piece in a completely new light and expand on ideas that I did not even think of.
I was able to relate to when Jessie said that borders are symbols of the divisions we make of each other. These borders are made up by people to keep each other apart from one another. Whether it is for social, economic, or cultural reasons, the division remains. As Brooke pointed out, these borders prevent freedoms and deny opportunities. I had never thought about these borders in such a way. Yes, they prevented people from entering the country, but these borders also are the physically wall blocking people from what they desire in the Untied States. Not only is it symbolic, it is also a literal obstacle that stops all opportunities in the United States for those who are not a part of it. These borders are unnatural to Anazulda as Brooke cited from page 3. That is a truth to be reckoned with because these borders are not nature made. No force of nature made these divisions to separate people. Each of these was human-made. We separate each other for many different reasons, but a separation nonetheless. We keep ourselves divided.
The effect of language has a predominate impression left on the people who speak Chicano Spanish because the social norms of our everyday life try to invalidate these people’s lives and the way they live. Like Jessie pointed out, their heritage is discredited because they do not speak the dialect o...

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...nited States that are in place to protect them. I did not think about the call for unity as Natalie described until I read her essay. While she does not make light of the situations caused in the United States, she does leave this impression of hope that we can fix this. We can make it so these borders are less of walls that divide us, and we can make the journey in our country a less terrible and horrifying one.
Anazulda depicts the harsh realities facing those who cross over our borders and enter into our country. They face terrible fates and cruel ends. As horrific as these truths are about what these people must face, we can all work together to fix the errors of those before us and make sure that the safety and decent treatment of others come at the highest of standards. While we cannot undo what has already happened, we can try to make it never happen again.

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