Essay about Reading Intervention Model by Melissa M. Woodward

Essay about Reading Intervention Model by Melissa M. Woodward

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3. Article Reviews
5. My area of Focus/ The Issue
6. Purpose/ the Big Question/ Phonics Approach
7. Linguistic, Multisensory, & Neurological Impress Approaches
8. Language Experience Approach/Reading Comprehension Support/Setting & Sample Population
9. Data Collection Procedures
10. Discussion of Action & Conclusion
11. References

Article Reviews
In the article Reading Intervention Models: Reading Intervention Models: Challenges of Classroom Support and Separated Instruction by Melissa M. Woodward and Carolyn Talbert-Johnson discussed whether or not pull-out was necessary. Research was conducted by distributing a survey to teachers and reading specialist. They agreed that collaboration was necessary between reading specialist and teachers and that there was a considerable amount of positives in having a pull-out reading program some of which have been listed below.
• Small group setting was beneficial because it provided less distractions
• Individual attention provided a focus on the student
• Quietness of the environment allowed the student to really focus on skills
In the article: Effects of Small-Group Reading Instruction and Curriculum Differences for Students Most at Risk in Kindergarten by Debra Kamps, Mary Abbott, Charles Greenwood Howard Wills, Mary Veerkamp, and ,Jorun Kaufman they argue that the implementation of small group reading intervention done on the three-tier model of prevention and intervention were beneficial to students. The study was conducted using 83 at risk (reading failure) students during the winter of kindergarten. It was an evidence-based curriculum done in groups of one to six. They concluded that students in the small interven...

... middle of paper ...

...derstanding The Problem. Clearing House, 81(3), 101-119.

Medina, R. (2007, February). Inclusion vs. Pullout Programs-Which Method is More Effective?

Reading Methods and Learning Disabilities. (1998, April). Learning Disabilities Association Newsbrief, 38(4). Retrieved December 18, 2013

Rhett, T. Y. (2011, April). The Effectiveness of a Reading Intervention Pull-out Program. Undini.

Slavin, R. E., Lake, C., Davis, S., & Maden, N. A. (2012). Effective Programs for Struggling Readers: A Best-Evidence Synthesis. Best Evidence Encyclopedia.

Stanberry, K., & Swanson, L. (2009). Effective Reading Interventions for Kids With Learning Disabilities. In LD online. Retrieved January 13, 2014

Woodward, M., & Johnson, C. T. (2009, November). Reading Intervention Models: Challenges of Classroom Support and Separated Instruction. The Reading Teacher, 63(3).

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