Essay on Raising Awareness Of Type One Diabetes

Essay on Raising Awareness Of Type One Diabetes

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Raising awareness of Type One Diabetes

Have you ever met or know someone that has type one diabetes or any other type of diabetes? There are many deadly diseases that have affected many people mentally, physically and emotionally. The many diseases for example have ranged from the many forms of cancer to heart disease. An example of a disease that is common among many people is diabetes. Diabetes is known for the inconsistent blood sugar. The blood sugar is not stable and therefore. Diabetes is the fifth leading killer among the many other diseases in the United States (Shaffer). There is no cure for diabetes and there are people that have this disease that range from the elderly to young children. It is true that there are many treatments to control the disease, but it is not enough. The most common type of diabetes is type one. Type one diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. (American Diabetes Association). There should be more laws, and more campaigns that should be expanded to not just one country, but also the entire world. Even though there are many organizations that have raised the awareness of type I diabetes, as a society, we have to take a deeper look on type diabetes so that there can be a cure and no one would have to suffer with this common type of diabetes even though it is rare.

We must first learn what type one diabetes is. The first type of diabetes a person could be diagnosed is Type One diabetes or referred to as juvenile diabetes or early-onset diabetes. Only about five percent of people who have diabetes are diagnosed with this kind. The body does not produce insulin, a hormone that is needed to convert sugar,
starches and other food for having an active body. This type of diabete...

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... similar to the one listed. If we did not put laws into place regarding type one and even though that there are laws that already raised awareness, we still have to raise awareness more with laws so that it with anyone with type one diabetes, they should be treated equally.

With knowing the awareness of Type One diabetes, there are so many ways to put an end to this horrible disease. Regarding the many treatments along with the campaigns and the laws to put the protection of those with all types of diabetes, we have to recognize that Type One Diabetes is common among people, even though it is 5% of those who have got it around the world. Type One Diabetes is a serious issue that needs to have more awareness than any other types of diabetes because it affects adults and children around the world. If we don’t take a stand on Type One Diabetes, then no one will

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