Rage Against The Machine "Evil Empire"

Rage Against The Machine "Evil Empire"

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Rage Against The Machine "Evil Empire"

Rage Against The Machine are a popular 90's rap metal band.

Evil Empire is considered a different offering than the rest.

Relying on effects, the album is extraordinary, most songs on

this are excellent. What make this album stand out from all the

other is that it the second releaced from the group. But it

still keeps up with the polictial movement for the time. Sing

about the Mexicen movement in America and how the American

government keeps the poor people down. There first album "Rage

Against The Machine" self titled, the lyric's are so policticaly

charged that a lot of people said were follow up would not be

such as great.

I think what made Rage Against The Machine so widely accecepted

by the masses is that the form of music they were putting out at

the time was a first. And in doing so got many young America's

to look at the world around them with new eye's at there life

government at least it did for me. Growing up in SOCAL

alot of their
lyric's hit home. It change mind and my friend's

view on things at the time. From Mexican farmer's, to how we as

a country over look how we treat the poor.

The opener "People Of The Sun , it is the perfect opener and is

a fine example of the creative guitar work where in this song

they take the time to pluck the strings. Instead of playing the

same lines as the guitarist, he thinks up his own lines. The

vocals are aggressive, his rap style is clever. The drummers

beats and his rhythm technique is unique. Zach eventually

launches into the first verse, which is a very political tirade

about the Mexican people's revolution against the government.

Tom makes some sound effects, letting Zach run wild-filling this

song to the brim with angry rapping. This is more of a rap song

than metal. Yea, never forget that the whip snapped ya back/ya

spine cracked for tobacco, oh I'm the marlboro man.

Bulls on Parade is one of Rage's most recognizable songs. It

has groovy, ner nah ner sounding guitar noise, which

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periodically change to wah-wah guitar riffs, and more pissed off

rapping about people who run around shooting everybody else

This combination of the band sums up the sound basically. Think

Beastie Boys combined with Led Zeppelin (Zeppelin-like guitar

riffs, Beastie Boy vocals) It's soulful yet aggressive, it flows

well and shows great musicianship. The songs are sometimes fast

and other times they are slow but they have a funky upbeat approach.

Some of the songs are Rage Against The Machines strongest.

"Down Rodeo has one of my favourite guitar parts in it. The

effects during the verse are worth a mention as well. It is

catchy yet still keeps is edge. Zach does his usual thing in

this song, but then a great, abrupt beat change kicks in and Zach

starts yelling Just a quiet, peaceful death best lyric in the

song Can't waste a day when the night brings a hearse. So make a

move and plead the fifth, cuz you can't plead the first. So now

I'm rolling down rodeo with a shotgun these people ain't seen a

brown-skinned man since their grandparents bought one.

"Without A Face is one of the most funkiness Rage Against The

Machines songs ever. The bass line sticks in your head and can't

get out. It's like the dark streets where stuff happens, I can't

think of how to describe it though it reminds me of dark streets.
The chorus reminds me of "Year Of The Boomerang where the guitar

sounds like a violin and has this awesome interlude which sounds

like a sped-up version of System Of A Down's Ego-brain. But

wait, there's more to the name. Raging Against The Machine, is

woefully misdirected. Lyricist Zack de la Rocha is clearly

someone with strong political views particularly when it comes to

the plight of fellow Mexicans on both sides of the border. He

vents his indignation sharply at times, rather clumsily and

artlessly most others. Music this angry should be aimed at

something more specific than an entire race or nation or

government, or else it risks sounding like the empty rants of

confused rebellion. If only Rage against the Machine's raw

musical muscles were grinding over a focused message, lord knows

how potent they could have been. Rage Against The Machine was a

great band on several different levels. They formed to spread

Zach de la Rocha's political message, but since they are great

musicians, the were capable of appealing to everybody at the

time, including those who didn't agree with their lyrics. That's

how I became a fan, actually; I heard their songs on the radio

and I thought they sounded awesome, so I picked up their C.D..

And only then did, I start to pay attention to, contemplate and

appreciate the lyrics. But Zach was also great because he was so

innovative and influential. Zach was about the first vocalist to

meld rap and rock...but he sure wasn't the last. I believe Rage

Against the Machine were a hard rock band because they were

always inspired by something, and always pissed off. It's also

too bad that Rage disbanded, because, with recent events, I'm

sure Zach de la Rocha would have plenty of things to write and

rap about.

My verdict is that the album can be enjoyed by all. You don't

need to like a certain genre to enjoy it. It seems like it's

music for everyone. It's sometimes catchy, sometimes funky,

sometimes heavy. It's lots of things rolled into one. Evil

Empire was a classic, standard setting album which finely

displays Rage's talent. I recommend it to all hard

rock/rapcore/political rock fans. So some say that for this band

that Evil Empire might be their worst disc. It means that they

were a truly great band which lead a remarkable and nearly

flawless career. Say whatever you will about Rage Against the

Machine's political agenda; whether it was dead on the money or

misguided is up to the listener, but what can be agreed on is

Evil Empire, is a great headbanging album that displays the

band's talents at they're full extents. Vocalist Zack De La

Rocha can rap as furious as any hip hopper, Guitarist Tom

Morello, bassist Tim Commorford, and drummer Brad Wilk round out

the rhythm section, all of which are fantastic musicians, and

adrenaline charged songs like People of the Sun , Bulls on

Parade , Vietnow , and Tire Me are all great songs, maybe some

of Rage's best, but Evil Empire is best listened to for the band

itself, not any kind of political agenda. Eventually Zack would

leave the band in 2000, and the rest of the band would form

Audioslave with former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell; and Rage

is sadly missed by their loyal following of fans. All in all,

Evil Empire is a great album, but I suggest checking out Rage's

debut first, an album that is more focused lyrically and

musically than any other album in Rage's catalog.

This album has it's lows, but there's not a bad song on the

album. A good portion of the album is solid, a few songs are

less than spectacular. The song arrangement is great on the

album, but what amazes me the most is this the biggest hit off

this album was Bulls on Parade, even though the song Tire Me won

the band a Grammy.
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