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Questions On The Social Paradigm Essays

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Introduction: This paper provides a response to the questions concerning research paradigms. A journal article for each of the four social paradigms was selected. A summary table identifying the social paradigm, research method, data collection technique and data analysis approach is provided. A structured narrative response to how each of the articles addresses the research question follows the summary table. The paper concludes with rationale for the research paradigm that appeals most to me.

Sociological Paradigm Journal Article Research Method Data Collection Technique Data Analysis Approach
Positivist Reinventing strategies for emerging markets Case Study Interviews & Archival Documents Content , Conversation & Document
Interpretivism Articulating the meanings of Star Trek 's culture of consumption Ethnography Fieldwork, Participatory Observations, Interviews & Documents Coding, Content, Conversation & Memo
Critical Theory Realizing emancipatory principles in information systems development Action Research Critical Review or Social Critique of Beliefs & Methodologies Hermeneutics & Rational Discourse
Social Constructivism Social constructionism in the study of career Case Study Semi-structured Interviews Hermeneutics, Coding & Discourse

1. Scholarly Research Article: London, T., & Hart, S. L. (2004). Reinventing strategies for emerging markets: Beyond the transnational model. Journal of International Business Studies, 35(5), 350-370.

1a. Research Question: How multi-national corporations and other ventures are using international business strategies to pursue low income markets and opportunities in emerging economics?

1b. Research Method: The method of inquiry was exploratory research strategy primar...

... middle of paper ...

...on, conversation was analysis was adopted to analyze meanings during verbal communications (Myers, 2013) with informants.

2e. Development/Use or Incorporation of Theory: The underlying philosophical paradigm used in Kuznets’ (2001) “Star Trek’s Culture of Consumption” journal article is interpretivist research. He does not predefine variables (Myers, 2013) to explain the Star Trek phenomena but uses social activities, costs, facts, images, meanings and differences (Kuznets, 2001) to make sense of the Star Trek craze. The article incorporates, embeds and uses theory as strong fundamental basis. Kuznets’ (2001) not only describes and depicts a summary model for consumer research theory but injects theory such as articulation, decoding, contextual sensitive, grounded, and critical theory (Kuznets, 2001) to build, substantiate and generalizes findings and implications.

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