The Pursuit Of Happyness By Gabrielle Muccino Essay

The Pursuit Of Happyness By Gabrielle Muccino Essay

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The pursuit of happyness directed by Gabrielle Muccino is very good movie inspired by true story of salesman Chris Gardner (Will Smith), and his five years old son Christopher (Jaden Smith). The two main actors Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith were the best actors for the movie. The movie place in San Francisco in 1981, is a 2006 American biographical drama film. This movie relates to single man Chris Gardner (Will Smith) salesman struggle with his son by looking for better life, happiness. I recommend this movie to anyone to watch because is true story full of love, emotional, sadness, funning, educative, hope, and happiness.
The pursuit of happyness is true story movie about salesman Gardner (Will Smith) who put all his money on bone-density scanner machines. While he sold most of them and some stolen, he could no longer pay his taxes, day care for his son, rent, and family needs. When Gardner could not afford anymore the family needs, his wife cannot take it and she leaves him and leaves their five years old Christopher with him. Gardner struggle with his son buy looking for a job and trying to sale the bone-density scanner machines to pay the rent, and day care for his son. The scanner machines were part of Gardner life because it only wealth he had. On his everyday looking for sailing his scanner machine and looking for the job, he found one of his friend who had better life and he ask him what he does and how he does. His friend told him, he works at stock broker. Gardner went to apply for internship program at stock broker which is not require to pay salary, and by the end of training is only one person have to choose between twenty people. Gardner accepted to take the opportunity. Perhaps, in the same time his got to the...

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...tive; I learn hard working get pay by the end.
The movie was more focus about pursuit of happiness which is money. Gardner pursing of happiness was having money. I know money is important in live but is not quiet is only give you happiness. Some people have money but they are not happy. The needs something else to make them happy. I was not totally agreeing with this part of the movie been just focus on pursuit of money is happiness. I laugh about when Gardner scanner machine was stolen and I know is part of his life but I think is little boring it comes over, over.
The life can be struggle sometime. The pursuit of happiness movie was one of true story about struggle to find better life. This movie so emotional, powerful of love, hope, educative, happiness. I give 8/10 for this movie and recommend to everyone to watch it. I state you will not regret it to watch it.

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