Punjabi Culture and Health Care Essay

Punjabi Culture and Health Care Essay

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RR was interviewed at Doctor’s Medical Center in Modesto, California (R.R, personal communication, April 3, 2014). During the interview, RR provided information regarding his ethnic background, the Punjabi culture. He was more than willing to answer any questions asked and provided a vast amount of insight regarding his cultural heritage. This paper will discuss the domains of his culture and provide information regarding the overall communication experience during the interview. This will allow the reader to grasp a greater understanding pertaining to cultural differences and opposing views regarding healthcare practices, nutrition, and numerous other important aspects of daily life.
Health Beliefs and Practices
RR reported that it is common for Punjabis to prefer Indian doctors to any other ethnic background. He elaborated on this by stating that this is not because they feel Indian physicians are superior to any other race, but they feel that they are easier to communicate with. He stated that although most women request female doctors, men are not particular with who they see. Ultimately, he stated that the Punjabis here in the United States choose their physician on the basis of what language he or she speaks. These findings directly correlate with the results of a study done pertaining to the Punjabi people’s perception of health care providers in India. Even in the rural Punjab region, only 10% of the study indicated a preference of health-practitioner on the basis of qualifications (Mehra & Nanda, 2012). This finding serves as an indication of either the ignorance of the people involved in the study or the true lack of preference regarding qualified physicians. Another interesting find...

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...relationship between health and spiritual beliefs. He emphasized that most practicing Sikh Punjabis find comfort in knowing that a greater power than themselves is watching over them.
Throughout the interview RR provided a vast array of knowledge pertaining to the diverse domains of the Punjabi culture. His detailed responses gave great insight regarding various aspects of the Punjabi people’s life. He shared personal experiences that helped gain a greater understanding of the different viewpoints expressed during the interview. RR also provided information on why the Punjabi rituals are important within their culture, which is not always discussed. As a nurse, it is crucial to treat all different cultural backgrounds with the same respect. Therefore, by understanding the differences among opposing ethnic backgrounds, equal quality care will be achieved.

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