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Public Funding For Public Schools Essay

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The second argument against the use of public funds for charter and private educational institutions is that increasing school choice would actually increase inequity, specifically by shifting funds away from struggling public schools and therefore, resulting in an even larger variability of school condition. In response, how is it democratic that today our country only provides the opportunity to attend a high quality school for so few? While these concerns are reasonable, the goal of creating voucher programs and charter schools is not to replace the public school system, but rather to begin to equalize the education system by providing alternatives, especially in districts home to chronically subpar public schools. Of course it would be impossible to pay for every child to choose to go to private school on the government and taxpayer’s dime, and it would be unfair to those remaining in the public system as this would reduce funding for public schools. In reality, not every family would choose a private or charter option, particularly in districts where public schools are successful and competitive, but in situations where a public school seems to be either a straight path to jail or continued poverty, the ability to go to a different school and receive a better education could be life-changing. Implementing voucher programs and funding charter schools may not completely fix the already unequal education system, but both would be steps in the right direction, making the additional and altered use of public funds clearly worthwhile in promoting equity and upholding the true connotation of democracy.
As regulation for private and charter institutions cannot be controlled by the government even though tax dollars would contribute t...

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...creases in individual human capital. A study on the success of vouchers from 2012 showed that African American students benefiting from vouchers to attend private schools were greater than 24% more likely to attend college than their peers who did not have the same opportunity (Wall Street Journal). If the goal of education is to help the economy, the availability of more vouchers to attend private schools and successful charter methods would help to increase America’s human capital and help the United States to become a more competitive nation. Not only would publicly funded private and charter schools positively utilize the free market economy for regulation, ultimately promoting quality improvement, but also, as more students are able to attend such institutions, the return on funds via increased human capital would absolutely help the nation’s economy as a whole.

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