The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy Essay

The Pros and Cons of Wind Energy Essay

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Wind power is a form of solar energy. Wind is created by unequal heating and cooling of the earth from the solar energy. The energy from the sun heats up the earth causing warmer air to rise. As this occurs, cooler air rushes in to replace the warmer air creating wind. Wind energy can be generated into electricity producing natural power using wind turbines. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power which can be converted by a generator into electricity. This energy generated by the wind is considered renewable energy. This means that the source of power is naturally replenished. The renewable energy is natural and continuous in the environment.
Wind has been used for energy for thousands of years. Throughout time many historical applications have used the wind to generate a specific task. For example, sails of a ship use the wind to propel themselves across the ocean. Another example is windmills which have been used for grinding grain and pumping water. The earliest known applications of wind used as an energy source came from Persia around 900AD. There, the wind was used to drive early windmills. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, wind power was used by the Europeans as a significant source of energy for. As time passed, use of wind as energy lost favor because it was not always available when it was needed, and it was difficult to distribute. “The first wind turbines for electricity generation appeared in the late nineteenth century in the United States.” “Modern wind turbines are several hundred feet tall.” For example, “a wind turbine that generates 1.6 mega-walls of electrical power is approximately 113 meters tall from its base to the tip of the rotor blade.” Wind turbines must be pla...

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...hore wind farms are placed beyond visible and audible ranges of many populated areas. Off shore winds tend to be stronger and smoother than on land. Offshore wind farms are also not affected by topographic features such as mountains, valleys, and skylines. In the United States, the coastal areas are perfect wind conditions. One particular concern to offshore wind farms is the cost of transporting large, heavy components to isolated parts of the country.
Overall wind energy is a renewable energy resource that is natural occurring with unlimited supply. Wind energy has very little adverse effects on the environment. As technologies increase, the cost of wind energy will continue to decrease. There are many advantages and disadvantages to wind power. In the near future, hopefully the many disadvantages will become obsolete and wind energy will become more popular.

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