Proposal to Implement Internet Protocol Version Four (IPv4) Essay

Proposal to Implement Internet Protocol Version Four (IPv4) Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to present a proposal to implement Internet Protocol version four (IPv4) also known as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) structure as our primary means of communication within our network infrastructure. We are currently using a legacy mainframe system that limits are current means of network connectivity with other evolving network systems and it is in our best interest that we look into the future as well as keep up with changing times as Information Technicians. I will present a detailed analysis of the TCP/IP brief history, understanding of IPv4 addresses, subnetting, configuration, and the benefits of using the TCP/IP structure. This will greatly increase the overall success rate of our business
Our current network infrastructure is using a legacy mainframe system and our collective knowledge as a staff is limited to this network suite only. This is devastating to the productivity and the overall communication of our organization. It is imperative that we expand our horizons, learn and implement newer technologies. This will collectively increase our knowledge of information technologies as a whole. Also, this will allow us to be competitive with many other organizations using newer computer systems which are currently using the latest version of the Internet protocol.
Proposed solution
The latest version of the Internet protocol which we should be implemented is IPv4, also known as the TCP/IP structure. The reason why IPv4 is referred to as TCP/IP for the first two main protocols, out of its suite of protocols, which were developed by United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, also known as DARPA around the 1970s (Kozierok, 2005). ...

... middle of paper ... with current technologies.

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