The Process Of The Rube Goldberg Machine Essay

The Process Of The Rube Goldberg Machine Essay

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During the process of the Rube Goldberg machine, there were quite some difficulties with building the machine as a whole. There was a lack of social and technical ingenuity when trying to build our separate machines, while making the machines flow together and waiting for the final results to work. Some obstacles that we came across were the following:
- The lack of ingenuity when trying to build our individual machines.
- The lack or resources to build a creative machine.
- The difficulty and the lack of social ingenuity to build the Rube Goldberg machine.
Originally I had thought that the final product would have worked out as planned. Unfortunately, the final result of the Rube Goldberg machine did not work due to many contributing factors. Despite of all these constraints that made the overall project very difficult, they also connect to the book as metaphor for the messages that were present by the author. There were many errors that happened when starting the Rube Goldberg machine. The major errors that contributed to the failure of the machine was at the starting point, where the vibration of the phone triggered itself to slide down a slope to set off the rest of the machine to continue did not happen. The next error was when we were shooting the marble from the mousetrap contraption, to cause the machine to continue. This failed because it didn’t reach the other groups which meant that the machine couldn’t continue. This means that from the get-go, our class had failed on completing the Rube Goldberg machine properly.
Firstly, the lack of ingenuity when trying to build our individual machines was that many of the groups were not prepared due to the insufficient amount of time that we were given. During thi...

... middle of paper ... is trying to solve a problem they have to align both sides to try to glue the pieces together in order to find a solution.
In conclusion, the Rube Goldberg machine didn 't work out because of the lack of ingenuity when trying to build our individual machines, the lack or resources of building a creative machine, and the difficulty and the lack of social ingenuity to build the Rube Goldberg as a whole. All these constraints were coherent to what the author was stating in the book because they were see as metaphor. For the first constraint, it was hard for people to communicate with each other in order for the whole project to work out, the second constraint being that the materials used were resourceful yet needed a little but more of support and the third constraint was that lack of communication between the groups that lead to the project becoming a failure.

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