The Problem Of Teen Substance Abuse Essay

The Problem Of Teen Substance Abuse Essay

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Most people do not understand how a person become addicted to drugs. We tend to assume that is more an individual problem rather than a social problem. However, teen substance abuse is indeed a social problem considered a priority for the USA department of public health due to 9 out of 10 Americans with addictions started using drugs before the age 18 (CASA Columbia University). Similarly, 1 in 4 Americans with addictions started using the substance during their teenage years, which show a significant different with 1 in 25 Americans with addiction who started using at 21 or older (CASA, 2011).
Drug use is a deviant behavior that disrupts the functioning of society. For example, a youth who can 't function at school due to a prolonged and obsessive use of marijuana. The youth not only struggles with school work completion but also lacks interest in participating or attending school. Therefore, governmental institutions such as DCF (Department of Children & Families) get involved, and youth is obligated to go a detox clinic and to go to a starr or long-term program to amend the disruptive behavior. On the same case, the use of marijuana it seems as poor decision-making and the youth is encouraged to develop stronger social bonds that provide an active support.
One of the primary mission of DCF and their social workers is to ensure the well-being of the child and to make sure that the children basic human needs are being met. Every social worker recognizes the importance of meeting the child basic human needs as well as the importance of having an active support provided by positive human relationships. In fact, the importance of human relationship is one of the social worker ethical principles where the social worker understand tha...

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...ntal discipline. Similarly, the lack of education about drug use and its consequences can make the youth perceive the risk of using a drug as low. Teen drug addiction caused by abusing prescribed medication is very common. The irresponsible use of prescribed medication is caused by a lack of awareness of the harms of certain substances and what they do to our bodies.
Finally, the number one potential solution for teen drug abuse is to implement prevention programs that educate parents of the risks of a dysfunctional family, poor support, and bad communication with their children. Indeed, prevention shows to be always more effective than treatment. Prevention programs should be available within the school system and the community located in areas of low and high environmental risk factors due to drug abuse is not linked to socioeconomic status but the family structure.

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