The Problem Of Disabled Disabilities Essay

The Problem Of Disabled Disabilities Essay

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If you have ever set foot inside an American Sign Language lecture you would notice that it is just like any other language lecture. If you are talented enough to understand all the signs you may even discover that most people in that class, whether they are deaf or not, are hilarious and genuinely human. Most people seem to forget the only difference that sets the deaf apart from themselves; deaf people just cannot hear. In many cases, people that are legally classified as disabled don’t view their impairment as more than just a difference; many people that are deaf do not consider themselves disabled. The label of disabled is not necessarily fair for everyone, most of the deaf community considers the title irrelevant. Many people that are deaf don’t consider themselves disabled, deafness forces them to communicate in a different way. Which brings up the question of the definition of disabled, which would be considered an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional, or developmental (or combination of these), that restrict the ability for a person to participate in what is considered “normal”. The word normal clouds up this definition quite a bit, most people in America would not be able to state a reliable definition of what normal is. Society would be better off using the word ‘disabled’ less because the word disabled does not define the level of function a person has.
People use the word ‘disabled’ in inconsistent patterns, the term ‘disabled’ can be replaced with alternatives that better describe the condition of a person. When using the word ‘disabled’ to describe an object, the object is only considered disabled if it loses all functioning abilities. When a person is considered disabled, the person often ...

... middle of paper ...

...s that are untreatable with modern medicine/prosthetics and the term ‘disability’ allows for proper accompaniment. If the concept of disability never arose in America, then we would not have things like design standards for wheel chair ramps or workplace equality for those who are disabled among many things that people ultimately and unquestionably need.
Society should be focusing on the inability of the impaired and then assisting and adjusting normal tasks for accommodation, rather than giving people a label. However, when people use the word disabled and interact with people deemed as such, they do not treat the disabled person as they would their best friend, or friendly stranger, or immediate family. Society tends to treat people deemed not normal with a more fragile attitude, which is beneficial in the way of kindness, and occasionally leads to lack of respect.

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