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Across the country the ratio of male inmates to women is huge. According to “Criminal Justice a brief introduction” by Frank Schmalleger It states that the ratio that for every 15 male inmates there is only one female. But that doesn’t mean that the number of female inmates aren’t rapidly increasing. Even though there are similarities within both men and women’s prisons they are still in ways different.
The next big show that everyone seems to be talking about nowadays is “Orange is the new black.” A show that is centered on what citizens think a day in the life in a women’s prison is. But in all reality a women’s prison isn’t something to joke around about. Prison is defined as a correctional facility designed for confinement that is primarily ran by the state. Women serve their sentences in women’s prisons where men serve theirs in men’s prisons. According to Ashley Dugger an online introduction to criminal justice professor there is about 4,500 prisons in the United States alone. Of those 4,500 only 170 of them are solely women’s prisons.
There are somethings that are similar within the men and women’s prisons but the main difference between the two is the amount of security that is within the prison. For example men’s prisons are usually more guarded, there is more security in order to keep the inmates form harming the public or escaping, There is also more security in order to keep the inmates from harming other inmates. As a women’s prisons go they usually have a little more freedom. They are allowed to do more things such as attend chapel services or go to classes to get education. The differences in security are due to the fact that typically a women’s prison is less aggressive and dangerous than compared to a men’s pri...

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... the prison world. Most of the time if they will always find a way to come back to prison because they feel more comfortable here than on the streets.
There are also religious prisoners who turn to religion to guide them through their sentence. They will also try to form prayer groups within the prison.
The next persona is known as the “gangbanger” this type of inmate will resort to gang violence to stay safe during their sentence. These relationships also are maintained in and as well as out of prison.
The last personality is known as the “realist” this person fully understands why they are serving time they just try to slide by and have a “make the best of it” attitude.
Even though there is a very vast difference in men’s and women’s prisons these inmate types and other similarities can still be found within a prison no matter what the gender, race, or age is.

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