The Principal Body Of Global Peacekeeping Essay

The Principal Body Of Global Peacekeeping Essay

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The principal body of global peacekeeping, the United Nations (UN), was founded in the wake of the Second World War to “maintain international peace and security,” “To develop friendly relations among nations,” and “to achieve international cooperation in solving international problems” (UN Charter). In the 70 odd years since its founding, the UN has improved the lives of countless people and resolved numerous small conflicts. However, it is often overlooked that the United Nations, specifically the General Assembly and its bodies, have no actual power to intervene in foreign affairs. The extent to which the General Assembly can dictate are essentially recommendations for the world to follow, beginning with words such as ‘deplores,’ ‘endorses,’ ‘condemns,’ etc. The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has marginally greater power, but is hampered by the ability of the “Permanent 5” (The United States, Great Britain, France, the Russian Federation, and the People’s Republic of China), or ‘P5,’ to veto any proposed resolutions. This prevents UN intervention in cases where one such state is the primary aggressor in a conflict, or where multiple states have differing opinions (e.g. the USSR in Afghanistan, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War). Furthermore, bureaucratic inefficiency ties up millions of dollars, money that could be better spent providing further humanitarian aid. It is entirely plausible that a collection of smaller non-governmental organisations (NGOs) could provide better humanitarian aid. Alone these issues are important enough in their own right, but combined they provide compelling reasons to reform the United Nations in the 21st century.
The most glaring and obvious problem with the UN is the not unsurprising ina...

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...uld struggle to provide care and support to the impoverished peoples of the world. Yet even so, the UN has stacked up preventable failures since the collapse of the Soviet Union, especially concerning Bosnia and Rwanda, allowing mass killings that were easily preventable. The UN will never be a perfect organization, so some leeway must be provided. It can, however, be improved, especially when it comes to questions of efficiency, which are actively being solved, and in countering factional violence, specifically in failed states. As for the ability for member states to universally agree, it is unlikely to improve rapidly. Even so, it is a testament to the organization that consensus can be found at all. Undoubtedly, the United Nations will be a major player in world affairs for the foreseeable future, it is only a question of how effective can the organization become.

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