PRINCE 2 Project Management Methodology Essay

PRINCE 2 Project Management Methodology Essay

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History of PRINCE2
PRINCE2 (Project in Controlled Environments, Version 2) is a project management methodology that are released in 1996. It was based on combination of two methodology that is PROMPT (Projects Resource Organization Management Planning Technique) and IBM's MITP (Managing the Implementation of the Total Project) methodology. PROMPT that is originally created by former IBM Project Managers in 1975. Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) one of IBM’s client which is responsible for IT support in United Kingdom Government, applied PROMPT methodology and adapted it in 1979 and called it PRINCE (PROMPT in the CCTA Environment) which became Projects in Controlled Environments. PRINCE was widely used in IT project in public sector at that time. Others sectors such as businesses also want to use PRINCE, therefore the PRINCE gain transformation so it can easily adapt for a new users. PRINCE2 was created which can be applying in any project with more flexible and generic unmindful of any complexity.
Description of PRINCE2
PRINCE2 is a structured project management methodology that widely used by organizations and government in the world. It is known as de facto process-based method in project management especially in IT environments. PRINCE2 direct the project management with four integrated elements of principles, themes, processes and environments. To be called PRINCE2 project, the project must follow the principles in PRINCE2. There are seven principles that are followed by seven themes which form the basic characteristic of PRINCE2. It also consists of seven processes that are interconnected to obtain goals, the successfulness of the project and managed the direction of the project. The figure below showed...

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...eral Government IT Projects
Year: September 2009
Author: Richard Tucker, PMP (Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner) ICOR Partners, LLC
Description about the Project:
The project is about applying the PRINCE2 project management to support Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC). The project wants to prove that the PRINCE2 methodology is able to be adapted into to any size of IT project. The project is to support US Government to make decision on investment, effectiveness and redefined IT project based on policies and procedures. CPIC use Clinger-Cohen Act to manage the IT project which is including usability, maintenances and dispose.

A short history of PRINCE2®. (2012, August 29). In Bizness Académie SAS is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO). Retrieved March 30, 2014, from

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