Essay on The Pride Lands Lived Two Brothers

Essay on The Pride Lands Lived Two Brothers

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In the Pride Lands lived two brothers. Taka and Mufasa grew up together, learning what it would take to become king someday. As brothers, they knew that only one of them could take over for their father someday. From the start, Taka knew he could never compare to his older brother—Mufasa. Why, no one even bothered to talk to Taka very often. They all laughed at his name, stuck up their noses and did not ever look him in the eye. What parents name their child “trash”? In the language that the lions spoke, Taka was not regarded as a future king. His destiny was predetermined by his parents at birth. They already had their first-born son who they knew would take over someday, so any other male lions did not mean as much to the family as the mighty Mufasa.
Many years later on a hot, windy day it was announced to the brothers unsurprisingly that Mufasa, the older sibling would take the throne after their father. Enraged, Taka ran off, away from the Pride Lands in shock and disappointment. The anger was finally bursting from him after all the years of growing up in his brother’s shadow and never being able to impress his parents. All his life it was about Mufasa. All of the other lions complimented him on his beautiful, silky, and thick mane. He was built like a king—strong, large and confident in his abilities. Taka, on the other hand, was still learning. His mane was nowhere near as beautiful, silky or thick as Mufasa’s. Taka’s dark mane made other think he was dirty, unclean and that he did not belong to those with the red manes. But what Mufasa did not have was intelligence. Sure he knew what it took to run the Pride Lands someday, but Taka could outsmart him, somehow, someday. No one seemed to care about Taka’s intelligence.

... middle of paper ... eye. It was a symbol of betrayal within the family and a wound that would never heal according to Scar. It was a symbol for his scarred family, for which he received the blame. What happened to always caring for one another? What happened to the fun races and the times when Scar helped Mufasa?
This made Scar feel even worse about his place in the animal kingdom. Yet again, no one could see past his outer appearance to what was on the inside. No one even gave him a chance at proving he was worthy to rule the Pride Lands. They just handed the power off to Mufasa because of his appearance—he looked like a king. On the inside, he was nowhere near as intelligent, but their father believed that the animals of the Pride Lands would respond much better to a ruler like Mufasa over Taka. Taka knew it would take his brother a long time to forgive him for what he had done.

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