Essay on Preventing Risky Behavior During Adolescence

Essay on Preventing Risky Behavior During Adolescence

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Adolescence is a period of development during which youth seek to form peer relationships and become more independent from their parents and families (Kao & Salerno, 2013). Kao & Salerno (2013) reports that preventing risky behavior during adolescence can contribute to positive lifelong health behaviors and help individuals, their families and society avoid the negative consequences. Pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) pose significant risks to the adolescent population, male and female alike.
In 2013, approximately 273,000 babies were born to teen mothers’ ages 15-19 years old (CDC, 2015). Forty one percent of adolescents report not using a condom during their last sexual encounter (CDC, 2015). Adolescents are affected by STIs with approximately one in four young women, aged 14-19 infected with one or more of the common STIs (Haley, Puskar, Terhorst, Terry, and Charron-Prochownik, 2012). Forty two percent of adolescent males are sexually active and account for a large percentage with STIs (Herrman, Moore & Sims, 2013).
As a family nurse practitioner caring for the adolescent population will allow for sexual health evaluation and interventions/education. The lack of educational and healthcare resources focused on sexual health of young men may have significant impacts for men, women, and society (Herrman, Moore, & Sims, 2013). Integrating discussions about sexuality, STIs, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) risk factors into routine adolescent health care or when adolescents seek care for other reasons; may result in more frequent testing and earlier detection of complications among adolescents ( Siegel, Lekas, Olson, & VanDevanter, 2010).
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... for adolescents.
Sexual activity, pregnancies, and STIs will be defined by a percentage gathered from sample sizes of adolescents with sex education/resources versus adolescents without education/resources or self-taught. The health care professional can review the survey and educate based on the results. After meeting and evaluating the adolescents’ sexual education and health needs, suggest testing and further exams and/or follow ups based on findings.
The expectation is a twenty percent reduction in sexual activity, pregnancy, and STIs after sex education/ resources from a health care professional. Limitations which could cause variation are the adolescents are not honest, pregnancy may not be detected, and some of the adolescents may not turn in surveys. After the surveys determine intervention methods and effectiveness of teaching gathered from results.

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